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  • Ladies and Gentleman, thank you for the opportunity to share what we’re doing with social media to engage and strengthen our UCF community.
  • The old saying about plan your work and work your plan is how we’ve approached the use our our websites and social media components like facebook and twitter.This is our hub and spoke model and it shows how our alumni websites receive and feed information out for anyone that wants to use or consume the information.We integrate information sharingWe make the most of limited staff resources to minimize maintenanceWe don’t compromise quality that our alumni and constituents seeWe leverage free resources every time that we can…
  • It’s critically important to make our online services effortlessOur website integrates easy navigation between sections ALONG with:FacebookTwitterLinkedINUCFKNIGHTSNETWORKYouTUBEContent Feeds so news and alumni stories can be effortlessly sharedThe website runs on open source Joomla so there is no cost for the publishing system.
  • Here again, we’re pulling in social media content and sharing pictures, videos and content that’s tailored to keep alumni tuned-in to UCF.
  • Facebook is everywhere. You may have noticed commercials on TV encouraging you to fan the company on facebook – and the reason is the VIRAL EXPANSION LOOP.Viral Loop for short. Basically, social media works like compound interest.When someone invests their time into Facebook, they want to share with friends, and then the want to share so the interactions compound – and the network effect picks up momentum and things can really go viral.So most importantly – I want to tell you that we know how this works and we constantly learn and push the envelope to do more and serve constituents the right way – when where and how they want.
  • Same with Twitter and YouTube.We leverage FREE online services to reach alumni where they are online and engage them with content that they value so they feel compelled to be involved and support UCF.
  • eMail is still a “go-to” communications tool.We summmarize all of the activities and great news about the UCF community into alumni eNewsletters every other month to inform and invite alumni to take advantage of the activities offered throughout the UCF community.Thank you…
  • Cammp2010 backup

    1. 1. Engaging Alumni: Tools and Tactics<br />UCF Alumni Association<br />Jeff Garner<br />CAMMP 2010<br />
    2. 2. Hub and Spoke Big Picture<br /><ul><li> Built on Joomla
    3. 3. Open Source Software = FREE
    4. 4. Great Flexibility
    5. 5. Scalable With Many Plug-ins
    6. 6. Easy-To-Use and Update
    7. 7. Improved Navigation
    8. 8. Consistent Brand and Look</li></li></ul><li>Engaging: Joomla, Google, Content Feeds<br />Easy Nav<br />Social Media Resources<br />Update Address<br />Partner Ads<br />Facebook Feed<br />Featured Events<br />Promotions<br />Twitter Feed<br />Campus Brands<br />Action Items<br />
    9. 9. Chapter and Club Sections: Google and YouTube<br /><ul><li>Takes advantage of standard content and styles, yet tailored for each chapter/club
    10. 10. Uses Google calendar to deliver snapshot of events for each group
    11. 11. Embedded YouTube videos eliminate storage needs and standardize playback format
    12. 12. Google Picasa Photo Gallery tools provide slideshow features at no cost
    13. 13. Facebook – “Like” button links to each chapter and club</li></ul>Most important benefit = No Direct Cost<br />
    14. 14. Facebook Summary<br />Total Number of Fans = 3,739<br />Strategy: ENGAGE ALUMNI ENERGIZE UCF Supporters<br />Google Calendar updates automatically displayed here…<br />- AND – UCF News and RSS Feeds display just below.<br />
    15. 15. LinkedIN, Twitter, and YouTube Summary<br />LinkedIN Participants and Connections = > 6,000<br />YouTube Videos = 6,438 Views<br />Total Number of Followers on Twitter = 684<br /><ul><li> Integrated Social Media Content
    16. 16. Leverage FREE Resources to Minimize Overhead
    17. 17. Reach Constituents When, Where, and How They Want</li></li></ul><li>Two SEGMENTED eNewsletters:<br /><ul><li>Pegasus Connections = Bi-Monthly
    18. 18. Alumni Connections = Quarterly</li></ul>Reduces Over-Communication<br />Spotlights High Value Programs and Services<br />Personalized:<br />Any info we want to deliver<br />Special Promotion:<br />Facebook “Fan Us” promotion <br />Hot Jobs:<br />Very popular. Alumni call in asking - How Can They Get Their Company’s Jobs Listed<br />Upcoming Events:<br />Alumni relive fun, memorable events<br />Upcoming Events:<br />Alumni have quick overview of signature events <br />
    19. 19. New Stuff<br />Foursquare – tie tips and real-world value to locations/business partners<br />Knight Neighbor Locator<br />Expand “where are they now” service down to city/town/zipcode with interests and hooks that help people find value in being connected – and meeting their Knight neighbor.<br />New Mobile App and campaign – Called “Take It With You”<br />