UC Nursing CSEDEV 2 W


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UC Nursing CSEDEV 2 W

  1. 1. Community Outreach of BSN 2-W
  2. 2. <ul><li>Last October 13, 2007, the BSN 2-W students held its CESDEV outreach program on “ Environmental Sanitation”. We arrived at our adopted baranggay which is in Panag-abay, Opra, Lahug at exactly 1:20 in the afternoon. </li></ul><ul><li>We divided among ourselves into four committees: the BP taking committee, the WOUND CARE committee, the HEALTH EDUCATION committee and the FOOD PREPARATION committee. Two BP taking members were paired up with one wound care member. Some of the members were asked to have house to house with in the assigned area, and some of the members waited for the people to come for BP taking and WOUND CARE. The HEALTH EDUCATION members gathered some children for health teaching. The children were taught how to dispose and segregate their trashes properly. After the said activity we gave sandwiches and juices to the children including the old once. We disseminated candies for the participants. </li></ul><ul><li>At 4:00 pm we bade goodbye to everyone in the community. We thanked the parents and aged people for rendering their trust to us, and we also thanked the children for participating actively. </li></ul><ul><li>Though it was tiring, we BSN 2-W students were happy to serve people in need, and make children happy. </li></ul>Introduction
  3. 3. &quot; The Health Education Committe&quot;
  4. 4. “ The health education committee discussed about environmental sanitation” “ The health education committee introduced themselves to the children”
  5. 5. “ The health education committee taught the children an icebreaker called “ Balay ni Superman”.” “ The children were following the “ Balay ni Superman” icebreaker.”
  6. 6. “ The children were asked some questions to be answered.” “ The children who answered the questions were given prizes.”
  7. 7. &quot; The Wound Care Committee&quot;
  8. 8. “ A wound care member performed wound dressing” “ wound care dressing”
  9. 9. &quot; The BP Taking Committee&quot;
  10. 10. “ A BP taking member did a house to house BP taking.” “ A BP taking member did BP taking beside the chapel”
  11. 11. “ A house to house BP taking” “ Beside the chapel BP taking”
  12. 12. &quot; The Food Preparation Committee&quot;
  13. 13. “ The Food Preparation committee prepared the foods” “ Preparing the foods”
  14. 14. “ Everyone helped out in giving the foods to the children.” The children fall in line …
  15. 15. “ They assisted the children in opening their juice” “ We gave food to the parents and old once.”
  16. 16. This is our adviser and accompanying C.I., Mr. Ronald Feniza talking with one of the CESDEV volunteer.” “ Giving out of foods ”
  17. 17. - The End -