UC Nursing CESDEV 4 F Sos Village


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UC Nursing CESDEV 4 F Sos Village

  1. 1. OUTREACH PROGRAM SOS Children’s Village BSN IV-F December 2, 2006
  2. 2. The Preparation : BSN IV-F students in charge of set-up took charge in decorating the area for the Pre-Christmas Party for the children in SOS Village.
  3. 3. Giveaways : These are the giveaways prepared by the students for the children as a token for their warmest appreciation in our presence
  4. 4. Sharon and John : The master and mistress of ceremonies tried their very best to bring out the best in each of the children and the students as well.
  5. 5. The Prayer and Welcome Address : For the guidance of the Father, a prayer was started by Val followed by a Welcome Address by the Class President, Klein.
  6. 6. Bundles of Joy : The group assigned in the management for the bundles of joy labeled each gift for the children.
  7. 7. The program : The program kicked-off with a energetic dance opening number by the UC students.
  8. 8. The Children : The youth of SOS listened attentively to each of the emcee and are willing to participate in any games announced
  9. 10. Let the game begin! : Sharon instructed the participants of the first game using an eggplant and an egg to be rolled to the finish line.
  10. 12. UC Nursing : BSN IV-F with their pearly white smiles due to extreme happiness of being able to help and give the children a Christmas party which they will remember all their lives!
  11. 14. The Choir : Selected students presented a Caroling to the children to bring out the spirit of Christmas in each and everyone.
  12. 16. A pose together with the CESDEV Volunteer, Juvelyn.
  13. 17. Pin the star to the tree : Another game started by correctly placing the star to the tip of the Christmas tree with blindfolds to add more excitement!
  14. 20. EATING TIME! : The children were very happy to receive their snacks. They were very hungry and their throats were parched due to laughing and active participation in every game.
  15. 21. GIVEAWAYS TIME! Each child received their giveaways. The bundles of joy were then forwarded to the SOS office, so that the office will be the one to segregate the clothing and toys and will later distribute them to the children.
  16. 22. HAPPY ENDING : The children together with the BSN IV-F took a picture as a remembrance for the Christmas Party finished at that day. Each student went home with smiles in their hearts having a sense of fulfillment in the sense that even how simple our party was, we were able to bring joy to these children. God Bless!