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AssetTrax - Fixed Asset Management Solution

  1. Fixed Asset Management
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  5. AssetTrax is a mobile application solution for managing and tracking fixed and mobile assets. It is flexible and can be easily integrated into any Enterprise Resource Planning or Supply Chain Management solution for immediate and up-to-date access to business information. AssetTrax provides a simple approach to catalog all assets within an organization and enables it to track asset assignment, rental, transfer, depreciation, disposal and audit to protect the organization’s investment and property. AssetTrax
  6. • Provide end-to-end visibility for managing your asset value and maintenance, no matter where it is located within your enterprise - in the field, in storage, across your campus or around the world • Improves budgeting/planning • Reduced equipment downtime • Increased inventory turns Solution Overview
  7. • Asset Management • Asset Register • Asset Allocation • Asset Audit • Asset Disposal • Asset History • Asset Reporting Features
  8. Asset Management • AssetTrax provides an asset register for recording complete details of an asset prior to its allocation to an internal or external party • With the ability to register and barcode assets, build asset systems, set categories, define sites and custom attributes for additional data
  9. Asset Register • The main asset register is used for capturing complete details for a new or existing asset by recording its name, tag, serial number, purchase value, asset type, location, condition, supplier, ownership, and asset parent. Barcoding assets is also available as an optional feature to register assets. • When defining an asset, additional custom attributes may be defined to collect organization specific information for the asset • The Asset Tree provides a complete view of all the assets within the organization and are structure and grouped into categories. The Asset Tree also clearly
  10. Asset Allocation • The Asset Allocation screens on the browser based BackOffice and mobile client give the user the ability to move assets from central location to an internal user or external party • Assets can be grouped into systems and transferred in a single action • When returning or re-allocating an asset to a different entity, it may be ungrouped from the system and transferred • Assets can be checked out to employees or external parties like clients or partners • Complete history of the asset’s movement is maintained in the system for review
  11. Asset Audit • The Audit process helps in reconciling the actual physical location for an asset to the location information known for the asset in the system • Using the mobile client and the asset barcode, a user can identify assets placed within the organization and confirm that the information stored in the system matches the physical location of the assets • Physical inventory should be reconciled regularly to make sure assets exist and are located or checked out to the correct parties and the ownership of assets is being properly maintained
  12. Asset Disposal • Assets depreciate in value over their lifetime or may be damaged beyond repair or lost; The asset disposal process may be employed to retire an asset or an entire group of assets • When disposing assets, the user can enter the reason for disposal • Once an asset is marked as disposed, it is removed from the inventory and no longer available for allocation
  13. Asset History • The Asset History view provides complete historical information on the asset registration, allocation, transfer, depreciation and disposal along with its location and condition
  14. Asset Reporting • Several built-in reports available • New reports being developed in SQL Server Reporting Services • Reports have ability to be exported into PDF, Excel file, CSV and other standard formats. • Reports can be emailed automatically to a given set of email addresses
  15. Solution Benefits • Extends life of current assets • Supports changing business needs • Optimized data and synchronization methodology • Integration for 3rd party systems available
  16. Solution Advantages • Integrated Security • Multiple User levels and access rights per user level • Distributed application architecture maintains the applications on a central server, where the data and access permissions are managed. • Uses standard Internet communications protocol to move the applications to laptops, workstations, handheld devices, and Tablet PCs
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