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At Unique Contacts, we follow this principle to the T. We are a uniquely distinctive incorporation, dedicated to update and escalate your endowment.

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Unique Services

  1. 1. UNIQUE CONTACTS Embrace your business with our service
  2. 2. What’s in It for You?• With internet having an estimated 400million users, email has become the mostpreferred tool of communication.• Communicating through email is thefastest and cost effectiveness.• By implementing List Solutions to yourorganization you can use it as appropriatecommunication channel.
  3. 3. This offers you the latest channel to communicate with yourcustomers.You can send newsletters, product info, promotional offersand other marketing communications easily using thiscommunication channel at a very low investment.By taking our List Solutions you can connect with yourcustomers and engage their interest.
  4. 4. •Building a consistent lead pipeline•Expanding prospect base by millions•Easily retaining prospects and customers•Emailing product offers to the right audience•Reducing spamming on old non-performing lists
  5. 5. At Unique Contacts, we follow this principle to the T. We are a uniquelydistinctive incorporation, dedicated to update and escalate your endowment.Our team is an assortment of highly efficient and proactive individuals with adiverse range of expertise in new businesses, marketing and sales, research anddevelopment, analysis and technology, database management and operations.Unique Contacts specializes in Email Marketing and is one of the leadingglobal service providers for business information solutions.We provide comprehensive Electronic Mailing Lists that are unique in naturedepending on your requirements and specifications to ensure that at the end ofthe day, you as a customer will be satisfied and appreciative of our informativeservices. Our business solutions involve compiling lists from exclusive businessdatabases of leading corporations across the world. These lists will comprisecritical contact information of key executives and top management individualsfrom the corporate world.
  6. 6. Why Unique Contacts?Unique Contacts offers a comprehensive range of lists and appendingservices will be the primary solution and connects you to the right path of yourbusiness line. By utilizing these solutions, many companies have optimized marketingrevenues. We are among the highest in the industry and we are able to achieve theserates because of our comprehensive database of over 362 million records of B2B andB2C across the US.Strong and experienced team:Unique Contacts has been providing list services for 4+ years now andhas an experienced team of 350+ members. Our team verifies eachrecord manually to ensure maximum accuracy alone with our 550member calling agents who update the contacts to keep them up todate.
  7. 7.  26 million global businesses. 97 million executives and professionals. 265 million consumers. Domain expertise. Data is owned and managed in-house. Quick Turnaround. Free counts and quotes. Data collected and refined with our exclusive data compilation standards. Dedicated team for application development and online marketing solutions.
  8. 8. Unique Solutions We provide precise and highly effective business information solutions to our clients to help them find new customers and grow their businesses globally. Our unique business intelligence solutions include business and consumer mailing lists, technology mailing lists, data appending, compilation of exclusive business databases of leading corporations across the globe, and critical contact information of key executives and top management of the corporate world. We offer highly accurate and comprehensive business and consumer information for your direct marketing needs, as well as complete marketing solutions."Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success."
  9. 9. Mailing Lists:• Business Mailing List• Marketing Decision Makers List• Sales Decision Makers List• Fortune 500 & Fortune 1000 List• Healthcare & Hospital Mailing list• Dentist Mailing List• Pharmaceutical & Biotech List• HR Executives Mailing List• Geography Specific List• Industry Specific List• Consumer Mailing List• C-Level Decision Makers List
  10. 10. Technology Lists:• SAP Users List• Oracle Users List• JD Edwards Users List• Microsoft Dynamics User List• IT Decision Makers List• Siebel CRM User List• People Soft Users List• Sage users list
  11. 11. Appending :• Data Appending• Email Appending• Phone Appending• FAX Appending• Title Appending• Additional Contact Appending
  12. 12. This List will help you to reach professionals from a wide varietyof industries such as:- Aerospace & Defense Automotive Banking Chemicals Consumer Products Defense & Security, Engineering, Construction and Operations Healthcare , Higher Education & Research High Tech Industrial Machinery and Components Insurance Life Sciences
  13. 13.  Media Mill Products Mining Oil and Gas Professional Services Public Sector Retail Telecommunications Transportation & Logistics Utilities Wholesale Distribution
  14. 14. Contact Us:UNIQUE CONTACTSMailing Lists | Technology Lists | Data AppendingPh: +1.702.949.0825Toll Free: +1.888.630.9406Fax: +1.888.630.9406Address: #848, N RAINBOW BLVD #3893, LAS VEGAS NEVADA, 89107 United StatesEmails : sales@unique-contacts.com | info@@unique-contacts.com sean.d@unique-contacts.com | seand@unique-contacts.comWebsite: www.unique-contacts.comSocial :