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Addressing the Spiritual and Emotional Needs of HIV Patients


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Steven Oppenheim, MD, FAAHPM of San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine and Joseph Caperna, MD, MPH of UC San Diego Owen Clinic present "Addressing the Spiritual and Emotional Needs of HIV Patients"

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Addressing the Spiritual and Emotional Needs of HIV Patients

  1. 1. AIDS CLINICAL ROUNDSThe UC San Diego AntiViral Research Center sponsors weeklypresentations by infectious disease clinicians, physicians andresearchers. The goal of these presentations is to provide the mostcurrent research, clinical practices and trends in HIV, HBV, HCV, TBand other infectious diseases of global significance.The slides from the AIDS Clinical Rounds presentation that you areabout to view are intended for the educational purposes of ouraudience. They may not be used for other purposes without thepresenter’s express permission.
  2. 2. Addressing Spiritual Needs of HIV Patients Steve Oppenheim Joe Caperna
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES• 1) Objective: present that pastoral services are life saving, life supportive, and give life meaning•• 2) Spiritual counselors accompany Dr. Oppenheim to the presentation.•• 3) Describe the large group of chaplains at SD hospice of many faiths who are expected to offer non-denominational spiritual care to all of our hospice patients of all faiths.•• 4) Describe and invite community spiritual leaders, For those specific faiths our staff seek resources in the community to support patients and families.
  4. 4. Be Ecumenical Be Sensitive• 1) Buddhism• 2) Judaism• 3) Hinduism• 4) Christians_--Catholic, Episcopalian, Methodist, Baptist, Evangelical, Unitarians• 5) Mormons• 6) Islam• 7) Bahai• 8) Janism• 9) Native Spirituality• 10) Taoism• 11) Zoroastrianism• 12) Sikhism
  5. 5. Motivation• June 2012 HIV Orphanage Rayond Thailand