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Summer Abroad Ireland, "What's in Your Water?"


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This program is based at the National University of Ireland in Galway, the cultural center of the west of Ireland, and provides students with a practical and scientific understanding of water quality. Students will study the principles that can guide sustainable development of water resources. The course is aimed at engineering and science students who wish to improve their understanding of how human activities affect water and to acquire a foundation in environmental engineering. The focus will be on the quantitative aspects of water quality management and public health. Field trips to the Aran Islands, the Burren National Park, water and wastewater treatment plants and other nearby sites of interest as well as guest seminars by Irish scientists and engineers will be included in the program.

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Summer Abroad Ireland, "What's in Your Water?"

  1. 1. ECI 148A: Water Quality (4 Units) ECI 198: Group Study Water & Ireland (4 Units) Prerequisite: Chem 2B or equivalent Instructor: Professor Jeannie Darby (
  2. 2. Between 12 and 25 students in the program (compared to 100 students in ECI 148A during the quarter)
  3. 3. Class: 20 hrs/week Guest lectures by local engineers and scientists Field Trips -Biking in the Aran Islands -Hiking/boating to the Cliffs of Mohor -Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean -Hiking in Connemara National Park and the Burren -Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants Grade is based on homework (50%) and final exam (50%)
  4. 4. Water Treatment is Fun!
  5. 5. Suites consisting of 4 singles with shared common room and kitchen 10 minute river walk to campus
  6. 6. Annual Galway Arts and Music Festival
  7. 7. Don’t Miss It! July 2014 Contact Jeannie Darby at