75 Marketing Tips Every New Marketer Need To Know


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This Free ebook show you 75 short tips on marketing ideas which will reveal more marketing ideas especially for those who are new on marketing field.

Building an online business can be both a rewarding and frustrating experience. Many people have tried different strategies without success. If you're struggling - or if you're new to the game of online marketing - these tips from people who have "been there and done that" should help you on your way to creating a successful online business...

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75 Marketing Tips Every New Marketer Need To Know

  1. 1. EVERY NEW MARKETERNEEDS TO KNOWBrought To You By :Android Marketing Loophole
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  4. 4. 75 Marketing Ideas Every New Marketer Needs To KnowPage 4 of 17Copyright  2012. All Rights Reserved.Legal DisclaimerWhile every attempt has been made to ensure that the information presented here iscorrect, the contents herein are a reflection of the views of the author and are meant foreducational and informational purposes only. All links are for information purposes onlyand are not warranted for content, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose.No guarantees whatsoever, be it fiduciary or in terms of any guaranteed results are made,and as always competent legal, accounting, tax and other professional consultation shouldbe sought where needed.The author shall in no event be held liable for any loss or other damages, including butnot limited to special, incidental, consequential or other damages.
  5. 5. 75 Marketing Ideas Every New Marketer Needs To KnowPage 5 of 17Copyright  2012. All Rights Reserved.1. Don’t try to be all things to all people. When it comes to defining your targetmarket, the more specific you are, the better. One of the biggest mistakes is tryingto please everyone. In the end it’s an impossible task – and all you end up doing isnot truly pleasing anyone. So choose a very targeted audience and work onoffering them EXACTLY what they want. You can always branch out later toother customers with similar interests.2. Surround yourself with highly effective people. The people around you have ahuge influence on your business. If they are supportive, dedicated individuals whoare willing to help you work toward your business goals you will be significantlymore likely to succeed. Remember, anyone who is not helping your success ishindering it. So cut off contact with those people early on to avoid the distractionthey bring.3. Don’t try and do it all yourself. Although you may be on a tight budget, youhave to be realistic about where your strengths lie. Are you a great softwaredeveloper but can’t write a sales letter? Are you an expert at graphics but don’tknow how to use them to build a web page? Be honest about what you’re good atand let someone else take care of the rest. Although it may cost you a little bit ofmoney, in the end it will save you a lot of time. And when it comes to onlinebusiness, the faster you can get things done the better. After all, a half finishedproject is not earning you anything!4. Aim for progress not perfection. It’s human nature to want things to be perfectbefore we introduce them to the world. The thought of creating a site that isn’t asgood as it can be makes most of us feel like we’re failing. But in reality, yourcustomers will never notice. They don’t know what your ultimate vision is, sothey don’t know what hasn’t been done yet. Instead of obsessing over the details,aim for progress over perfection. Keep your business moving forward and as yougo you’ll learn, change and grow.5. Don’t be afraid of a crowded niche. Where there are lots of competitors, there islots of money! So don’t automatically assume you shouldn’t enter a niche justbecause it is crowded. Instead, look for areas where you can improve on whatyour competitors are doing. Do they undeserve a section of the market? That’s agreat opportunity for you. Remember, their weaknesses can be your strengths.Many great businesses were built on this strategy!6. Join a mastermind group. If you’re not familiar with the concept of mastermindgroups, now is the time to learn. The term was originally coined by Napoleon Hillin the early 1900’s. He studied a group of men that included Andrew Carnegie,Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. They would meet and discuss their businessesand how they could improve them. This little “think tank” was the basis for manyof the successes these men realized throughout their careers. By findinglikeminded people and creating your own mastermind group, you too can take
  6. 6. 75 Marketing Ideas Every New Marketer Needs To KnowPage 6 of 17Copyright  2012. All Rights Reserved.advantage of having a sounding board for your ideas. You may be amazed at howmuch such a group can help you to build your business!7. Start gathering contact info from day one. The marketing gurus have said ituntil they are blue in the face – “the money is in the list”. Yet many new onlinemarketers fail to take this advice and instead spend unbelievable amounts of timeon tactics that bring them a few dollars here and there but do nothing to build theirbusiness for the long term. Whatever you do, start building a list of interestedprospects in your niche(s) from the very beginning. Give them something theywill find valuable in exchange for their address. Then follow up with themregularly to keep them interested and get them buying! This list will be worth farmore to you than any other piece of your business.8. Train your prospects to consume. There is a fine line between giving awayenough information that you grab the attention of your potential customers – andgiving away so much that they expect to get everything for free. It’s importantthat you train your prospects to buy from you early on in your relationship withthem. Start the process by selling low priced items – such as $7 reports or $10audio recordings – and then encourage them to progressively spend more. Givingaway everything except your most expensive items will only continue to bringfreebie seekers to your business and will severely hurt your bottom line.9. Have a strong sales funnel. The concept of a sales funnel refers to how youorganize your products and services. Picture a funnel with the wide end at the top.This symbolizes how you bring prospects in to your business using free methods.As you move down the funnel it gets progressively smaller. At each step along theway your products become increasingly more expensive. Of course, you also getfewer of your customers who take the offer. But the end result is that you funnelyour best customers through to your highest ticket item such as your coachingprogram, home study course, consulting services, live event or a similarly pricedproduct.10. Don’t be afraid to use other people’s content. Private label rights (PLR) contentis a way of purchasing articles, ebooks, special reports and software that you canuse as your own. Because it’s sold to multiple people it’s much more affordablethan having someone create the content just for you. And it’s available to startusing immediately so you don’t spend months trying to do it all yourself. UsePLR as content for your website, blog and newsletter. Give it away to build yourlist. Or sell it alone or as part of another product you offer. The possibilities areendless!11. Know who your competitors are and what they’re doing. Every business hascompetitors. Although they may not be immediately obvious to you, they arethere. Let’s say for example that you sell a brand new type of drink that is unlikeanything else currently available. Although no one else is providing the exactsame thing, you competitors include all of the other companies that make drinks
  7. 7. 75 Marketing Ideas Every New Marketer Needs To KnowPage 7 of 17Copyright  2012. All Rights Reserved.including soft drinks, flavored waters, juices… you get the idea. Knowing whatall of your competitors are up to is one of the best ways to stay ahead of them. Agreat tool for monitoring them is Google Alerts, http://www.google.com/alerts12. FOCUS. A great acronym for the word focus is Follow One Course UntilSuccessful. One of the biggest reasons new online business owners fail is becausethey try to spread themselves too thin. Instead of putting all of their time andenergy into the success of one project, they jump between ideas and keep chasing“the next big thing”. If you find yourself doing this, make it a goal to choose onlyone of your projects and focus exclusively on it for the next 3 months. You’ll beamazed by the results you get when you FOCUS.13. Avoid analysis paralysis. A lot of new online marketers fall into the “analysisparalysis” trap. That is, they spend all of their time analyzing things – theirmarket, competition, target audience – and they never actually get anything done.Although it’s important to understand these key elements of your business, youhave to use the information you gather to actually make decisions and move on tothe next phase of your business development – creating products and sellingthem!14. Know what your target audience is most willing to pay for. Remember, this isa business. And in order to be successful in business you have to find people whoare willing to pay you for products or services. Before making any offers to yourtarget audience, take some time to understand what their pain is and how theywant it to be solved. In most cases, people are looking for the easy way out. Sothey may pay you $20 for an ebook that tells them how to solve the problemthemself. Or $200 to solve it for them. It’s pretty obvious where the real money isin that situation!15. Choose only one or two ―gurus‖ and follow their advice. There is no shortageof information online about how to make money. Sometimes it can be downrightoverwhelming. Instead of wasting time trying to weed through everything, focusyour attention on only one or two people that you feel offer advice that is mostapplicable to your business. Buy only their products that you intend to put to useand then get started applying what you’ve learned.16. Don’t assume you have to know everything before you can get started. Youwill never learn everything there is to know about Internet Marketing. It changesso fast that you could keep studying forever and always be learning somethingnew. So don’t waste your time trying to know everything before you get startedbuilding your business. Your goal should be to learn something and then take astep forward. Act on the new information and put it to use instead of just filing itaway for another day. You’re bound to have some failures, but the real worldeducation you’ll gain from actually putting the techniques into practice will beinvaluable to your success.
  8. 8. 75 Marketing Ideas Every New Marketer Needs To KnowPage 8 of 17Copyright  2012. All Rights Reserved.17. Spend time building relationships. The old adage “it’s not what you know butwho you know” is very true in the online marketing world. It takes time to createyour inner circle of friends and partners, so don’t feel you have to wait until yourbusiness is up and running. Start looking for likeminded people in the forums youvisit, at events you attend and even by commenting on their blogs. Remember,every person you form a relationship with is one more person who can help yougrow your business by promoting it for you, giving you advice, recommendingyour products to their friends and introducing you to other people that you canadd to your inner circle.18. If at all possible, attend a live event. They are not cheap, but live events are oneof the best ways to kick start your online business. Not only will you learn a lot ofvaluable information and be able to ask questions about it, but you’ll also meet awide variety of people. A lot of partnerships and joint ventures are formed atthese events – and it’s not just the big guns that are benefiting. Even if you canplan to attend just one event a year, your business will move forward in leaps andbounds.19. Focus on mastering one promotions technique at a time. Instead of spendingtime on all the different types of online promotion, pick only one or two and getreally good at them. Learn everything you can and work on testing, tracking andperfecting your technique. Then once you’ve done that you can move on to tryother things and expand your promotional efforts. Doing this will help you focusand learn exactly what works to promote your business. Otherwise you may findyourself spinning your wheels and never really being successful with anymarketing techniques.20. Know when it’s time to walk away. Not every project is destined to be asuccess. You may give something your all and yet it fails to find its place in themarket. If this happens you have to be willing to cut your losses and move on. Abigger and better project is waiting for you!21. Fail quickly. Everyone fails at some point. That’s just a fact of life. So if you’reworking on a project that you’re unsure about, the faster you get it done, the fasteryou’ll be able to see whether it’s a failure or a success. Nothing is worse thanspending six months on a project and then finding out it’s not going to work.22. Get it done. No matter how much time and energy you are putting in to youronline business, if you’re not producing results then you’re not getting anywhere.Instead of jumping around between different projects, focus on just one and GETIT DONE. Whether that’s finishing a giveaway report that will build your list orfinalizing your coaching program – you can’t make money with something that is“almost done” or “going to be done soon”.23. Know who your competitors are. Every business has competitors. Even if youthink you have a truly unique idea that no one else has thought of, you still have
  9. 9. 75 Marketing Ideas Every New Marketer Needs To KnowPage 9 of 17Copyright  2012. All Rights Reserved.competitors. Be sure that you know who these people are and how potentialcustomers perceive them. Doing a detailed analysis of them – including buyingtheir products or using their services – can give you invaluable information whendeveloping your own business. Use your findings to position your company as abetter alternative.24. Clearly define your goals. If you were taking a cross country road trip, youwouldn’t set off with no plan on how you were going to get there. The same istrue when you are starting an online business! Unless you know where you’regoing, you’ll never get there. So before you jump in with both feet and lots ofenthusiasm, take some time to clearly define your short and long term goals. Whatdo you hope to achieve in the next 3 months? 6 months? 24 months? Print theseout and keep them where you can see them every day to keep yourself on track toachieving them.25. Treat it like a business. Just because you work online doesn’t mean you cansleep until noon and expect to see the money flowing in. If you want to have abusiness, you have to treat it like a business. This includes holding somewhatregular hours during which you don’t let other distractions take you away fromgetting your work done.26. Whenever you get sidetracked, look at your goals list. Keeping a printout ofyour short and long term goals beside your computer is a great way to keepyourself on track. Whenever you find your attention wandering, review what it isthat you plan to accomplish. Then quickly write down three things that you mustachieve that day in order to take the next step toward making your goals a reality.Commit yourself to getting done this short to do list immediately before allowingyour attention to wander elsewhere.27. Make it a goal to see progress in your business every day. It is always easier toput things off until tomorrow. We convince ourselves that we have lots of time toget things done so there is no point in rushing. But what usually happens is thatmonths go by and there is no actual progress made. Don’t let this happen to you!Make it a goal to see some progress in your business every day. This could be atleast one new mailing list subscriber, one new joint venture partner, thecompletion of a product or anything else that will take your business a step closerto success.28. Get everything set up properly in the beginning. Although you don’t have tohave all of your systems in place before beginning to market your business, makesure that the systems you do set up are chosen because they will meet your needsfor the long term. Although it may be tempting to choose a free mailing listprovider, you will find yourself having to do a time consuming and frustratingswitch to a paid service once your list starts to grow. Avoid these types ofsituations and you’ll waste less time redoing work you’ve already done.
  10. 10. 75 Marketing Ideas Every New Marketer Needs To KnowPage 10 of 17Copyright  2012. All Rights Reserved.29. Learn how to manage your time. Working at home alone can be difficult.Staying focused and motivated is a challenge for even the most disciplinedindividuals. If you find you’re having a hard time managing your time you mayneed to find some good resources that will give you time management tips andtechniques. Learning this important skill early on in your entrepreneurial venturecan reap huge rewards in the long run.30. Find a hungry niche market — BEFORE you decide what to sell. A lot ofonline entrepreneurs come up with what they think is a great idea and then go insearch of a market. This is the hard way of doing things! A better approach is tofind a group of customers who have a specific need and then develop a solutionfor them. By providing exactly what they’re looking for you’ll have a much easiertime selling to them and in the process will most likely discover many otherproducts they’re interested in buying as well.31. Don’t skimp on the sales copy. Hiring a professional copywriter to write yourcopy is a business expensive that will pay you back many times over. But if it’san impossibility to find the money to pay a professional, at least enlist the help ofeveryone you can. Start by writing the first draft as best as you can and thengetting friends, colleagues and potential customers to look over it and givefeedback. There are several copywriting forums where you can even request acritique of your copy. A great one to check out is the Copywriters Board athttp://www.copywritersboard.com/32. Have a professional looking web site. You would think this goes without saying.Yet a lot of people still get started by putting together a horrible looking site thatmakes them look unprofessional. Website templates are so cheap nowadays (youcan get a professional one for less than $50 and there are lots of great lookingones for around $30) that there is no excuse. If you don’t know how to add yourcontent to the template visit http://www.scriptlance.com and find a freelancer whocan do it for you. Overall you’ll spend less than $100 and you’ll start your onlinebusiness making a great first impression.33. Don’t worry whether everyone likes you. Business is not a popularity contest.So instead of focusing your energy on trying to be all things to all people, find agroup of customers that you can relate to – and who can relate to you – and workon developing a relationship with them. A lot of businesses have becomesuccessful because they took a controversial approach. It won’t appeal toeveryone, but the people it does appeal to will often become fiercely loyal.34. Sell your own products. The real money to be made online comes from sellingyour own products. If you’re not a strong writer or programmer you can outsourcethis to a freelancer or use Private Label Rights (PLR) content. The more relatedproducts you can create, the better chance you’ll have of offering something thatyour potential customers want. So look for ways to create your content quickly(without sacrificing quality of course) and expand your product line.
  11. 11. 75 Marketing Ideas Every New Marketer Needs To KnowPage 11 of 17Copyright  2012. All Rights Reserved.35. Look at every customer and member of your list as someone who can helpyou build your business. Sometimes all you have to do is ask! By coming rightout and requesting that they mention you to people they know, many will. If youtake the time to see them as marketing partners and give them the tools andtraining to promote your site, you’ll be surprised how many of them do. A greatexample of this is to ask for a referral a few days after a potential customerdownloads your free report. Presumably they’ll have read it and liked it, so byencouraging them to spread the word to others you can gain a lot of exposure.36. Collect testimonials as you go. Testimonials are a very powerful tool forbuilding your credibility. Whenever someone sends you an email with nicecomments on your newsletter, blog, product, etc. be sure to ask them for theirpermission to use it. These can be a great addition to your web site, marketingmaterials and even press releases. When others see that you have satisfiedcustomers they’ll be more likely to follow their lead and trust you enough to makea purchase.37. Focus on the core of your business, and add the extras later. A lot of newInternet Marketers are so focused on getting their entire business set up beforelaunching that they waste a lot of valuable time. If you’re just starting out andplan to use a giveaway report to build your list, get that done first. Create a simplesqueeze page and start getting the word out there about what you’re offering. Youmay not have a plan for exactly what you’ll do with the list you build, but at leastyou’ll be building a list while you figure out what comes next. When your firstproduct is done you’ll then have a group of interested people to start selling to.38. Become known as THE expert in your field. It can take a while to establishyourself as an expert, but making this a goal from the very beginning will helpyou achieve a greater level of success in the long run. Even if you are notcurrently an “expert”, you can position your site as an authority on the subject andwork at making it the premier online destination for information on that topic.Doing so will ensure that when people are looking for information on a topicrelated to your industry, that they’ll come to you first.39. Set up multiple streams of income. There are two ways to have multiple streamsof income. The first is to be involved in several different niches. That way if onestops producing an income, you have others to keep you going. The other way isto have multiple streams within the same niche. For example you may makemoney from selling several different products within the niche as well aspromoting related affiliate programs. By far the most successful business model isto do both of these at once.40. Personalize the experience for your customers. The Internet is a veryimpersonal medium much of the time. That’s why customers respond very wellwhen you take the time to personalize your approach to them specifically
  12. 12. 75 Marketing Ideas Every New Marketer Needs To KnowPage 12 of 17Copyright  2012. All Rights Reserved.whenever possible. You can do this by segmenting your list, using their namewhen you email them, sending them offers that are related to something elsethey’ve purchased in the past and even giving them a way to send you commentsor feedback such as through your blog. The more they feel that you are talkingdirectly to them, the more they’ll trust you and want to buy from you.41. Learn to work smarter, not harder. Always be on the lookout for ways that youcan get more done with less work. One of the best ways is to use the help ofothers to accomplish things. This can be freelancers who create content for you, aVirtual Assistant (VA) who handles your customer service emails and even aJoint Venture (JV) broker who arranges your marketing initiatives. As the personwho is overseeing everything you can get a lot in a short amount of time.42. Always be on the lookout for new ideas and techniques. Some of the mostsuccessful businesses ever have been a result of taking techniques that workedwell in one industry and applying them to an unrelated industry. Taking the timeto study why businesses are successful can give you a lot of great ideas to apply toyour online ventures.43. Make sure your customer service is outstanding. Treat people how you wouldwant to be treated and you’ll create a loyal following of customers that buyseverything you sell. Don’t and you’ll scare away your customers so fast it willmake your head spin. It doesn’t take a lot to impress most online shoppers.Answer your email in a timely manner, be friendly, do what you promise you willand always look for ways to do a little bit extra for them. It really is as simple asthat. You don’t need expensive software or a team of employees - just somecommon sense and a willingness to treat people well. The customer may notalways be right, but they do always have a right to be treated well.44. Have a strong backend and upsell process. Too many businesses focus onmaking a one-time sale. But the fact is that the first sale is the most expensive toget. After that, a satisfied customer will keep buying from you and it doesn’t costyou anything to market to them. Use this to your advantage and have a completeproduct line that includes backend and upsell products. Offering these tocustomers takes very little work on your part, but could mean the differencebetween making one sale to a customer and making several.45. Have a USP. Every business needs a unique selling proposition (USP). This is aone sentence statement that sums up what it is that makes you different from yourcompetitors. To write yours, start by thinking what position you are taking in themarket that no one else has taken. There must be SOMETHING that sets youapart – and that is what you need to communicate to your potential customers.Don’t assume they’ll read your sales letter or marketing materials to find out whatmakes you unique. Tell them upfront and grab their attention so they feelcompelled to learn more.
  13. 13. 75 Marketing Ideas Every New Marketer Needs To KnowPage 13 of 17Copyright  2012. All Rights Reserved.46. Remove the risk of doing business with you. Customers are naturally skepticalthe first time they make a purchase from someone. So give them a great risk-freeguarantee so that they know they can purchase without fear. A great trick that hasworked very well in many industries is a “better than risk free guarantee”. If thecustomer is not completely satisfied they can have a refund and get an addedbonus as a way of thanking them for at least checking out the offer.47. See your unsatisfied customers as potential long-term customers. Everymarketer who gets a refund request or complaint from a customer immediatelyassumes they have lost that customer forever and will no doubt be on thereceiving end of some bad word of mouth. But often that is not the case. In fact anunhappy customer can become very loyal if they’re treated right. Give themoutstanding customer service and in many cases they’ll appreciate the extra effortenough to purchase from you again.48. Spend time working on your conversion rate. The average website has aconversion rate between 1% and 2%. That means that 98% - 99% of everyonewho visits your site leaves without taking action. That’s a huge number ofpotential customers that have walked away and may never be seen again. Spendsome time studying what others in your industry are doing and try implementingsome of their ideas on your site. Track everything and see what improves yourconversion rate. Over time you will gradually increase the percentage of visitorswho buy.49. Ask your prospects what they want. A lot of online marketers think thatbecause they are a member of their target audience, they know exactly what theirpotential customers want. But all too often they don’t hit the mark. So instead ofguessing – ASK your prospects. You can do this in the forums, on your squeezepage by adding a couple of questions, as part of your blog or newsletter, you caneven have an exit popup when people are leaving your site without taking action.By finding out what it is that they are looking for you can give them exactly whatthey want.50. Gather site stats from day one. If you don’t know what your site visitors aredoing when they visit your site, it is nearly impossible to make changes toimprove it. So from the very first day you put up your web site, be sure you’retracking your visitors. A great option is Google Analyticshttp://www.google.com/analytics. It won’t cost you anything and it provides all ofthe statistics you need to see who is visiting your site, where they came from, howlong they stay and what they do while they were there.51. Find out who already has a relationship with the prospects you want to sellto. There are already other businesses that are selling products and services to thepeople you want to be selling to. By determining who these businesses are, youcan think of ways to work together on a Joint Venture (JV) that will benefit both
  14. 14. 75 Marketing Ideas Every New Marketer Needs To KnowPage 14 of 17Copyright  2012. All Rights Reserved.of you. Approach them with an idea that will help them make more money orgrow their list and you will definitely get their attention.52. Know where you can afford to scrimp – and where you have to splurge.There are a lot of low cost and no cost ways to get things done online. In fact youcould most likely get all of the tools you need to put together an e-commercewebsite without having to spend a dime. But the problem is that these tools arenot robust enough to handle a growing business. Instead of always looking for thecheapest option, decide what elements of your business need to be able to growwith you. Then splurge and spend a little extra to get the right tools the first time.53. Don’t worry about the size of your list. You are better to have a list of 1,000loyal readers than 10,000 who rarely ever open your emails. After all, if theydon’t open message from you they can’t buy what you are selling. When it comesto building a list, the focus should be on QUALITY over QUANTITY. One of thebest ways to do this is to build a list of paying customers. Even if all you areselling is a $7 report, you’ll be able to see who is willing to spend money withyou and who is not. Paying customers are significantly more likely to buy again,so having a list like this is worth it’s weight in gold!54. Know the legalities of owning an online business. Just because your business isonline does not mean that you do not have to abide by the business laws of yourcountry. Ensure that you know what your obligations are legally including the taxlaws in your area. Other areas that often cause a problem for new online businessowners are copyright laws and how you express the potential earnings visitors toyour site can make. Take the time to learn about these areas to avoid anyproblems. A great resource is Internet attorney Bob Silber athttp://www.bobsilberletter.com/55. Don’t think the only thing online marketers sell is products to other onlinemarketers. In your research on how to build a successful online business you’veprobably noticed just how many people are in the business of selling to otheronline marketers. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is the only way people aremaking money online. In fact, it’s probably not even the best. There are a lot ofentrepreneurs who are quietly making a lot of money selling products and servicesto niches outside of Internet Marketing. Finding your own niche(s) is important tocreating a lasting business with fewer competitors.56. When possible, do it for someone instead of just telling them how. People willalways opt for the solution that does it for them over the one that shows them howto do it themselves. If your business is in an industry where you can offer acomplete solution it would be a good idea to test whether this type of offer wouldbe in demand. Sometimes just polling your potential customers is all it takes totell whether it is something they would be willing to pay for.
  15. 15. 75 Marketing Ideas Every New Marketer Needs To KnowPage 15 of 17Copyright  2012. All Rights Reserved.57. Brand yourself and what you do. People are more likely to remember brandsbecause they are short, sweet and to the point. Stick in the minds of yourcustomers by creating your own brand. Use a motto, slogan, nickname or logothat they can associate with you. Then use that in every piece of marketing yourelease, whenever you post in the forums and as part of your web site and blog.58. Add a personal touch. A lot of people who start in online marketing assume thattheir customers are looking for an autonomous relationship. WRONG! The onlinecompanies that provide a personal touch and put humans behind their site, are theones who see the greatest success. So don’t be afraid to put up your picture, tellpeople a little about yourself and your family and be approachable and accessibleby email or (even better) by phone. All of these personal touches will let potentialcustomers know that there is a real person behind your business and as they get toknow and like you they’ll feel more comfortable giving you their money.59. Have the mindset that you WILL succeed. Too many people do not believethey are worthy of succeeding. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Giveyourself credit and truly believe that you have as much right as the next person tobe successful. This positive mindset will take you far!60. Look for ways to work with your competition. Working with your competitorsis known as “co-opertition”. Just because another business offers a competingproduct does not mean you cannot find ways to work together. Look for JointVenture (JV) opportunities that can benefit both of you. If you have a good ideathat will make everyone money then they will be willing to at least hear you out.61. Document everything you do. By keeping detailed notes of what you’ve doneyou will have a roadmap for how to repeat it in the future on your next project.Even if something you tried was a failure be sure to document exactly what youdid and why it didn’t work. Sometimes knowing what doesn’t work can be asvaluable to the growth of your business as knowing what does work!62. Remember, it’s all about speed. Right now there are probably several otherentrepreneurs with the same ideas as you. And with the low barriers to entry onthe Internet, they just might beat you to it. Don’t let this happen. Once you have asolid idea in place work quickly to get it done. Don’t spin your wheels for monthsdoing research, learning about online marketing, developing your product.Research should only take about a week and if it still looks like a good idea thenstart moving forward. Outsource whatever you cannot do yourself and movequickly to get the project finished. The faster you get it done, the faster you’ll bemaking money!63. Educate your customers instead of always trying to sell them. A hard sellapproach does not work in many industries – especially outside of the InternetMarketing niche. So instead of always trying to sell your prospects, work oneducating them about what you sell and why they need it. If you help them to see
  16. 16. 75 Marketing Ideas Every New Marketer Needs To KnowPage 16 of 17Copyright  2012. All Rights Reserved.that what you offer would add value to their life or alleviate a pain they have thenthey’ll naturally draw the conclusion that they need to buy what you are selling.64. Don’t be afraid to fail. Sometimes in life things don’t work out like we hopethey will. But if you never take a risk and try something new you will never havethe opportunity to win big. As Wayne Gretzkey once said, “100% of the shots youdon’t take, don’t go in”. So instead of worrying about whether something will bea failure, go ahead and jump in with both feet. It just may be the best decision youever made!65. Spend time in the forums. Forums are a great way to meet people online.Whether it’s an Internet Marketing forum where you meet potential partners or aniche focused forum where you are marketing to potential customers, they are agreat way to get your name out there. Even though the conversations are usuallyinformal, be sure to always conduct yourself professionally. People are watchingand will be forming opinions about you based on the things you say.66. Offer a free newsletter. Although newsletters have become more work withspam filters and overloaded inboxes, this technique is far from dead! A wellthought out, interesting newsletter is a great way to get attention from customers,potential partners and even the media. Just be sure that you are not publishing onebig ad every time. Providing good quality content that informs, interests andentertains people will keep them reading. Then you can add in appropriate adsthat are related to the content and see a much greater percentage of people buy.67. Give people a reason to visit your website. Use your website as an educationaltool. Offer something that is valuable, clever and fun like games, coupons,educational materials written by experts or valuable tips that change each month.The important thing to remember is that fresh content will attract readers andstudies show that the more often they visit your site, the more money they willspend with you.68. Brand your expertise and share it with others. One of the most effective waysto get your web site recognized is to share your expertise. Find a unique way todistribute your knowledge and expertise about specific subjects. Offer to serve asan authority on whatever subject you are comfortable discussing. This can includeholding teleseminars, writing articles for others to publish and even authoringspecial reports that others can giveaway.69. Network, network, network. Make it a priority to always be expanding yournetwork. Whenever you make a new contact, ask them for referrals to otherprospects or partners. Once you have the information enter it into your databaseand be sure to follow up later. Remember that every new person with whom youform a relationship can help to get the word out about your web site.
  17. 17. 75 Marketing Ideas Every New Marketer Needs To KnowPage 17 of 17Copyright  2012. All Rights Reserved.70. Keep in touch with your network. The networking is just the first step. Afterthat you have to work on building relationships. People generally have shortmemories, so you should always follow up after your initial contact and then stayin touch with your network on a regular basis. If you let more than a month go bywithout making contact they may forget that you exist. A simple email or quickphone call is all it takes to make sure they remember you. That way whenpotential opportunities come up to work together; you will be top of mind!71. Be present in the lives of your customers and potential customers. Makeyourself stand out among the competition. Send holiday greetings or ask clients towrite down their birthdates so you can send them a card. You could even sendthem a free gift on their special day or give them a discount. There are plenty ofways to make your customer feel as if you are genuinely interested in maintainingthe relationship you have built with them.72. Be willing to give without expecting anything in return. Whether it is advice tosomeone in your network or a little guidance for a potential customer, giving a bitof your time can be a great way to build your business. It will come back to youlater when that person remembers how willing to help you were and wants to dothe same in return.73. Spend time on the tasks that have the biggest impact on your business. Toomany online marketers spend days at a time focusing on small, mundane littletasks that have very little impact on their bottom line. It makes no sense to spenddays making “tweaks” to your web site copy when you don’t even have your firstproduct ready for sale yet! Focus on getting done the tasks that will bring in themoney before worrying about anything else.74. Always focus on the benefits, not the features. Sure your new software may do100 different things. But the reality is that potential customers don’t care. All theywant to know is specifically what need/problem of theirs it can fill. In otherwords, what is the BENEFIT to them? By keeping your focus on communicatingthe benefits of your products and services you will be much more likely to catchthe attention of potential customers.75. Don’t give up. Although it is important to accept when something isn’t workingand be willing to move on, don’t give up on your dream of making money online.There are a lot of different business models that have been proven to besuccessful. If you are willing to work hard, be continuously learning and beadaptable enough to change strategies when needed, you too can be successful.