UC Nursing CDSDEV 2 Q


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UC Nursing CDSDEV 2 Q

  1. 1. Our CESDEV Community Outreach -BSN 2Q- S.Y. 2007-2008 Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others.
  2. 2. Our outreach program, started at exactly 9:10 AM. We directly went to our assigned area and immediately started with our program. We are divided into four groups- BP taking, wound care, health teaching( oral care), and Feeding. The group of the BP taking had to go house-to-house, they encountered variety of people. Then, there’s the group of the wound care, they also did house-to-house, most of their patients are obviously, children. They not just healed the pains physically, but also lessen the pains they have in life. Then there’s the group of the health teaching. They taught the children on the proper way to do tooth brushing. They give updates on the new trends in doing the strokes in tooth brushing. They also gave tooth brushes to the children which shows joy in their faces. After the health teaching, some games followed. The children danced gracefully. They showcased their talents which amused the us. Then the feeding followed, which makes the children more ecstatic. They were grateful with everything we did on that morning. We also, the student nurses, we’re grateful to them because they were so cooperative and attentive. We we’re even more grateful to them because they have given us the chance to share with them the learnings the school imparted on us.
  3. 3. The face of the courageous child… 
  4. 4. the child that gives us the drive to be of service.l
  5. 5. Shocked??hehe…
  6. 6. Ate Ailene, giving some instructions to the children…stress na u?
  7. 7. Errol took the BP of lolo..
  8. 8. Ate Lou and Kuya Errol, another Bp taking…
  9. 9. A close look to the sphygmomanometer, to see the BP of lolo…
  10. 10. BP taking with ate Gwena… 
  11. 11. The cute, cute, cute 13 day old baby…
  12. 12. Don’t be shy miss, kuya Clifford won’t bite you…ahehehe! 
  13. 13. There you go, you’re almost done with kuya clifford…
  14. 14. Ate Lyndie is a bit shy taking his BP…
  15. 15. Off to start the BP taking..Lola is very excited…
  16. 16. Now there you go! Lola’s BP is 130/90…not high enough…
  17. 17. Excited children. waiting for their tooth brushes,,,
  18. 18. Praying before the start of the feeding program….
  19. 19. The children who attentively listen to the health teaching led by Ate Joy..
  20. 20. All smiles!!!
  21. 21. Ate Joy led the proper way to do tooth brushing…
  22. 22. Benedict return demonstrate the proper way to do tooth brushing…nice job benedict!
  23. 23. Dance showdown with kuya Mark !
  24. 24. Showing some love.. 
  25. 25. After care with Ate desiree—because we care. BSN 2Q
  26. 26. Thank You! It is always of our service …  There is no beautifier of complexion, or form, or behavior, like the wish to scatter joy and not pain around us. 'Tis good to give a stranger a meal, or a night's lodging. 'Tis better to be hospitable to his good meaning and thought, and give courage to a companion. We must be as courteous to a man as we are to a picture, which we are willing to give the advantage of a good light.