Russian american colonies


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Russian american colonies

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Russian american colonies

  1. 1.  Nayeli Mora  Perla Trueba  Juyoung Park  Charlie Rodiles  Leopoldo Beltran  Ana VegaRussian American (1733-1867)
  2. 2.  Russian explorers and settlers continued to establish trading posts in mainland Alaska, on the Aleutian Islands, Hawaii and Northern California.Grigory Shelikhov.
  3. 3. Some researchers believethat the first Russiansettlement in Alaska wasestablished in 17th century. In 1648, several expeditionary men were thrown to Alaska by storm and founded this settlement.
  4. 4. COLONIZATION OF ALASKA Russian colonies’ population was about 4,000,0000 From 1732 to 1867. The Russian-American Company was formed in 1799 with the influence of Nikolay Rezanov for the purpose of hunting sea otters for their fur. Alaska’s population was made by mostly native Alaskans. The number of Russians rarely exceeded 500 at any one time.
  5. 5. END OF THE RUSSIAN ALASKA COLONYBy the 1860’s, Russia was in a difficult financialposition, and feared losing Alaska without anycompensation if they got into some conflict in thefuture, so they decided to sell it (Alaskan territory)to the United States for only 2 cents an acre. Butfew years later, in Alaska, there were lots ofnatural resources like gold and oil, and 10% of thepatrons in the world.
  6. 6. COLONIZATION OF CALIFORNIA From 1812 to 1841. Established in 1812 near Bodega Bay at Fort Rossi in Northern California. By 1818 there were 26 Russians & 102 Native Americans total. They ran the commercial operation by Russian- American fur company
  7. 7. END OF CALIFORNIA COLONYThe fur trade haddepleted and thegovernments of France,Britain and Mexico haddeclined.In 1841, Russiansdecided to abandon FortRoss. Russian Californiawas handed in peacefullyand completely free.
  8. 8. Main Problems of Russian AmericaAs already mentioned before, Russia was going throughmany financial problems, and having colonies in the UnitedStates wasnt making it easy for them. The cost ofexporting food and other products all the way to Alaska &California was too high. This economic aspects affected theRussian government so much that Russian colonies in theUS had to be removed.
  9. 9. Buying Alaska• Alaska was purchased from Rus sia on March 30, 1867, for $7.2 million at approximately two cents per acre.• The land went through several administrative changes before becoming an organized territory on May 11, 1912, and the 49th state of the U.S. on January 3, 1959.
  10. 10. Tsarist Government• The Tsarist government expected that the Russian-American Company would make great plans of expansion. As a result of it, the northern part of the Pacific Ocean would be the new home waters of the Russian Empire.
  11. 11. • G. I. Shelikhov and D. I. Zavalishin supported Alekeseeva’s idea that she wrote in her book. This idea was about the unrealized projects to transform the Northern part of the Pacific Ocean into an inland sea of Russia. In 1806 Rezanov proposed a new plan for Russia’s establishment on D. I. Zavalishin both shores of the Pacific Ocean.
  12. 12. The general of the fleet Count N. F.Golovin, elaboarated a project tosend a large-scale expedition ofthe Russian navy; with the goal oftraining experienced marines,expanding commerce and foundingforts in America.