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TransProSoft is a web based software for the Trucking Industry

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  1. 1. by Investors Guide
  2. 2. Why is it a good time to invest in the transportation industry ?
  3. 3. Spurred by increased consumer demand and inventory replenishment, intermodal volume for the first quarter trended positive due in large part to growth on the domestic side, according to the most recent Market Trends report from the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA). IANA reported that first quarter total intermodal loadings at 3,019,310 were up 8.4 percent year-over-year, topping the fourth and third quarters of 2009, which were down 6.4 percent and 16.4 percent, respectively, year-over-year. With the first quarter off to a quick start, it looks like intermodal is poised for a strong rebound in 2010, read the Market Trends report. Economic recovery, continued strong service levels, growing domestic container fleets, rising fuel prices and broadening railroad product offerings all are fueling the industry’s sharp turnaround from the difficulties of 2009. Future of the transportation industry
  4. 4. Intermodal Carrier Company Drivers are dispatched to their specific routes (dispatch happens through a software) Containers arrive at the port to be shipped by Intermodal Carrier companies The containers are loaded on the trucks used by the Intermodal Carrier companies WalMart Warehouse1 WalMart Warehouse2 Safeway Warehouse1 Kelly Moore Paints Customer Delivery Locations Intermodal carriers business process
  5. 5. Fuel charges Insurance costs Dispatcher salary Drivers salary Software costs Cost of trucks Yard rent DMV & license costs Intermodal carrier costs
  6. 6. • Software costs for a typical Trucking / Intermodal trucking company are as follows: • User Licenses: $10,000 per user x 5 user = $50,000 ( A typical company) • Document Scanning / per user = $10,000 • Track & Trace per user = $10,000 • Accounting Interface = $5000 / company • EDI = $10,000 plus per transaction fee • Mobile Integration: $ 30 per driver plus $ 5000 set up fee • WEB Access for customers: $100 / customer (If company has 100 customers, then the charges are $20 per customer or $2000) • Technical Support: 20% of the total costs • Total Estimated Costs: over $ 100,000 Software costs
  7. 7. • Cheaper SAS model where customers pay transaction fee & a yearly fee Software As A Service (SAS) Model • Mobile integration with handheld devices using latest technologiesMobile Integration • GPS integration providing traceability of the trucksGPS Integration • Integration with Accounting Packages like Quickbooks Accounting Integration TransProSoft Advantage
  8. 8. Functions TransProSoft ProfitTools TriniumTech Operations & Customer Service Yes Yes Yes Dashboard Yes Yes Yes Dispatch Yes No No Brokerage Yes Yes Yes Route Manager/Optimizer Yes Limited Functionality Yes Auto-rating Yes Yes Yes Billing Yes Limited Functionality Limited Functionality Settlements Yes Yes Yes Document Imaging Yes No No Auto-email Yes Yes No EDI Direct Yes Yes Yes Mobile Direct Yes Yes No Track & Trace Yes Yes No SAS Model Yes No No Functionality comparisons
  9. 9. BPO Services Software As A Service Model Integration Services Implementation Services  SAS Model Offering  Pay per Load  Cloud Computing  Dedicated & Shared Hosting  Virtualization  Business Requirement Gathering  Project Management  Customization if necessary  Post GO-LIVE Support  BNSF (Burlington National Railways) Integration  Integration with Broker companies  EDI Integration via EDI/XML Gateway (VAN)  Accounting (Quickbooks) Integration  Mobile Integration  GPS Integration  Load Entry  Dispatch  Billing  Collections Service offerings for the intermodal companies
  10. 10. • Mindgadget Inc. has selected ITC Infotech as its software implementation partner. • The Transportation and Logistics practice at ITC Infotech offers end- to-end IT services and solutions, which create operational superiority and strategic differentiation for customers worldwide. • ITC’s Transportation & Logistics practice primarily focuses on freight transportation, covering the following sub segments – Freight Rail, Mail/ Parcel Express, Marine Freight, Trucking, Logistics (3PL) and others like intermediaries, freight forwarders, terminal operators, NVOCCs, CFS/ Intermodal Terminal Operators, etc. • ITC Infotech’s Transportation & Logistics practice is strongly aligned with various technology Centers of Excellence (CoEs), namely Mainframe technologies, emerging technologies like Java and .Net, RFID and CRM. Mindgadget -TransProSoft implementation partner
  11. 11. User Licenses: $10,000 per user x 5 user = $50,000 ( A typical company) Document Scanning / per user = $10,000 Track & Trace per user = $10,000 Accounting Interface = $5000 / company EDI = $10,000 plus per transaction fee Mobile Integration: $ 30 per driver plus $ 5000 set up fee WEB Access for customers: $100 per customer Technical Support: 20% of the total costs Software costs for a typical Trucking / Intermodal trucking company are as follows: Software costs for intermodal companies
  12. 12. One Project Manager Four NET Developers Two UI Designers One QA Engineer One NET Architect One Business Analyst MindGadget - TransProSoft TEAM
  13. 13. MindGadget - TransProSoft Screenshot
  14. 14. • Customer Master • Employee Information • Fleet (Truck) Information • Shipment Information • Accounting Integration (Quickbooks) • Communication Integration (Email, Fax, EDI, Mobile) • Rate Configurator • Yard Management • Warehouse Management • Reporting MindGadget - TransProSoft FEATURES
  15. 15. • Mindgadget has years of domain expertise in the Intermodal industry • Mindgadget engineers have experience building solutions in the Trucking & the Limousine industry • Today’s Intermodal companies are using outdated software that are either DOS based solutions or written in C/C++ using MFC, that’s where Mindgadget can come in offer integrated web solutions to Intermodal companies Mindgadget Advantage
  16. 16. The Potential Market for the Intermodal Industry in North America
  17. 17. • There are over 50,000 Intermodal Trucking Companies just in the US • Because of High Fuel Costs & Insurance Costs, the Intermodal Trucking companies have to cut costs to stay in the business. • Today other similar companies are charging Intermodal companies a hefty amount that totals over $ 100,000 per customer. • Penetration in the market through competitive pricing. • Mindgadget & its resellers can sell the software based on User Licenses or as a Software-As-A-Service which ever is preferred by a customer. • By charging a small transaction fee per load can enhance the revenue as well. • Mindgadget & its resellers can charge a lower yearly fee (10%) for Technical Support • Mindgadget & its resellers can benefit from the dedicated sales force in the Logistics Industry and the business relationship created over the years. Potential Revenue (ROI)
  18. 18. Questions ?Contact: Uday Roy Email: Phone: 408-200-9892 (main) Phone: 408-499-1399 (cell)