Video, the transformation effect


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Video, the transformation effect

  1. 1. Video,the transformation effect London, 8th March 2011
  2. 2. European Communications Services Sales in 2009 Direct sales and service €1b presence in 16 countries 50% Services 4,500 Employees 2,500 Service Experts 60,000 Customers Fortune Euro 70% Top 100 Companies Worldwide Service Alliance Program
  3. 3. NextiraOne Business Focus Improved Operational Differentiating Customer Efficiency Service Unified Customer Communications Interaction Solutions Solutions Managed Communications Infrastructure Predictable Cost-effective Communications Support and Professional Integration Managed Services Services Services Comprehensive Service Portfolio
  4. 4. Solution Ecosystem and Sector Partners Strategic Technology Partners Solution Ecosystem Partners Market Sector Solution PartnersMore than 2 000 vendorcertifications…
  5. 5. Agenda Video in enterprise communications, what applications and benefits for your business? Technologies to implement those applications Key points for your projects
  6. 6. Video in enterprise communications, what applications and benefits for your business?
  7. 7. Internet Video Trends1. Mobile Video Increase in definition: 800 480 and bandwidth availability2. Video Portal Youtube has become the 2nd search engine behind google, reaching all markets and supports.3. Live Video Not a week without a live event broadcast on internet4. Video everywhere and for everyone Skype Video arrives in your lounge with TV screens equipped with cameras and home videophones,5. Home presence Virtual face to face from your home6. Mixing the media Ipad = «weight of words against the visual impact of video »7. Video and social media Synergy between online video and social media such as: CNNLive, Facebook and Twitter
  8. 8. Video communicationVideo transforms…Public usesInternet box, YouTube, MSN etc… arrived in the entreprise The challenge for businesses and public sector : Integrating video into their Information System … your communications & contents
  9. 9. The need to re-create proximityThe importance of visual interaction People remember… 70 % 30 % 20 % 20 % of what of what of what they hear they see they hear And seeMore than 60% of communication is non-verbal
  10. 10. HD everywhere! A video device can be defined as HD as soon as it uses a video signal with more than 720 pixels of vertical definition (number of lines)
  11. 11. Strong increase in video traffic1995: Web > Gopher, FTP Dominant Video2000: Peer-to-peer > Web type of traffic Communication2010: Video contents > Peer-to-Peer2015: Video communications > Video Video contents Content P2P WWW Gopher, FTP 2025+ 2013-2025 2000-2013 1995-2000 1993-1995
  12. 12. Tools for video in businessesConferencing TelePresence Display Advertising Interactive contentWebcast E-learning VoD TV Video surveillance Multimedia Infrastructure
  13. 13. Is video adapted for my business? Which solution ? At what price ? With what savings?  Enterprise strategy and projects ?  Impact of video for my organisation ?  What Business Transformation is possible due to video ?
  14. 14. Which strategy for your departments ? Communication External and Internal Value, Image and business differentiators Sales Customer facing Customer care, prospects Optimisation of resources Services Differentiators Relationship management Skill management Human Resources Attract the right skills Employee loyalty Inform and train
  15. 15. An example of business transformation Training Traditional way to train Convo Training with Training with Practice test Practice cation presence presence Transformed way to train Qualifi Convo On line Training with On line On line Best Practice Coaching Practice cation cation Pre-training presence Module debriefing practices Video Webinar of Live Webinar Video live Webcast Webcastconference motivation & videoconf conference Webinar Movement
  16. 16. Example of business transformationTraining - benefits Trainees better targeted and more motivated Better preparation Better flexibility for the trainee Compliance with production activity Re-usage of virtual sessions Modular and adapted training Travel cost optimisation
  17. 17. Technologies to implement those applications
  18. 18. Technology evolutionVideo Conference, things have changed... Video is not a silo, it integrates the IP world Development of individual approaches based on desktop Integration with other communication channels and collaboration applications (helped byH323 & SIP) Technological solutions that can bring a response to different needs Requalification of processing capabilities and storage capacities Video becomes a foundation for Unified Communications infrastructures
  19. 19. Flow « image » : « any-to-any »…any time Signage / Broadcast / Storage / data Distribution reference / publication management receptionCapture /émissionCapture /émission Capture / Capture / Capture / émission émission émissionCapture /émissionCapture /émission Network Data Centre
  20. 20. Synergies/interactions Live Recorded Conferencing Tandberg, Webex, Meeting Place (Cisco) Dedicated portal Usage of multi-protocol portal to share contents Webcast Portal Show & Share (Cisco) Usage of DS Usage of webcast to displayto display contents TV contents DS IPTV Digital Signs and Cast (Cisco)
  21. 21. Key points for your projects
  22. 22. Some questions …Users :– Real time / off line communication?– Top down/ Interactive Communication?– Which end point ?– Mono or Multiple contents ? • Which types of contents ?  Project & Support teams :  Does my network meet the prerequisites  Which architecture?  What possible interactions between the technologies?  …
  23. 23. Our expertise Improve your operational efficiency Differentiate your Protect businesses customer service Communicant Customer Physical desktop Interaction Security Communications Infrastructures & Data Centre Predictable, cost-effective communications
  24. 24. Integration Services : Skills & Best PracticeNetwork DNALAN, Wan, IP, QosLogisticsAbility to deploy homogeneously onextended territoryManagement of critical videoVideo surveillance expertiseExpertise in video communication applications+10 years of experience in videoconference
  25. 25. Adoption of solutions by your usersManagement of transversal projectsTechnology and usage approachMulti-skills project teamsChange managementSpecialist consultantsUser assistanceVideoconference caretaking services
  26. 26. CUB – City of BordeauxHelp for agents and remote access to council meetings • Modernisation of the town administration for Bordeaux – improving security and protection against abuse and instrusion Challenge • Broadcasting tools for the dissemination of council meetings • Allowing councillors to connect remotely and participate (voice and video) in council meetings. • Internal and external surveillance of entry and exit points of the building s, video connection and access control • Alarm scenarios • Streaming and broadcasting of council meetings on the web - 27 communities • Remote participation of councillors via Cisco SoftPhone Cisco in the Bordeaux Solution integrated with NextiraOne VMS region • NextiraOne VMS and streaming • VS solution , IP cameras and Raid 5 registration - 6th largest • Cisco LAN and WAN networks urban community in France - 660 091 •Simplification of the centralised use of video and alarms inhabitants Benefits •Flexibility in adding/removing cameras •Supports decision-making •Broadcasting of meetings and remoteparticipation of councillors
  27. 27. Video usage in BordeauxVideo surveillance Tele-surveillanceVideo Interphone Record and store Council Chamber Camera reporting Audio/video encoding Video set-up Record and store ‘Live’ transmission via Intranet/Internet Variable screen messages Broadcast content via Internet/internet IPTV
  28. 28. Global video broadcasting solution Remote site Bordeaux network: Inter-site high speed Management SAS Encoding Provider VIDEO+AUDIO (Not IP)Set-UP Encoding « live » or intranet recorded video
  29. 29. Questions?