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Info Session: UC Davis Seminars Abroad "A Tale of Two Cities"


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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” begins Charles Dickens’ famous novel featuring the two cities that are the focus of this course. The best and worst of times, indeed. Through centuries, England and France developed as nations while alternately battling and befriending one another. The study abroad seminar “A Tale of Two Cities” will focus on the history of enmity, rivalry, and cooperation between England and France and how this historical relationship is represented in the monuments and art in London and Paris.

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Info Session: UC Davis Seminars Abroad "A Tale of Two Cities"

  1. 1. Honors Seminar Abroad A Tale of Two Cities
  2. 2. Instructor Melissa Bender (530) 204-7176 Lecturer University Writing Program
  3. 3. Basic Program Info  Program Dates: August 30 – September 14  Program Location: London, England and Paris, France  Course: Integrated Studies IST 8B (4 units)
  4. 4. Location
  5. 5. Field Trips • Trafalgar Square • Tower of London • Wellington Monument in St. Paul’s Cathedral • Westminster Abbey • The British Museum • The British Library • Shakespeare’s Globe Theater London
  6. 6. Paris Field Trips • The Eiffel Tower • Napoleon’s Tomb • Sacré Coeur Cathedral • The Louvre • Bateau Mouche
  7. 7. History of rivalry and cooperation between England and France. Each class meeting will focus on one historical “celebrity” and be followed by a related group excursion. Class meetings during Fall quarter. Academics
  8. 8. Accommodations • Singles in a dorm in London. • Doubles in a dorm in Paris • Internet yes, but… • Laundry on-site Metro passes in London and Paris. Train from London to Paris. Program Logistics
  9. 9. Logistics • Welcome dinner in London. • Farewell dinner in Paris. • Breakfasts are included with accommodations at both dorms. • On your own for most dinners and all lunches.
  10. 10. Fees & Funding See breakdown onlineFUNDING Financial Aid will travel with you Fees do not include:  Airfare, airport transfers, books, & incidentals  Personal travel during and outside of program dates  Entertainment expenses including alcoholic beverages, and personal purchases  Expenses for medical and other emergencies  Medical expenses for special needs Fees include:  Accommodations in London and Paris for the program dates  Breakfast every day.  Metro passes in London and Paris  Train from London to Paris  Welcome and Farewell Dinners  Entry fees to all seminar excursions, see syllabus  Travel Health and Accident Insurance  Guide Book
  11. 11. Enrollment • This program is open only to incoming, first- year students in the University Honors Program. • Enrollment is by special invitation only. • Last day to enroll is May 2. Lolita Nelson-Adkins (530) 752-9797 Limited space in program Deadline: May 2 Enrollment Materials:  PDF of 1 photo (2" x 2" color headshot)  Non-refundable deposit of $300  Enrollment Checklist  Statement of Intent to Enroll  Seminars Abroad Contract  Health Clearance  Unofficial transcript  Copy of your valid passport or receipt/proof that you have applied for one
  12. 12. 207 Third St. Third Street AStreet MU UC Davis Study Abroad 207 Third Street, Suite 120 Davis, CA 95616 (530) 297-4633