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SalesWorx - Mobile Field Sales Management Solution


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SalesWorx is a top quality mobile sales solution that offers customizable customer & product
information & customer visit management. It is a complete tool optimized for field sales professionals.

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SalesWorx - Mobile Field Sales Management Solution

  1. 1. Mobile Field Sales Management Solution
  2. 2. UCS is a full-service, multi-disciplined application development and digital communications service provider. We have specialized in designing, developing & implementing mobile & web solutions for a range of industries. Unique Computer Systems
  3. 3. Application Development UCS specializes in providing mobile and web application development services. UCS provides full lifecycle product development and engineering services to its customers. Our team works closely with the customers' business process owners, understanding their needs, addressing their concerns and architecting solutions to meet their expectations. Consulting, design, development and deployment of bespoke mobile and web software solutions. Provision of services for mobile software and hardware infrastructure planning, and value enhancement by bringing together disparate systems and processes. Products and Services Provision of packaged software for information and data management, business process enhancement and associated integration services. Service Offering Systems Integration
  4. 4. Clients
  5. 5. • Comprehensive field sales and delivery management solution • Available on Android Tablet Features: • Daily Route Plan • Van Load and Unload • Delivery Management • Returns Management • Van Stock Reporting • Daily Sales Reporting • Online and Offline Mode • Wireless Data Synchronization (WiFi /3G/4G) Solution - SalesWorx
  6. 6. • Field Sales People captured customer visit data using pen and paper and communicated to company via phone or email or fax • Orders/Reports were filled after hours or few hours later on site after the meetings have been conducted • Approvals are through paper based documents causing lot of paper to be created for each task • Delayed filing may cause orders and call reports to be flawed or inaccurate • Clients may be overlooked or under-served Business Drivers
  7. 7. • Consistent and productive route planning • Reduce labor intensive tasks • Decision support • Boosting sales efficiency • Informed client interaction • Mobilizing call reports • Effective tracking and forecasting Objectives
  8. 8. • Conduct distribution checks • Improved Route Planning • View product information, on-hand stock quantity, pricing • Create and manage orders and invoices in the field • Scan barcodes and capture signatures • Print invoices and credit notes in the field • Create messages from device to supervisor • Collections extended for PDC, and multiple invoices reconciliation • Synchronize with back office in wired and wireless modes • Added GPS Data Product Highlights
  9. 9. Product Highlights • Powerful Reporting • Over 120 built-in reports available • Reports can be exported into PDF, Excel file, CSV or image format • Some reports can be emailed automatically to a given set of email addresses • Reports provide information on coverage by sales people, route planning, field sales orders, credit notes, returns, survey, etc. • Offline support on mobile • SalesWorx’s synchronization engine stores all transactions and data locally before being pushed to the server. If no network connection is available, data is pushed when the connection is re-established.
  10. 10. Solution Architecture Application Server Management Applications
  11. 11. Benefits • More detailed and more accurate visit information, more quickly • More informed sales representatives • Increased productivity of each call while reducing over-visiting situations • Better data quality for information tracking, forecasting and performance evaluation • Better Reporting
  12. 12. Product Demonstration
  13. 13. Login Screen
  14. 14. Application Dashboard
  15. 15. Stock Requisition
  16. 16. Load Van
  17. 17. Customer Visit-Route Plan
  18. 18. Transaction Screen
  19. 19. Distribution Check
  20. 20. Sales Order
  21. 21. Signature Capture
  22. 22. Invoice Printing
  23. 23. Payment Collections
  24. 24. Customer Survey
  25. 25. Fuel Expenses Tracking
  26. 26. Sales Reports
  27. 27. Other Features • Daily Route Plan • Sales Messaging • Products List • Payment Collections • GPS Tracking of Sales Team • On Device Reporting
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