UC Nursing CESDEV 4 A Swm


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UC Nursing CESDEV 4 A Swm

  1. 1. A seminar on Solid Waste Management conducted by Level 4 students An Outreach Program by Level 4 Section A Special thanks to Mrs. Jocylin Lim The Project Coordinator with Guest Speaker Atty. Gloria E. Ramos
  2. 2. In partial fulfillment of the requirements for BSN Level 4 curriculum History of past outreach: Upon arriving to the community, the students were admitted to the chapel area where they were assessed by the project coordinator for signs and symptoms of the outreach program syndrome. <ul><li>Upon assessment, the following were observed: </li></ul><ul><li>Eagerness noted </li></ul><ul><li>Verbalized willingness to serve the community. </li></ul><ul><li>Vital signs were estatic </li></ul>And on to the slide show……
  3. 3. It's sure hot in here! Did someone forget to bring the AIRCON ?
  4. 4. Finally we arrive at our destination. It seems like our work is cut out for us.
  5. 5. Okay guys give me an A! for section A.
  6. 6. Welcome to the Seminar area. First we must convince the community to attend the seminar……
  7. 7. The good old house to house approach. Your first hand experience in practicing your skills of persuasion.
  8. 8. Let's smile for the camera for a job well done!
  9. 9. Welcome to the venue for the seminar. It seems that we have quite a crowd in here.
  10. 10. Here's our project coordinator welcoming everybody to the seminar.
  11. 11. And here's our guest speaker giving her lecture on solid waste management
  12. 12. Here's to our MC's showing us their winsome smiles.
  13. 13. Wataaaaahhhhh!
  14. 14. And here’s our guest speaker explaining something to the old folks of the community
  15. 15. Sorry guys but the venue is full. Guess you’ll have to stay outside for the entire duration of the seminar
  16. 16. Here’s our ever supportive adviser, Mr. Rufo, sitting beside our MC
  17. 17. The Undertaker of Section A, standing at the center aisle
  18. 18. And here’s our host eliciting participation from the crowd
  19. 19. And here’s a willing participant interacting with our speaker
  20. 20. And on to our long awaited song number by Princess Abella. Finally we’re gonna conclude our seminar.
  21. 21. And here’s Section A’s adviser, Mr. Rufo calling it a day
  22. 22. The BARAKO BOYS of Section A with their idol C.I.
  23. 23. Okay girls arrange yourselves according to beauty! I said only FEMALES!
  24. 24. Thank you everyone for your support!
  25. 25. And that ends our feature presentation! The End!