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Agile estimation


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Published in: Technology
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Agile estimation

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Size? Effort? Complexity? Time?
  3. 3. Factor Range Developer Skill 1-10x Domain Knowledge 1-5x Stated customer wants vs. needs 1-3x Unarticulated details by business 1-3x Underlying platform quality 1-3x No historic data 1-4x Compound 1 – 5000x
  4. 4. “Just-a-second syndrome.” Keeps the work environment healthy. Scope is determined. Highlights areas of concern/risk. Polishes stories. Rocks, stones, and sand.
  5. 5. S, M, L, XL Lacks mathematical convenience. Linear Assumes uniform effort steps. Fibonacci Reduces the illusion of additive mathematics.
  6. 6. Absolute Planning Poker Affinity
  7. 7. • Avoid it • Overhead • Inspires bad behavior – Developers cut corners – Start lying • Derive it rather than track it
  8. 8. • Usually not estimated – Time for root cause analysis is unpredictable – Or, you know where the problem lies • Start defect fixing in first few iterations – Improves estimation and team culture
  9. 9.