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  • What is happening in the business world around us is having a dramatic impact on the way we communicate and collaborate. Companies are becoming more globally dispersed, making getting everyone on the same page and staying connected a challenge.Organizations are becoming more complex and need innovative models to support their changing businesses.Operational excellence is top of mind with CIOs around the globe - faster, better, more competitive is the mandate..Working together and improving collaboration is no longer a nice to have … it’s a must have.
  • Better collaboration occurs when you bring people together.. People collaborate - not documents or tools. Putting people at the center of collaboration changes everything – for the better - and makes the entire experience more powerful.
  • Video and the visual medium delivers the most natural collaboration experience possible. The Benefits of Visual Communication64% of communication is non-verbalOne third of the human cortex is dedicated to vision1 Kandola, Pearn “The Psychology of Effective Business Communications in Geographically Dispersed Teams”, Cisco Systems, September 20062 Vision Group Research, FMRIB, University of Oxford, UK
  • Let’s show you what we mean by all of this – PLAY VISION VIDEO (embed)
  • Business value drivers of telepresence – from IBSG.
  • There is more to video and telepresence than money saved - there is money earned and competitive advantage. Video is known to accelerate decision making, scale knowledge, unify the organization and can even provide better work/life balance for employees.For example …Statoil, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, connects platforms in the Norwegian Sea with support centers on the coast through their Integrated Operations. TelePresence helps shore-based experts diagnose problems immediately from thousands of miles away, significantly reducing downtime. According to Statoil, some issues that used to take two months to resolve now take two weeks with TelePresence.Specialists on Call uses video collaboration to connect stroke victims with emergency trained neurologists within minutes of entering a hospital to help ensure appropriate and timely treatment. As a result, success rates are three times higher than the national average.Volkswagen uses video to train more than 200 dealerships on the latest repair techniques, eliminating the travel costs and lost service revenue of sending the local technicians to training. This helped cut repair times by 50% and travel and communication expenses by 30%, resulting in a 300% improvement in complex repair turn-around time, and consequently, customer satisfaction..By installing Cisco TelePresence solutions, Telekom Austria has connected employees across the country, speeding decision making and saving a projected 2,000 days in business trips, almost one million Euros and up to 150 tons of CO2 every year. Imagine the impact TelePresence could have on your company’s environmental responsibility goals. Real green, real difference. Apart from appealing to the 500 million consumers who prefer to buy from green companies, it appears that 80% of the global workforce would prefer to work for environmentally ethical organizations. 100 employees using video at home one day a week instead of driving to work would save the equivalent of a forest the size of five football fields. The best business leaders are acting. In the example of TNT used earlier, in addition to saving money, video also helped them become carbon neutral.
  • Based on your need and level of immersion needed, there is a Cisco product right for you. Endpoints: For all environments including immersive dedicated and multipurpose rooms, personal work or home offices, mobile environments and platforms for custom solutions. Immersive Telepresence: For dedicated rooms with an optimized environment for face-to-face virtual communications and collaborationMultipurpose Room Systems: Designed toprovide an optimum telepresence experience in the widest range of conference rooms and environmentsPersonal Systems: Optimized for use in personal offices, at home for telecommuting applications, and while traveling.Solution Platforms: Core Cisco TelePresence components for customized and vertical applications Infrastructure: Includesmanagement, multipoint technology, media services and call/session control. Management: Cisco TelePresence Management provides the most comprehensive management with integrated scheduling, network management and reporting capabilities, including ROI tools.Conferencing: includes industry-leading switching capabilities for large high-performance and scalable multipoint meetings with security. Media Services: Provides any-to-any interoperability via multiple offerings: CUVC and MXE technologies in endpoint and infrastructure. Call/Session Control: and comprehensive Cisco TelePresence session control via a comprehensive set of signaling and call control capabilities.
  • And TelePresence is just one component of a much large collaboration experience. By partnering with Cisco, customers can benefit from rich new collaboration experiences; possible through the breadth of portfolio and integration with other technologies. For example: IPC plus telepresence yields virtual meetings. Conferencing plus telepresence yields webex engageTelepresence plus enterprise social software means HD recording studio or classroom of the futureTelepresence plus customer care means expert on demand.
  • Steps to start thinking about to get on the road to video adoption
  • Additional speaking points: 10 of 12 largest pharmaceutical companies17 of top 20 international banks10 global energy companies12 US research universities16 of 23 Fortune 500 healthcare companies
  • An experience is more powerful than words on a page. Some calls to action: Visit us or a trusted partner for a live demonstrationHost next meeting on Cisco TelePresenceTry and buyNeeds assessment with executives and usersUsage and adoption program
  • Pervasive video

    1. 1. Pervasive Video Transforming Business Today <br />Gary Lloyd, TVSS Country Manager UK&I, Cisco<br />
    2. 2. The world is getting bigger, more complex, and moving faster – making collaboration a critical and strategic priority.<br />
    3. 3. Business Complexities Increasing<br />My company expanding across the globe – how do I get everyone on the same page? <br />Am I moving fast enough to keep up?<br />How do I scale scarce resources across to be in more places at once? <br />Our business is becoming more complex, how do we keep up with the pace of innovation?<br />How can I maintain better relationships with my customers, partners and advisors? <br />What are my competitors doing?<br />
    4. 4. The next wave of business transformation is about putting people at the center of collaboration.<br />.<br />
    5. 5. Collaboration Evolution<br />
    6. 6. Analyst Predictions<br />“Estimates a $3.5 billion reduction in travel costs annually by 2013 due to increased utilization of visual communications.” <br />“Video communication has become mission critical for many companies and will continue to expand as globalization and economic challenges force businesses to seek solutions that can help reduce travel costs while maintaining productivity and collaboration.”<br />
    7. 7. Video Delivers the Most Natural Communication Experience <br />Words convey meaning, a picture says a thousand words, and video does it all<br />
    8. 8.
    9. 9. Companies around the world are transforming their business with the help of Cisco TelePresence.<br />
    10. 10. Business Transformation Enabled By Telepresence<br />Reduce travel costs<br />Optimize employee time<br />Transform business models<br />Speed decision making<br /><ul><li>Spend less on travel - more on opportunities for growth
    11. 11. Be greener – reduce CO2 emissions and further CSR goals
    12. 12. Minimize business travel- related downtime
    13. 13. Enhance teleworking capabilities
    14. 14. Increase productivity
    15. 15. Improve work/life balance
    16. 16. Resolve critical problems faster
    17. 17. Accelerate sales cycles
    18. 18. Reduce time to market
    19. 19. Drive innovation
    20. 20. Build competitive differentiation
    21. 21. Scale expertise across the globe
    22. 22. Unify your entire supply chain
    23. 23. Redefine customer service and experiences
    24. 24. Transform your business and industry</li></li></ul><li>The Business Value of Telepresence<br />2 weeks to resolve issues – down from two monthsOver 50% of patients avoided hospital referral enhancing patient care and reducing costs 50% reduction in repair time$604,000 savings on travel in one month 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 <br />
    25. 25. IMMERSIVE<br />Virtual meetings to strengthen relationships and finalize decisions with executives from around the globe<br />EXECUTIVEOFFICE<br />Manage by <br />“walking around” right from your desk<br />DESKTOP<br />Daily video that integrates with existing collaboration tools<br />TEAM COLLABORATION<br />Bring teams together into a virtual meeting room. React, plan, and create at a moment’s notice<br />Telepresence Within Your Organization<br />LOBBY AMBASSADOR<br />Meet and greet visitors from thousands of miles away.<br />
    26. 26. …and Beyond<br />B2B<br />Be closer to your customers, suppliers, and advisors every day. <br />CUSTOMER CARE<br />Reach subject matter <br />experts on demand<br />HOME OFFICE<br />Productivity has no boundaries,<br />whether in the office or working from home<br />VERTICAL INDUSTRIES<br />Reach suppliers on the manufacturing floor, technicians on site, and emergency responders in the field<br />ANYWHERE<br />Mobile solutions for those on the go. <br />
    27. 27. Business use case determines the video needs<br />In-person feel for strategic meetings<br />Face-to-face for <br />small groups<br />Enhanced presence<br />In office and home<br />Enhancing voice<br />Scale beyond the room<br />Immersive<br />Multipurpose<br />Cisco TelePresence Pervasive Video Curve<br />Personal<br />TelePresence<br />Video Enabled Web<br />Video Enabled Voice<br />
    28. 28. Telepresence is at the Heart of Cisco'sCollaboration Experiences<br />Classroom Of <br />The Future<br />Conferencing<br />Active <br />Collaboration Room <br />Customer Care<br />Expert On Demand<br />Lobby Ambassador<br />One Button<br />Integration<br />Virtual Meetings<br />IP Communications<br />Financial Expert<br />HD Recording Studio<br />Cisco TelePresence<br />Enterprise Social Software<br />
    29. 29. The Road to Successful Deployment<br />Make video pervasive<br />Build repeatable case through demonstrated ROI<br />Implement usage and adoption programs<br />Pilot programs within key departments<br />Select the right applications that support your business strategy<br />
    30. 30. Decision Criteria?<br />Collaboration<br />Reliability<br />Simplicity<br />Quality<br /><ul><li>Natural communication
    31. 31. Face-to-face, in person experience
    32. 32. High definition
    33. 33. Low latency
    34. 34. Wideband audio
    35. 35. The most integrated portfolio of collaboration solutions
    36. 36. Interoperability
    37. 37. Intercompany
    38. 38. New experiences
    39. 39. The future today
    40. 40. Dial tone reliability
    41. 41. Investment protection
    42. 42. Scalability
    43. 43. Low TCO
    44. 44. Standards based
    45. 45. One button to push
    46. 46. Intuitive controls
    47. 47. Active presence
    48. 48. Integrated scheduling
    49. 49. Ad-hoc flexibility</li></li></ul><li>Why Cisco – Proof Points?<br />
    50. 50. Seeing is believing<br />visit stand 504<br />.<br />