UC Davis Quarter Abroad Japan, "Language & Culture in Kyoto" - Info Session Presentation


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The Quarter Abroad Japanese Language and Culture Program takes place in beautiful Kyoto, Japan's cultural capital. At the exciting Kyoto Seika University, you will enroll in accelerated language and culture courses, participate in exciting excursions, and spend your spring quarter exploring the cultural riches that Kyoto and the surrounding regions have to offer. This program is divided into three levels, consisting of courses for those who have completed no Japanese, JPN 2 or JPN 5. In Japan, you will complete up to the equivalent of the next 4 quarters of language study, while a course on Japanese culture will help you understand and explore the cultural riches in and around Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto.

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  • UC Davis Quarter Abroad Japan, "Language & Culture in Kyoto" - Info Session Presentation

    1. 1. UC Davis Quarter Abroad Spring 2014 Kyoto, Japan!
    2. 2. Learn Japanese and Experience Japanese Culture! • Spend 10 weeks exploring the beautiful city of Kyoto and beyond while earning UC Davis credit! • Complete 3 or 4 quarters worth of language courses in a single quarter!
    3. 3. Academics • Level 1: JPN 1, JPN 2, JPN 3, & JPN 98/198 (17 units). Introduction to Japanese grammar and development of all language skills in a cultural context. • Level 2: JPN 3, JPN 4, JPN 5, JPN 6, & JPN 98/198 (22 units). Training in spoken and written • Level 3: JPN 6 , JPN 111, JPN 112, JPN 113, & JPN 98/198 Japanese in a cultural context, (19 units). Modern readings based on language skill and discussion in Japanese. developed in previous courses. • JPN 98/198: Introduction to Japanese Culture. A 2-unit course taught in English.
    4. 4. Faculty • Dr. Joseph Sorensen East Asian Languages jsorensen@ucdavis.edu • Research Interests: Classical poetry of the Heian period (794-1185); Painting and poetry; fictional narratives
    5. 5. Living Arrangements • Students will live in one of two Residence Halls on the Kyoto Seika University campus. • Both have internet access and communal kitchen areas.
    6. 6. Kyoto Seika University • Kyoto Seika University is a dynamic campus in NE Kyoto, with convenient transportation to the city center. • The university offers four areas of study: Humanities, Art, Design, and Manga. It has a free-spirited and creative student population. • University amenities include: a delicious and inexpensive cafeteria, a library with an extensive collection of manga and films, a stage on the quad, wildlife enclosures, gymnasium and sport facilities.
    7. 7. Program Activities Include…… • Hike throughout surrounding mountains • Visit – Famous temples and shrines – Mt. Koya monasteries – Hands-on workshops on traditional theater and modern manga – Tea ceremony classes
    8. 8. During Spring in Kyoto… Visit amazing temples such as the Gold and Silver Pavilions! See the Aoi Festival! Experience the world famous Cherry Blossom Season! Spend “Golden Week” traveling through Japan!
    9. 9. Program Enrolling Now! • Eligibility Requirements: – 2.0 GPA & Good Academic Standing – B- in most recent Japanese course • Program Dates: – March 28-June 7, 2014 • Deadline to Apply: – December 6, 2013
    10. 10. Program Fees • UC Davis Tuition and Fees (Add non-resident tuition and/or SHIP if applicable) • Quarter Abroad Fee • Accommodations & Services Abroad Fee Total Program Fees Per Student Estimated Personal Expenses • Roundtrip airfare • Meals • Incidentals/books Estimated Personal Expenses per student Estimated Total Cost Per Student (Fees charged by UC Davis plus estimated personal expenses) $4,634.11 $500 $3,413.00 $8,544.88 $1,200 $1,100 $700 $3,000.00 $11,544.88
    11. 11. Important Contacts • Christina Siracusa, Program Coordinator and Advisor casiracusa@ucdavis.edu • Joseph Sorensen, Faculty leader, East Asian Languages and Cultures jsorensen@ucdavis.edu
    12. 12. Travel Awards • All are eligible to apply for $20,000 Travel Awards exclusively for Quarter Abroad • Quarter Abroad Travel Award Writing Workshop at Education Abroad Center - November 12, 12 – 1pm - November 18, 12 – 1pm
    13. 13. You could be here next spring! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Apply today!
    14. 14. Q&A & Returnee stories!!