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UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Italy Florence


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The 16-week Quarter Abroad Italian Language and Culture Program takes place in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy! In Florence, you will take accelerated Italian language, film and culture courses, and explore electives such as art history, studio art, food science, and more...

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UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Italy Florence

  1. 1. UC Davis Quarter Abroad Fall 2014
  2. 2. Dr. Margherita Heyer-Caput • French & Italian Department • Italian native • Ph.D.- Harvard University – Romance Languages & Literature • Laurea- University of Turin – Philosophy & German Literature •
  3. 3. o Earn UC Davis credits while exploring the enchanting city of Florence for 16 weeks! o Immerse yourself in Italian culture while completing 3 quarters worth of your language requirement!
  4. 4. Piazza della Repubblica, with Palazzo Levi on the left
  5. 5. o 23-28 units including:  3 quarters worth of Italian language  New Italian Cinema  “Living Italy” - Italian Culture and Institutions  Internship (optional for beginning and intermediate, required for advanced)  ITA 145S Elective courses ranging from food science to art history.
  6. 6.  Beginning -  ITA 1S, 2S, 3S, 107S, ITA/FMS 121S, 192S (optional). 23-24 units  Intermediate -  ITA 4S, 5S, 9S, 8AS, 107S, ITA/FMS 121S, 192S (optional). 23-24 units  Advanced -  ITA 101S, 8AS, 8BS, 107S, ITA/FMS 121S, ITA 192S (required) and one elective course 145S through the host country provider or ITA 198S/199S.  23-28 units
  7. 7. ITA 107S: Living Italy A course that takes you from the classroom to the streets of Florence. From medieval times to the Renaissance From yesterday to today!
  8. 8. Learn about Italian culture, politics, history, love and life through award-winning films of the last decade. Instructor: Dr. Margherita Heyer-Caput
  9. 9. All have the option to take ITA 145S elective courses offered in the following disciplines: Art History Food Studies History Sociology Photography Art Studio Fashion and Design … and more!
  10. 10.  The Culture of Food and Wine in Italy  Iconography: The Secret Language of Renaissance Art  Great Masters: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael  Global Health and Healing: From the Renaissance Roots of Medicine to a Contemporary Multicultural Health Care System  Social History of the Italian Mafia  Photography in Florence  Fashion Marketing and Merchandising ELECTIVE COURSES
  11. 11. Credit-bearing INTERNSHIP opportunities available! Our Internship Program won the 2013 Student Philanthropy NASPA AWARD for Best Practices  Assisting patients at the Misericordia Hospital Teaching English to kindergarten and grade- school children Archiving artwork at a center for art therapy Docent in Florence’s cathedral Befriending the Nonni
  12. 12. Work as a docent at a museum
  13. 13. Participate in volunteer activities throughout the city while interacting with locals and enriching your cultural experience Additional internships available this year in Italy’s Slow Food movement Organic food and wine industry cooking school areas Artisanal Florentine guilds Preparing for Halloween at an Elementary School Angeli del Bello: Keeping our Adopted Piazza Clean
  14. 14. Participate in Activities such as: Coffee Lesson Tea Tasting Fiorentina Game Arno Boat Tour Cooking Class
  15. 15.  Apartments:  Live with other UC Davis Students. Various locations throughout the center of the city near the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, & Palazzo Pitti! Homestays – Master the Italian Language and build life-long connections.
  16. 16.  Castello di Verrazzano –Enjoy a day in the Chianti wine region as you soak up centuries of history.  Cinque Terre – Hike through 5 beach towns and witness the breathtaking beauty of the coast of Italy. .  Bologna – Taste the rich flavors of the famed Bolognese cuisine and walk the hallways of the first University.  Torino – overnight excursion to Italy’s first capital! *Included with the program
  17. 17. Merit Based Scholarships $1,500 - $3,000 (GPA requirements of 2.5-3.7) Need Based Scholarship $1500 April 15 deadline! For more details see here:
  18. 18.  Program Dates:  September 2– December 19, 2014  Applications Accepted  January 8- April 4, 2014  Eligibility Requirements:  2.0 GPA & Good  Academic Standing  WHY WAIT?!? 
  19. 19. Christina Siracusa, Program coordinator and advisor for QA Italy and Global and International Studies minor; 297-4411 Prof. Margherita Heyer-Caput, Faculty leader, French and Italian Department
  20. 20. Dr. Margherita Heyer-Caput