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  1. 1. Engaging Alumni: Tools and Tactics<br />UCF Alumni Association<br />Jeff Garner<br />CAMMP 2010<br />
  2. 2. Hub and Spoke Big Picture<br /><ul><li> Built on Joomla
  3. 3. Open Source Software = FREE
  4. 4. Great Flexibility
  5. 5. Scalable With Many Plug-ins
  6. 6. Easy-To-Use and Update
  7. 7. Improved Navigation
  8. 8. Consistent Brand and Look</li></li></ul><li>Engaging: Joomla, Google, Content Feeds<br />Easy Nav<br />Social Media Resources<br />Update Address<br />Partner Ads<br />Facebook Feed<br />Featured Events<br />Promotions<br />Twitter Feed<br />Campus Brands<br />Action Items<br />
  9. 9. Chapter and Club Sections: Google and YouTube<br /><ul><li>Takes advantage of standard content and styles, yet tailored for each chapter/club
  10. 10. Uses Google calendar to deliver snapshot of events for each group
  11. 11. Embedded YouTube videos eliminate storage needs and standardize playback format
  12. 12. Google Picasa Photo Gallery tools provide slideshow features at no cost
  13. 13. Facebook – “Like” button links to each chapter and club</li></ul>Most important benefit = No Direct Cost<br />
  14. 14. Facebook Summary<br />Total Number of Fans = 3,739<br />Strategy: ENGAGE ALUMNI ENERGIZE UCF Supporters<br />Google Calendar updates automatically displayed here…<br />- AND – UCF News and RSS Feeds display just below.<br />
  15. 15. LinkedIN, Twitter, and YouTube Summary<br />LinkedIN Participants and Connections = > 6,000<br />YouTube Videos = 6,438 Views<br />Total Number of Followers on Twitter = 684<br /><ul><li> Integrated Social Media Content
  16. 16. Leverage FREE Resources to Minimize Overhead
  17. 17. Reach Constituents When, Where, and How They Want</li></li></ul><li>Two SEGMENTED eNewsletters:<br /><ul><li>Pegasus Connections = Bi-Monthly
  18. 18. Alumni Connections = Quarterly</li></ul>Reduces Over-Communication<br />Spotlights High Value Programs and Services<br />Personalized:<br />Any info we want to deliver<br />Special Promotion:<br />Facebook “Fan Us” promotion <br />Hot Jobs:<br />Very popular. Alumni call in asking - How Can They Get Their Company’s Jobs Listed<br />Upcoming Events:<br />Alumni relive fun, memorable events<br />Upcoming Events:<br />Alumni have quick overview of signature events <br />
  19. 19. New Stuff<br />Foursquare – tie tips and real-world value to locations/business partners<br />Knight Neighbor Locator<br />Expand “where are they now” service down to city/town/zipcode with interests and hooks that help people find value in being connected – and meeting their Knight neighbor.<br />New Mobile App and campaign – Called “Take It With You”<br />