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Presentation for California Library Association, Annual Conference, Pasadena, CA, Saturday, October 31, 2009.
“Digital Collection Development, Building Collections in Cyberspace”.

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  • Digital Collection there are two “avenues” to discuss.
    Digitization of print materials in our collections (or selecting, linking to digital projects from other institutions that fit within your collection development policy)
    Born Digital materials – free, licensed, etc.
  • Image from the National Diet Library of Japan
    Provides a good representation of all the content we have in libraries (websites, online books and journals, digitized content, web archived content, materials from outside (archive of library).
    This also shows user access points.
  • Projects I’ve have worked on: GATT Digital Archive
    -student scanner
    -two week of mass digitization at WTO in Geneva (2001)
    -equipment – bulk scanners for the materials on good paper, with no binding; 11x17 flatbeds for everything else we couldn’t put through a bulk scanner – this was done sheet by sheet.
    -I worked on the sheet-by-sheet scanning – mainly early 1940’s carbon copies on yellow tissue paper. Very slow process; had to do several test scans and recalibrate almost every time because the quality of the paper and ink was so bad and so varied.
    -QC was done off-site. Basic QC and some spot deskewing onsite. Basically Stanford was getting everything scanned onsite and then working on the QC, metadata, etc. back on campus.
    -Project took about 3 years (6 weeks each summer of scanning; the rest of the year back at Stanford working on everything else.)
  • Scanning the print archives of the UI Chancellor
    -graduate student assistant (work with Pauline Cochrane, Joanne Kaczmerek)
    -scanning letters, memos, etc. from the current chancellor’s print archive (intent was to digitize everything)
    -basic document scanner (could do mulitple pages)
    -developed thesaurus and indexing
    -scanning straightforward; indexing more complex; this took several weeks to become familiar with the thesaurus and application of terms
    -were testing to see if this approach was better than getting a bulk scanner that, that pdf’d and ocr’d materials (a separate project in the vice-chancellor’s office)
  • The UCLA Library Digitization efforts
  • Selection Criteria
  • CLA Digital Collection Development

    1. 1. Digital Collection Development CLA Annual Conference October 31, 2009 Pasadena, CA Kris Kasianovitz
    2. 2. Digital Collection Development • Digitization –Select, scan, curate, archive, preserve, access • Born Digital and Web Archiving –Select, capture, curate, archive, preserve, access
    3. 3. (early) Digitization Projects
    4. 4. (early) Digitization Projects
    5. 5. UCLA Library Digitization Projects
    6. 6. UCLA Library Digitization Projects
    7. 7. UCLA Library Digitization Projects
    8. 8. UCLA Digital Library Program
    9. 9. UCLA Digital Library Program Criteria for Digital Projects These criteria have been adopted by the UCLA Library as an aid in evaluating whether projects will be a good return on investment, and to help in establishing a strong rationale when requesting support from internal or external sources. The criteria are designed to assess strengths and weaknesses and promote an analytical approach, but they do not have equal weight, and not all may be relevant to any given project. The project provides significant support for UCLA research and instruction. There are faculty and library advocates for the project. The project's intrinsic value will ensure long-term use by a significant audience within and/or beyond the UCLA community. The project can be completed with available funding, or has the potential to generate funding through grants, donors, or other external fund sources. The project will strengthen or enhance an existing CDL or UCLA resource, become part of an important virtual collection, or support a national initiative such as those sponsored by Association of Research Libraries and Digital Library Federation.
    10. 10. UCLA Digital Library Program Criteria for Digital Projects UCLA has intellectual property rights to the content and can manage any required restrictions to access, or can realistically solve any rights issues. The project falls within traditional areas of library service or moves our services in a direction consonant with the Library's strategic directions. The project advances sustainable models for scholarly publishing. The project brings credit to UCLA library in a manner likely to generate further digital library projects and funding. The project has local or regional importance, and represents an effort only UCLA can initiate. The project is reasonable, practical, and achievable. The project saves money in the long term by eliminating the need to acquire resources, or by freeing up staff time. The project creates or sustains a partnership that the library will find valuable for future development. There is a compelling argument for digitizing material that is deteriorating. The project will expand our technical infrastructure or contribute to the development of national digital library standards.
    11. 11. UC Digitization Projects Calisphere
    12. 12. Digital Preservation
    13. 13. Born Digital Collection Development: Web Archiving
    14. 14. Web Archiving
    15. 15. CDL Web Archiving
    16. 16. CDL Web Archiving
    17. 17. Born Digital Collection Development
    18. 18. Born Digital Collection Development
    19. 19. Born Digital Collection Development
    20. 20. CDL Web Archiving Service
    21. 21. WAS Born Digital Collection Development
    22. 22. WAS Born Digital Collection Development
    23. 23. Digital Collection Development • Digitization – Select, scan, curate, archive, preserve, access • Born Digital and Web Archiving – Select, capture, curate, archive, preserve, access
    24. 24. Resources • National Diet Library Newsletter, No. 158 December 2007 • GATT Digital Library • UCLA Library Digital Program • UCLA Campaign Literature Archive • Calisphere • LOC Digital Preservation • Internet Archive
    25. 25. Resources • Archive-it! • CDL Web-at-Risk • CDL Web Archiving Program hiving_program.html • CDL Web Archiving Service • Web-at-Risk Web Collection Plans index.php?page=WebCollectionPlans • Collection Plan for UCLA Local and NGO Information • LOC video on Web Archiving v=ERFR2flZ-Rw
    26. 26. Thank you! Kris Kasianovitz UCLA Library meebome! uclagovinfolibrarian