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2 H


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2 H

  1. 1. 2H CESDEV Outreach memoirs
  2. 2. True fulfillment of service is felt when one had become happy and contented of what service the individual had offered and gratitude from the patron was given token for the service. It was a really exhausting day for the 2H students, tired from all the academic activities. Yet, as they went on road towards the area they gained their vigor to pursue their mission. This eagerness led them to end the day with smiles on their faces. As the group arrived in the site coming from a very long trip they directly did their task with no setbacks, for they had in mind that they really had the need to help the community and take part in the children’s upbringing of knowledge on proper hygiene. It was really nice for the children to welcome us and it made our endeavors more constructive. The visit ended having great smiles from the children and the 2H group.
  3. 3. Brush, brush, brush!
  4. 4. Strolling?!
  5. 5. Grand Children Gathering…
  6. 6. Follow my lead…
  7. 7. Relax lang ma’am..
  8. 8. Waddup?!
  9. 9. Wowowee!
  10. 10. Ip! ip! Huri!
  11. 11. Arrange the chairs, guys!
  12. 12. I’m the man!