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IEF2019 OCL Oceanic Catering Ltd


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IEF2019 Business Pitch

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IEF2019 OCL Oceanic Catering Ltd

  1. 1. OCL Oceanic Catering Ltd 4th Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum
  2. 2. Oceanic Catering at a Glance Global Leading Provider of Marine Services With more than 20 years’ experience in serving the marine community around the world. We provide a comprehensive range of marine services for all types of vessels, which support our clients’ operations & the seafarers’ welfare in every aspect. Physical presence in 14 countries 1,500 m²TESDA accredited HospitalityTraining facility in Manila 500m² HospitalityTraining facility in Mumbai (Q3 2019) Culinary training centre in Odessa, Goa,Constanta, Istanbul, Nantong/Shanghai & Colombo or other client specific locations as required 130+ shore-based employees Catering Representatives network in key areas (US Gulf, UK, ARA, UAE, Singapore, Brazil, Shanghai & S. Korea) Fully certified operation including ISO,TESDA, MLC 2006 compliance Bespoke Catering & Provisions Management Platform
  3. 3. Our Ambition and Values OCL Operating Model An agreement is signed between OCL and its Clients (vessel owners or managers) in which a fixed PPPD rate is agreed Trading area, nationality, specific needs, etc. The vessels prepare shopping lists, which are communicated to OCL for processing OCL staff check the lists and perform a number of controls Previous orders, Stock on board, Consumption Guidelines, trading area, budget, etc. Quotations are received from Suppliers and orders are placed Suppliers deliver goods to vessels Vessels confirm delivery of goods and OCL pays the suppliers On a monthly basis, captains need to provide a set of reporting so that to calculate the performance of the vessel
  4. 4. Our Ambition and Values The Issue(s) One Chief Cook that is responsible for ordering, storage area maintenance, cooking, and reporting Captains may have own agendas One vessel receives supplies from multiple suppliers and countries (same or similar item code, but with different sizes, packing, UOMs, specs, etc) What can we do and how, in an effort to control the quality, accuracy and timely delivery of the reporting from the vessels (especially the Stock Inventory), while at the same time, avoid adding more workload to already overworked and stressed Chief Cooks? The performance of the company relies on accurate monthly reporting cycles
  5. 5. Our Ambition and Values Current Solutions Usage of the Offline Module or excel templates for easier reporting in a more controlled environment In the works, heavy revamp of the Offline Module and introduction of a mobile application Extensive reporting and controls for monitoring performance, stock position, etc Considering of introducing AI for pattern recognition
  6. 6. Our Ambition and Values Ideas and Considerations RFID? Costly, time consuming Items with no tags? Fruit/vegetables/meat/fish? Image recognition? Storage areas are cold, dark and humid Accuracy? How do we handle stacked boxes, sacks placed on top of each other, fresh produce or meat cuts? Dispense machines? Bulky, not there yet … Laser scanners, tablets, QR codes? Significant initial Capex, what happens if they break, logistical nightmare Bandwidth is scarce and extremely expensive