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Issue desk slides summer 11


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Published in: Education
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Issue desk slides summer 11

  1. 1. UCL Library ServicesMain Library Issue Desk Welcome
  2. 2. the library websitefor up to date serviceannouncements andopening times
  3. 3. RememberUCL Library Services Check your record at least once a week via the ‘Your Account’ area of the library catalogue
  4. 4. Speak up! Complete the National Student Survey 2011inal-year* undergraduate students are being asked for their views on all aspects of university life including  course teaching  assessment and feedback  academic support   organisation and management  learning resources  personal development  UCL is committed to acting on student comments www.thestudentsurvey.comome cases, students, particularly on programmes with a 3 or 4 year option, may be surveyed in their penultimate year.
  5. 5. Library Regulations: Fines System on behalf of the Dean of Students (Welfare)UCL Library Services On behalf of the Dean of Students (Welfare), the Library will be administering a new system of fixed fines for infringements of the Library Regulations. £20 Fine for… £5 Fine for… Misuse of Library membership card Having food or drinks (except water) in the Library Exiting with un-issued material Causing a disturbance in reading areas Exiting via a Fire Exit Talking on a mobile phone (except in designated areas) Fines payable to the Office of the Dean of Students (Welfare), 4 Taviton Street All fines will be credited to the UCL Student Hardship Fund Repeat offenders will be referred to the Dean of Students (Welfare) A full version of the Library Regulations can be found at: or please speak to a member of Library staff for a summary of the Regulations
  6. 6. Main Library Opening Hours: Summer Vacation 2011UCL Library Services Issue Desk Reading Rooms Monday - 09.30 – 18.45 08.45 – 19.00 Thurs Friday 10.00 – 18.45 08.45 – 19.00 Weekends Closed Closed
  7. 7. FinalistsUCL Library Services If you are due to finish your study at UCL this year, before you go please remember: •To check that you have returned all of the Library items you have borrowed •To check that you have cleared any charges on your Library Account •That you can re-apply to use the UCL Library facilities as a UCL alumni – see for more details
  8. 8. UCL Library ServicesUCL Library Services Environmental Statement – We in Library Services are committed to: The most efficient use of energy in all areas of our operations Reduce the waste of energy wherever possible Reduce the amount of materials we use in doing our work Reuse those materials that have outlived their original purpose wherever we can Recycle as much of the used materials that cannot be reused as we can Work with the Estates and Facilities Division, and all other departments throughout UCL to ensure that we conduct our business in the most environmentally sustainable way that we can. Related website:
  9. 9. Be careful! Fines on short loans are50p per hourhis is because they are in heavy demand and must beeturned before the start of the next time slotlease return them before the due timeo that we have them available for thoseho have reserved them
  10. 10. Follow us on TWITTER!UCL Library Services!/UCL_Main_Lib
  11. 11. UCL Library Services
  12. 12. Mobiles in the Flaxman Gallery You are welcome to use your mobile phone in the Flaxman Gallery Please be considerate of other library users and staff and have your mobile switched to silent in other areas of the library. Thank you
  13. 13. We hope you have a lovely summer. Please remember you cannot take books abroad as they may be requested!UCL Library Services
  14. 14. Keep your belongings with youDo not leave any valuable items unattended in thereading roomsPlease be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviourto a member of staff
  15. 15. L LIBRARY SERVICES Group Study Areare are four group study rooms located in the Learning Laboratory on the ground floor of the Science Librar For groups of 3-6 people For groups of 4-8 people Galton Carswell or or Ramsay FlemingTo book a room please go to UCL Library Services web pages – welcome to use any vacant room but will be required to vacate it promptly in favour of those with bookings. Theses are intended for group study. Remember to print your booking confirmation.
  16. 16. Water fountains in the LibraryUCL Library Services Water fountains are now available in the UCL Main Library and Science Library These can be used to re-fill bottles or to drink from directly, without using plastic cups. The fountains can be found in the following locations: - Science Library, 2nd floor, outside Medical Sciences periodicals - Main Library, 2nd floor, end of History corridor