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UC Davis Quarter Abroad, France (Fall 2013) Info Session Presentation


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The 16 week Quarter Abroad French Language and Culture Program takes place in the beautiful city of Paris, France! In Paris, you will take accelerated language courses, literature and culture courses, and are free to take approved electives on art history, human rights, current political issues, haute couture, architecture, and more! As part of the program, students will participate in excursions to places such as Strasbourg, Loire Valley Castles,Versailles, Fontainebleau and the Normandy Beaches.

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UC Davis Quarter Abroad, France (Fall 2013) Info Session Presentation

  1. 1. Paris, France UC Davis Quarter Abroad Fall 2014
  2. 2. UC Davis Faculty  Dr. Brenda Schildgen Comparative Literature  Professor Schildgen holds degrees in French, English, Religious Studies and Comparative literature.  Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature  2008, UC Davis Prize for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching and Scholarly Achievement “Study Abroad attracts some of the best students I have had … Here the learning is concrete rather than virtual, because students experience the culture and history as living …. Students invariably consider this experience the highpoint of their undergraduate education.”
  3. 3. Discover the Parisian Lifestyle o Earn UC Davis credits while exploring the enchanting city of Paris for 16 weeks! o Immerse yourself in French culture while completing a year’s worth of your language requirement!
  4. 4. Academic Life in Paris oOne year’s worth of French language oCOM 180S-Making of Modern France oCOM 198 S- Beneath the Surface: Medieval Paris oClub Campus located in the Marais Café
  5. 5. Partnership with CEA CEA provides student-centered curriculum Cultural immersion Academic excellence Onsite counselors Computers with internet access ◦ Wireless internet for those bringing laptops (recommended) Student resource room with academic and travel materials
  6. 6. The Marais  Spreads across the 3rd and 4th arrondissements  The aristocratic district of yore of Paris (c. 1240)  Old Jewish quarters, Chinese community quarters  Today known for its art galleries and since the 1980s, a growing trendy, fashion and gay scene
  7. 7. Academic structure Three Levels o Beginning: No French may be taken prior to the start of the program o Intermediate: Completion of FRE 3 prior to departure o Advanced: Completion of FRE 23 prior to departure
  8. 8. Required Coursework Beginning FRE 1S, 2S, 3S COM 180S, COM 198,* Total Required Units for Beginning: 23 Intermediate FRE 21S, 22S, 23S COM 180S, COM 198,* Total Required Units for Intermediate: 23 Advanced  COM 180S, COM 198,* FRE 105S, FRE 107** & FRE 141**  Total Required Units for Advanced: 20 TBC *COM 180S ,198 are taught in English.
  9. 9. Comparative Literature courses COM 180S - Literature and the Arts: The Making of Modern France  Using Paris as the classroom, this course will examine the French historical novel, with particular emphasis on Notre Dame de Paris, by Victor Hugo to explore Notre Dame’s iconic position in the center of Paris since it was built in the thirteenth century. We will examine how the novel fictionalized the medieval period, how the novel meditates on the nature and meaning of history, and how it functions as contemporary political and ideological analysis. In addition, will examine the artistic and architectural legacy the novel explores. COM 198 – Beneath the Surface: Medieval Paris  In this course students will participate in fieldtrips that will complement the studies they are doing in COM 180S.
  10. 10. Living options in Paris  Apartments: – Live with other UCD and International Students  Homestay -Master the French language and build life-long connections in Paris Apartments
  11. 11. Venture throughout France/Europe!* Excursions Include: One overnight trip to Provence  Strasbourg & Germany, or  Loire Valley Castles, or  Normandy beaches 3-4 Mont St. Michel Reims Cathedral Day trips. Possible destinations include:  Versailles  Fountainebleau  Chartres  Chantilly/Pierrefonds  Rambouillet  Reims  Rouen + One mystery destination *Included with the program price!
  12. 12. Les Arrondissements de Paris
  13. 13. While in Paris, you can…
  14. 14. Experience the art & culture of Paris!
  15. 15. Master your French and make new friends through Clubs-Café! •Café Gourmand •Café Théâtre •Café Ciné •Café des Arts •Café des Sports •Café Politique •Café Cuisine et Rencontres •Café Musique •Café Mode
  16. 16. Take part in cheese-tastings and crêpe nights!
  17. 17. Volunteering in Paris Etre bénévole à Paris… •Tutoring in English •Working with children and helping with homework •Assisting the elderly •Visiting and socializing at local hospitals and food kitchens •Working at local animal shelters •Assisting those in financial difficulty •Working at English bookshops in the city •Sorting and organizing donated clothing and household goods
  18. 18. Volunteering in Paris Comment ça marche? 1.Come to the Parisian Student Fair during Orientation 2.Bring a copy of your CV in French (CEA staff can help with translations..) 3.Meet representatives from volunteering organizations, find out what associations need your help depending on your French level and interests 4.Upload your CV online to get connected with associations in need of volunteers Avant le grand départ, n’oubliez pas de… 1.Work on your CV en français 2.Check out volunteering sites, such as
  19. 19. Working in Paris Des idées pour travailler à Paris… •Teach English to children through play and after-school activities •Babysit for French families interested in an English-speaking sitter •Tutor school-aged children requiring extra assistance •Tutor adults preparing for English exams and interviews •Work as a welcome host, hostess or server at a Parisian restaurant, hotel • Work in retail at shops catering to an international clientèle •Work in translation café or
  20. 20. Working in Paris Comment ça marche? 1.Be sure to apply for the appropriate Visa, giving you the right to work part-time as a student abroad 2.Bring copies of your CV in French (CEA staff can help with translations..) 3.Come to the Parisian Student Fair during Orientation to meet recruiters and apply onsite. 4.As a student with the proper Visa, you will have the right to work up to 60% of the work –week Avant le grand départ, n’oubliez pas de… 1.Verify your Visa application 2.Work on your CV en français 3.Check out student job sites such as,, …you can even being to apply before your arrival
  21. 21. Get Connected in Paris Créer des liens avant de venir… •Check out what’s going in Paris on at •« Like » Facebook pages that post about Paris happenings – follow your newsfeed for updates! •Click around sites such as,…get an idea of what Paris has to offer •Google map the CEA neighborhood – make a list of cafés, shops and parks for your bucket list 
  22. 22. Get Connected in Paris Créer des liens avant de venir… •Read blogs written by Parisians, keep up with local news, take note of expos scheduled during your program dates at •Do you dance, play sports, do yoga, sing, paint??? Start researching where to sign up! Paris has a wealth of associations, studios, classes and teams just waiting for you to join.
  23. 23. Cost of Program UC Davis Tuition and Fees (Add non-resiident tuition and/or Davis SHIP if applicable) $4631 Quarter Abroad Fee (Includes non-refundable deposit) $500 Accommodation and Services Abroad Fee Apartment Homestay (daily breakfast only) Homestay (daily breakfast + 2 evening meals) Total Fees Charged to Students $15,920 (apart) $10,789 $12,039 $12,859 $17,720 (homestay+)
  24. 24. Estimated personal expenses Meals (Not provided by program) Apart. ~$2,320 Homestay ~$1,172 Incidentals (Books, travel docs, onsite transport, etc.) Roundtrip Airfare $700 $1350 Estimated Personal Expenses Per Student ~$4370 Estimated Total Cost Per Student ~$20,290 ~$3.222 ~$20,942
  25. 25. Program Fees Include UC Davis tuition & fees (non-resident, if applicable)  Administrative Program fee  Host institution fee  Student health insurance       Airport pick-up City tour Housing Cell phone rental Required excursions Group entrances to local museums    Cultural activities 1 weekend & 3 day trips, including 1 international destination 2 group meals (orientation and farewell meals) 
  26. 26. Travel Awards Available! Quarter Abroad is offering $20,000 in travel awards to fall participants! Submit a one page essay that articulates your academic, personal, or professional reasons for studying abroad! Last day to submit: March 6th
  27. 27. Travel grant workshop A Workshop by Study Abroad Faculty Director Eric Schroeder February 10th 1-2 pm February 20th 1-2 pm February 20th 4-5 pm UC Davis Study Abroad, Conference Room
  28. 28. CEA Scholarships Merit based $1000-$3000 Need based $1000 - $1500 Chris Towns France Scholarship - $1000 More details here: cing/scholarships.html April 15th deadline
  29. 29. Don't Miss Your Chance. Enroll Today!  Program Dates:  August 25-December 19, 2014  Applications Accepted  January 4- April 4, 2014  Eligibility Requirements:  2.0 GPA & Good  Academic Standing  WHY WAIT?!? 
  30. 30. Contacts Christina Siracusa, Program coordinator and advisor for QA France and Global and International Studies minor; 297-4411 Prof. Brenda Schildgen, faculty leader, Comparative Literature,
  31. 31. Tentative Electives (4 units) All students have the option to take one to two electives in a variety of disciplines. Human Rights: Universal Principles in World Politics Current Political Issues in France Haute Couture in Paris: History of Style & Fashion History of Paris: An Architectural Perspective 19th Century Art: Impressionism & Post Impressionism Oenology: The History, Culture & Business of Wine