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UCCI Annual Report 2017-18


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The annual report of the Udaipur Chamber of Commerce & Industry for the executive of 2017-18.

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UCCI Annual Report 2017-18

  2. 2. PhotoCourtesyBy SaurabhJain
  3. 3. ANNUAL REPORT 2017- 18 EMBRACING TRANSFORMATION Auditors : Deopura & Associates Chartered Accountants Udaipur Bankers : Punjab National Bank ICICI Bank State Bank Shri Arvind Singhal Patron Shri Hans Raj Choudhary President Shri Ashish Singh Chhabra Sr. Vice President Shri Ramesh Singhvi Vice President Shri Anil Mishra Hony. Secretary General Shri Jatin Nagori Hony. Treasurer Shri V.P. Rathi Immediate Past President
  4. 4. CONTENTS
  6. 6. 2017 - 18  PP Singhal Auditorium (250 Seats)  Aravali Hall (120 Sheet)  Pyrotech - Tempsens Hall (75 Seats)  Vedanta Zinc Conference Room (30 Seats)  Vocational Training Centre  Skill Development Centre  Business incubation Centre  Admn. Block for the Secretariat  Committee Meeting Room (25 Seats)  Visitor's Chamber, Executive Room  Ground Floor Lobby  First Floor Lobby  Environment Park  Cafeteria  Exhibition Centre  Library AboutUCCI Infrastructure and Facilities 4
  7. 7. 2017 - 18 A Word From the President Embracing Transformation My dear fellow entrepreneurs, forward thinkers and esteemed members of the UCCI, I am both delighted and humbled to have the opportunity to captain the chamber's activities for the last one year. It is my pleasure to present to you the Annual Report for the session of 2017‐18. This report bears the mark of our dedication and efforts to establish UCCI as key influencer in the matters of industry and trade beyond the confines of South Rajasthan. I must thank you for helping us in building a wonderful environment of co‐operation and allowing us to experiment with new thoughts and ideas. It was first time in the history of UCCI that a President was elected with such a mandate. It was only through your support that we've been able to achieve all the major goals that we had set for our Executive Committee. This year, we took skill development very seriously and deemed it as a core necessity of the industry. To enable more youth for employment and to provide more proficient talent to industry, it is important that we train the youth in latest and most relevant skills sought by the industry. With that purpose in mind, a first of its kind Vocational Training Center was set up within the campus of UCCI. It was a matter of high prestige that it was inaugurated by none other than Hon. Union Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari who himself is an ardent promoter for skill based education. The Vocational Training Center has since being producing GST Skilled accountants who are immediately placed in the industry. I've always believed that youth can be the catalyst in any growth and that they can take on the responsibility of running such programs with efficiency. My convictions were proved right by the young UCCI members like Ravish Mandawat and Devashish Kogata who have performed beyond expectations in managing the Vocational Training Center. I hope that this initiative would one day grow into its own institution as a part of UCCI. Going a step further towards skill development, we've worked on setting up a 'Finishing School' in collaboration with Mohanlal Sukhadia University. The project may take a few years to complete but the process has already begun and the land has been allotted for the school by the university. Gadkari ji's visit to UCCI in July 2017, gave us a tremendous impetus to increase our exposure to government functionaries and engage more deeply in policy related discussions with the government. This year was especially critical for Chamber's activities because we had to go through a sea of change in the economy, namely ‐ Demonetization and GST. Apart from the quintessential functions, the office bearers of 2017‐18 had the additional responsibility to see that the secretariat adopts the new tax regime properly and in time. As GST was enforced almost immediately the new executive committee took seat, we faced an unprecedented task of not only translating all the financial transaction to suit the GST norms but also to help the member industries make this transition without panicking. Towards that end, a GST Cell was established with the support of prominent CAs of Udaipur. I must thank CA Shri Devendra Somani for his diligent efforts in the form of honorary services for providing valuable GST related advisory to UCCI members through this GST Cell. Now that we're out of the woods, we can take this moment of respite to look back at our activities around GST implementation. All through the year, several camps and workshops were held in collaboration with GST Department to help our members cope with the requirements of GST and e‐Way Bills. In our live training camps, over 300 participants gained direct access to e‐way bill system and department officials offered their support by solving their queries. Sector specific GST camps were organized for Printing, Hospitality and Electrical and Electronics retail associations and women entrepreneurs. Our efforts to channelise the voices coming from all sectors of the industry towards the government policy makers through the chamber came to fruition with the successful slashing of GST rates on marble from 28% to 18%. It is my hope that the Chamber will continue to play its role as an active negotiator for the industry's cause and increasingly so in the future. 5
  8. 8. 2017 - 18 UCCI has been a beacon of light for the Industry in the Udaipur region. In its 54 years of history the organization has amassed large amount of information. Our aim last year was to develop an online framework which can accommodate this growing amount of information about UCCI's activities. The new website, android and iOS apps were unveiled by the VC of MLSU, Shri. J P Sharma in September 2017. The website fulfilled the goal of digitising all of Chamber's Services such as issuance of Certificates of Origin, Document Attestations and Visa Recommendation letters. With a novel document verification system in place, anyone can now avail the services of the Chamber sitting at their own offices. To facilitate these services for the non‐members in a secure and systematic manner, we introduced a non‐member registration which has led a great many exporters connecting with the chamber through the website. The entire proceedings of the Industrial Grievance Redressal Camps are now supplemented by the online grievance submission and tracking system. Since UCCI became the first Chamber of Commerce in the world to issue Digital Certificate of Origin, there were some initial hindrances in the acceptance of this new practice however, as of date most international Customs are accepting the Certificates issued by UCCI. Our intention was always to better facilitate our members and modernise the secretariat. If our effort to digitise the Chamber caused any inconvenience to our members, I duly apologise for that. Our ultimate aim is to connect all UCCI members to the Chamber's activities through the online platforms. I reckon that soon all the committees will also be able to track their progress online. The time has come to embrace the idea of digital transformation to improve the functioning of UCCI and make it more ubiquitous. The UCCI membership procedure will soon be made online in subsequent updates of the portal. The total UCCI memberships stand at 516 compared 484 last year. The HWM membership application form has already been made online allowing new applicants to submit their membership documentation on the website. The number of HWM memberships increased from 934 to 994 this year. The entire accounting of the Chamber is now done through the portal and with the integration of PayU Money gateway, the secretariat has fully embraced the idea of cashless transaction. For the overall development of IT infrastructure, I thank Ankit Sisodiya for his steadfast approach and attention to detail. I also thank Shri Pavan Kothari for his support in hardware and networking requirements. It was a long standing dream that we have a cafeteria in UCCI premises. This came true with the inauguration of UCCI Food Plaza by Mayor of Udaipur Shri Chandra Singh Kothari in September 2017. Since then the cafeteria has been instrumental in catering for events and service of food and beverages in the Chamber. Another major achievement in the infrastructure development of UCCI was the installation of CCTV surveillance in the premises. A total of 16 cameras were placed to monitor the building from inside as well as outside. The past dues were cleared for the pending payments on the DG Set and a new battery and SMPS were installed to make it more reliable to operate. Along with the infrastructure development the secretariat staff was strengthened with the induction of 4 new persons including Chief Operating Officer, Accountant, Graphic Designer and Receptionist. In the series of internal improvements in secretariat, this year we took steps like revising the tariff for booking the facilities and setting up of guidelines for the staff for using emails and submitting daily task reports. I believe that these seemingly small measures will go a long way in creating a professional environment in the organization. We also started the practice of using UCCI branded postage stamps for mail dispatches. The Chamber signed crucial MoUs this year with organisations like IHUWASH to increase involvement in Smart City projects in the area of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. The Chamber also organized city partnership meets with National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), USAID and Udaipur City Municipal Corporation for discussing the future course of action. The Ayad River Cleaning Drive was undertaken by UCCI and its members which resulted in the cleaning of over 2.5 KM stretch of the river banks in record time. To set up a startup incubator which will support new ventures in Udaipur City, a project proposal was submitted to DST for the NIDHI Technology Incubator for which a separate MoU was signed with MLSU. Another proposal was submitted to the Government to setup a Food Park in Udaipur. The renovation of the IT park has also begun in full swing by our esteemed member M/s ArcGate. The results of these initiatives may take time to show but it exhibits our commitment towards developing UCCI into a hub for socio‐economic change. Among the major events this year, UCCI in association with CSIRO Australia, Vidya Bhawan Society, FIMI, ISPA, Wolkem and others, organized a 2 day international conference on 'Environmentally Sustainable Mining' in which speakers from Australia and India presented their research and case studies. UCCI in collaboration with PHD Chamber conducted a Conference on Pradhan Mantri Jan Ayushadhi Pariyojana in December. The chief guest of the event was Shri Sudhansh Pant, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers, Department of Pharmaceuticals. 6
  9. 9. 2017 - 18 The Valedictory function of the Conference on 'Planetary Futures and Global South' was held in UCCI by MLSU which saw participants from around the world including eminent academicians and poets like Makarand Paranjape, Prof. Anne Brewster and Dr. Helen Pringle from UNSW. UCCI also co‐organised a Conference on 'Food Processing Industries and Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana' with ASSOCHAM India and Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI). This event gave the Chamber an opportunity to welcome Minister of Industry, Shri Rajpal Singh Shekhawat as Chief Guest and Joint Secretary of MOFPI Shri Parag Gupta. Apart from the above high profile events, the annual events of UCCI were also organised with vigor and due glamour. The Deepawali Sneh Milan event saw over 600 attendees and proved to be a highlight of the year as Home Minister of Rajasthan, Shri Gulabchand Kataria graced the occasion as chief guest. UCCI also awarded prominent media personalities for their focus on industry related matters. I would like to thank the committee chaired by Smt. Haseena Chakkiwala for working tirelessly towards making the event a grand success. The 53rd Foundation Day and UCCI Excellence Awards were celebrated with great oomph. The theme for this year's awards i.e. 'Opportunities and Challenges for Family Owned Business' and the panel discussion held on the topic were highly appreciated by the members. I must thank Shri Bhagwat Singh Babel under whose chairmanship; the Excellence Awards Committee delivered a fascinating experience to the attendees of this year's ceremony. His idea to continue running awards related activities around the year really would catapult the award's reputation and raise its calibre. This year the awards were expanded to accommodate 4 new categories of awards including 3 awards for the services sector. Also, 4 new districts were included to expand the region covered under the awards. The Vice President of Toyota‐Kirloskar, Shri Vikram Kirloskar was the esteemed Chief Guest of the Foundation Day which was a proud moment for the Chamber in itself. When we talk about transforming the chamber and its functionaries, we must applaud the efforts of the Executive Committee and various sub‐committees which did exemplary work in that direction. I thank all the Past Presidents, members of Executive Committee and the Sub‐Committees for fulfilling their roles of change makers. The Constitution Amendment Subcommittee chaired by Patron, Shri Arvind Singhal took up the mammoth task of revising the constitution of the chamber. Through their efforts, some long standing values of the Chamber were successfully incorporated in the bylaws. Although, not a part of core Chamber activities, the UIWM&RC Trust which oversees the HWM project also went through a lot of positive changes. Shri CSR Mehta, retired from Vedanta Hindustan Zinc, took up the mantle of Hony. Member Secretary of the Trust. A subcommittee of the trust gave their invaluable contribution towards the redrafting of the Trust Deed to incorporate several much needed changes. There is no doubt in my mind that with such consorted efforts, UCCI can become a national level organisation one day with its headquarter in Udaipur. As the year comes to a close and we prepare for the next session, it is worthwhile to credit all those who've made it possible for us to fulfill our goals for this year. Realizing the extent of UCCI's goodwill and the contributions of all those who have come before me, I wish to convey my sincere gratitude towards Patron, Shri Arvind Singhal, and Past Presidents, Shri BH Bapna, Shri Salil Singhal, Shri Komal Kothari, Shri Ramesh Choudhary, Shri PS Talesra, Shri K.S. Mogra, Shri M.L. Lunawath, Shri Virendra Siroya, Shri C.P. Talesra, Shri M.K. Taya, Shri Vinod Kumat and Immediate Past President Shri V.P Rathi for their blessings and guidance. I wish to extend my gratitude to M/s Deopura & Associates and M/s Keshav Maloo & Associates for their kind support in financial matters and also Advocate, Shri S. N. Gupta for providing support in legal matters involving UCCI. While this year comes to its fruitful conclusion, I have nothing but praise for my fellow office bearers, Shri Ashish Chhabra, Sr. Vice President, Shri Ramesh Singhvi, Vice President, Shri Anil Mishra, Hony. General Secretary, and Shri Jatin Nagori, Treasurer; all of whom I thank from the core of my heart for standing next to me in my quest to bring a positive transformation in UCCI. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have received the unwavering support of such a great team of likeminded entrepreneurs. Lastly, I thank the Secretariat Staff led by Mr. Koustubh Bhattacharya, Chief Operating Officer for their constant support and competent performance in handling the daily matters during my tenure. Last but not least I thank my better half Smt. Poonam & my family for their constant support without which I would not have been able to devote myself to serve the society. Thank you all for your kind support and for being a part of this fantastic year of transformative actions. With this momentum of change, let us hope we continue exploring new avenues and breaking more grounds. With Kind Regards, Hansraj Choudhary 10 May 2018 7
  10. 10. 2017 - 18 OurTorchBearers Late Shri P.P. Singhal Founder President 1965 - 1979 Shri O P Kedia 1991 - 1993 Shri Arvind Singhal 1993 - 1995, 2001 - 2003 Shri Komal Kothari 1995 - 1997 Late Shri Dhiraj Murdia 1989 - 1991 Shri K. S. Mogra President 2003-2005 Shri Salil Singhal 1987 - 1989 Shri P. S. Talesara President 1999-2001 Shri K K Lahoti 1985 - 1987 Shri Ramesh Choudhary President 1997-1999 Late Smt. Mandakini Murdia President 2005-2007 Shri M. L. Lunawat President 2007-2008 Shri Virendra Siroya President 2008-2010 Shri C. P. Talesara President 2010-2012 Shri M. K. Taya President 2012-2014 Shri B H Bapna 1983 - 1985 Shri Vinod Kumat President 2014-2015 Late Shri M H Soni 1980 - 1982 Shri S R Nevatia 1979 - 1980 Shri V. P. Rathi President 2015-2017 Hans Raj Choudhary President 2017 ... 8
  11. 11. 2017 - 18 Ashish Chhabra Sr. Vice President Surjit Timber Traders Ramesh Kumar Singhvi Vice President R.K. Phosphates Pvt. Ltd. Jatin Nagori Hony. Treasurer Amrapali Enterprises V.P. Rathi Immediate Past President Tempsens Instruments (I) P. Ltd. Anil Mishra Hony. Secretary General J.K. Tyre & Industries Ltd. Arvind Singhal Patron Wolkem India Ltd. Hans Raj Choudhary President Choudhary Offset Pvt. Ltd. LARGE & MEDIUM ENTERPRISE (A-1) Vinod Kumar Agrawal G.R. Infraprojects Ltd. Ajay Murdia Indira IVF Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. Sandeep Bapna Mewar Polytex Ltd. Siddharth Singhvi Mumal Marbles Pvt. Ltd. Manik Nahar Nahar Colour Coatings Ltd. Abhishek Singhvi Rajasthan Barytes Ltd. SMALL & MICRO ENTERPRISES (A-2) Narendra Maroo Highway Tyre Retread P. Ltd. Narendra Jain Kundan Electrical Components (P) Ltd. Arvind Mehta Oracle Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Ms. Haseena Chakkiwala Sunshine Marbles (India) P. Ltd. Dr. Vivek Vashishth Mangalmurti Mineral Industries Yashwant Mandawara National Printers TRADERS (A-3)SMALL & MICRO ENTERPRISES (A-2) Dilip Talesara Talesara Marble & Tiles P. Ltd. G.S. Sisodia Sisodia Mannure Mills Chetan Choudhary Tilo Pvt. Ltd. Manmohan Raj Singhvi Jai Enterprise Rakesh Maheshwari Maheshwari R. Marketing P. Ltd. Anshul Mogra Shilpa Trade Links Pvt. Ltd. EXECUTIVE MEMBERS PAST PRESIDENT CATEGORY - C B.H. Bapna Past President Mewar Polytex Ltd. Ramesh Choudhary Past President Hi Land Timbers Kejar Ali Indian Soapstone Producers Association MEMBER BODIES & ASSOCIATIONS - B Ravi Sharma Marble Gangsaw Association Rajsamand Chandra Singh Kothari Udaipur Automobile Dealers Association Prateek Hinger Hinger & Associates N.K. Singhvi N.K. Singhvi & Company Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much. PROFESSIONALS & EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS (A-4) 9 Executive Committee 2017-18
  12. 12. 2017 - 18  Interactive Meeting with Dr. Subodh Agarwal, Principal Secretary on Progress in MSME Sector – 7 June 2017  A talk on Quality by Shri Sanjaya Singhal, MD, Secure Meters – 9 June 2017  First Meeting of new Executive Committee – 10 June 2017  Workshop on GST held at UCCI for Automobile Dealers Association – 11 June 2017  64th Industrial Grievance Redressal Camp – 14 June 2017  Interactive Meeting on Mining related issues – 23 June 2017  Meeting of Marble related Associations for drafting representation to reduce GST rates – 26 June 2017  Seminar on Effect of GST on Accounting – 29 June 2017  Meeting with Regional Advisor to British Deputy High Commission Ms. Malti Jain – 9 September 2017  Udaipur City Partnership Meet (IHUWASH) – 11September 2017  67th Industrial Grievance Redressal Camp – 13 September 2017  Third Meeting of Executive Committee – 16 September 2017  Inauguration of UCCI Food Plaza by Dr. J.P. Sharma, VC, MLSU and Shri C.S. Kothari, Mayor, Udaipur – 16 September 2017  Training Program on Fire Fighting and Safety Measures in Industries – 16 September 2017  Workshop on e-Way Bill with GST Department – 20 September 2017 KEY HIGHLIGHTS Year 2017 - 2018  A meeting with Shri Surendrapal Singh, Hon'ble Mines Minister on Mining related issues – 7 July 2017  Second Meeting of Executive Committee – 8 July, 2017  65th Industrial Grievance Redressal Camp – 12 July, 2017  Seminar on GST for Printing Industry – 12 July, 2017  Seminar on Impact of GST on Foreign Exchange, Marble, Stones and Handicrafts – 14 July, 2017  Visit of Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon'ble Minister of Road Transport, Highways & Shipping – 14 July, 2017  Inauguration of UCCI Vocational Training Center by Shri Nitin Gadkari – 14 July, 2017  Inauguration of UCCI GST Cell by Shri Nitin Gadkari – 14 July, 2017  UCCI's participation in Review Meeting on GST with Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal, Union Minister for Finance & Corporate Affairs – 16 July, 2017  Interactive Meeting with Shri Salil Singhal on Future Activities of UCCI – 29 July, 2017 July  66th Industrial Grievance Redressal Camp – 9 August 2017  Independence Day Celebration Program – 15 August 2017  Workshop on GST Accounting by Experts from Tally – 18 August 2017  Meeting with Shri Vikas Gupta, Deputy Director, MSME Development Institute, Jaipur on Cluster based Development – 22 August 2017 August September  Workshop on GST Accounting and MS Excel – 9 October 2017  68th Industrial Grievance Redressal Camp – 11 October 2017  Deepawali Sneh Milan Program – 14 October 2017  Two Days Workshop on Environmentally Sustainable Mining with CSIRO, Australia – 30 & 31 October 2017 October June 10
  13. 13. 2017 - 18  Fourth Meeting of Executive Committee – 4 November 2017  GST Camp for members of Printing Industry – 8 November 2017  68th Monthly Industrial Grievance Redressal Camp – 8 November 2017  Interactive Meeting with Dr. Subodh Agrawal, Principal Secretary, MSME on “India Industrial Fair – 2018” – 8 November 2017  Seminar on Mines Safety with Shri P.K. Sarkar, Director General, Mines Safety, Govt of India – 13 November 2017  GST Camp for members of Electrical & Electronics Retail – 15 November 2017  Ayad River Cleaning Drive – From 16 to 26 November 2017  Second Partner Meet of IHUWASH Project – 23 November 2017  Interactive Meeting on EPFO with Shri Kumar Rohit, Additional Central PF Commissioner, Rajasthan Zone – 15 November 2017 November January  Meeting of Mine Owners on Mining related issues – 8 January 2018  70th Monthly Industrial Grievance Redressal Camp – 10 January 2018  Sixth Meeting of Executive Committee – 10 January 2018  Valedictory Function of International Conference on Global South and Planetary Futures – 18 January 2018  Two Days International Conference on Mapping Global Changes in Business, Economy, Society and Culture – 19 January, 2018  Republic Day Celebration Program – 26 January 2018  UCCI's participation in Tax Advisory Pre Budget Meeting under Chairmanship of Chief Minister – 17 January 2018  Training Workshop on e-Way Bill for Women Entrepreneurs – 31 January 2018  Meeting of Jury Members of UCCI Excellence Awards 2018 – 31 January 2018  CSR Jury Meeting – 4 February 2017  UCCI Day Celebration and UCCI Excellence Awards 2018 Ceremony – 12 February 2018  Training Workshop on Self Mind Development – 24 February 2018  Seventh Meeting of Executive Committee – 28 February 2018 February March April  Extra Ordinary General Meeting - 9 April 2018  Seminar to resolve matters of ITC mismatch from old VAT and GST refund on export – 11th April, 2018  72nd Monthly Industrial Grievance Redressal Camp – 11th April 2018  Meeting with the High Commissioner of Cyprus in India on "Opportunities for Indian Industries in Cyprus" – 16th April, 2018  Conference on “Food Processing & Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana” – 18th April, 2018  Mewar Entrepreneur Awards – 2018 – 25th April, 2018 December  Workshop on Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Pariyojana — 1 December 2017  Digifest Rajasthan — 2 & 3 December 2017  Workshop of e-Way Bills — 6 December 2017  69th Monthly Industrial Grievance Redressal Camp — 13 December 2017  Fifth Meeting of Executive Committee — 14 December 2017  Live Training Workshop on e-Way Bill — 20 & 21 December 2017  Training Workshop on ZED Certification — 23 December 2017  GMME INDIA-2018 - 9th to 12 March 2018  71st Monthly Industrial Grievance Redressal Camp — 14 March 2018  Seminar on New Updates of GST and e-Way Bills — 21 March 2018  Eighth Meeting of Executive Committee — 21 March 2018  Interactive Meeting with Dr. N. Kamakodi, Secretary, Banking Association of India — 26 March 2018  Certification Program on Import Export Business — 26 March 2018 11
  14. 14. 2017 - 18 OUR AFFILIATIONS PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry Federation of Rajasthan Trade & Industries Federation of Indian Export Organization Federation of Indian Mineral Industries Indo-German Chamber of Commerce Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce Industry Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry Confederation of All India Trader The Employers Association of Rajasthan Confederation of Indian Industry Confederation of Indian Exporter National Safety Council HWM Project Membership = 994 Presence of 12 UCCI Membership = 515
  15. 15. NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS DURING 2017 - 2018  mn;iqj esa jhdks }kjk vokIr dh xbZ Hkwfe dfri; dkj.kksa ls m|fe;ksa dks miyC/k ugha gks ikbZ gSA dyM+okl foLrkj rFkk vEcsjh foLrkj ;kstuk ds rgr vokIr dh xbZ Hkwfe eqdnesckth ds dkj.k U;kf;d izfØ;k esa fopkjkFkZ gSA ;fn NksVs vkS|ksfxd Hkw[k.M miyC/k gks rks ;qok m|fe;ksa }kjk LVkVZ vi ds rgr 2000 m|ksx yxkus gsrq izkstsDV rS;kj gSA  d`f’k Hkwfe dks vkS|ksfxd Hkwfe esa ifjofrZr djkus dh izfØ;k dks ljy cuk;k tkuk pkfg,A LFkkuh; Lrj ij ;g vf/kdkj ftyk/kh”k egksn; dks iznku fd;s tkus ls yxHkx 350 ,sls m|ksx yxk;s tk ldrs gS ftuesa i;kZoj.k lEcU/kh fnDdrs ugha vk;saxhA  xzkeh.k {ks= esa m|ksx yxkus ij :jy QhMj ds ek/;e ls yxkrkj 3 Qst fctyh miyC/k djkus dk ljdkj }kjk uksfVfQds”ku tkjh fd;k x;k gSA fdUrq okLro esa 5 ls 8 ?kaVs rd gh m|ksx dks fctyh miyC/k gks ikrh gSA  ekcZy dks foykflrk dh oLrq dh esa j[kus ls bl ij 28 izfr”kr th,lVh ykxw gksxkA fuosnu gS fd ljdkj ,d desVh dk xBu dj bl O;olk; ij “kks/k djds Lo;a VSDl dh nj r; djsaA  ekcZy Lyjh dh leL;k ds fujkdj.k ds fy;s MfEiax ;kMZ ds fudV gh bZaVks ds fuekZ.k gsrq m|ksx yxkus ds fy;s Hkwfe ,oa fctyh eqgS;k djkbZ tk;sA  m|ksx yxkus ds fy;s iznw’k.k fu;a=.k foHkkx ls dUlsUV Vw ,LVscfy”k] dUlsUV Vw vkWijsV ,oa vkWFkjkbZts”ku izkIr djuk gksrk gS ftls iznw’k.k fu;a=.k foHkkx ds vyx vyx foHkkx tkjh djrs gSA ;g izfØ;k ,d gh foHkkx ds vf/ku djrs gq, ,d ,Iyhds”ku ds ek/;e ls rhuksa eatwjh iznku dh tkuh pkfg,A  u;s vkS|ksfxd {ks= dh LFkkiuk ds fy;s jhdks dks xksxqUnk {ks= esa Hkwfe vokfIrdj.k ds fy;s losZ djkuk pkfg,A  ,e,l,ebZ ,DV ds rgr cM+s m|ksxks ,oa ljdkjh foHkkxksa }kjk ,e,l,ebZ {ks= ds miØeksa dk Hkqxrku 45 fnu dh le; lhek ds Hkhrj djuk vko”;d gSaA ,e,l,ebZ ;kstukvksa ij izeq[k ‘kklu lfpo MkW- lqcks/k vxzoky ds lkFk ifjppkZRed cSBd dk vk;kstu & fnukad 7 twu 2017 ^^O;kikj djus dh izfØ;k dks ljy cukus ds fy;s jkT; ljdkj izfrc) gSA m|fe;ksa ,oa O;olkf;;ksa dh leL;kvksa ds “kh?kzrkfr”kh?kz fujkdj.k ds fy;s ljdkj }kjk vkWu ykbZu ^^laidZ** iksVZy ykWUp fd;k x;k gSA dksbZ Hkh m|eh bl ij tkdj viuh leL;k iathd`r djk ldrk gSA Lo;a eq[;ea=h dk;kZy; }kjk bldh ekWfuVfjax dh tkrh gSA** mijksDr tkudkjh izeq[k “kklu lfpo MkW- lqcks/k vxzoky us ;wlhlhvkbZ esa m|fe;ksa dks nhA mn;iqj psEcj vkWQ dkWelZ ,.M b.MLVªh }kjk ;wlhlhvkbZ esa ,e,l,ebZ ;kstukvksa ij izeq[k “kklu lfpo MkW- lqcks/k vxzoky ds lkFk ,d ifjppkZRed cSBd dk vk;kstu fd;k x;kA cSBd esa ftyk m|ksx dsUnz ds la;qDr funs”kd Jh foiqy tkuh Hkh mifLFkr FksA cSBd ds nkSjku m|fe;ksa dks lEcksf/kr djrs gq, MkW- lqcks/k vxzoky us crk;k fd jkT; ds nf{k.k jktLFkku {ks= esa vkS|ksfxd ,oa O;kolkf;d fodkl ds fy;s ljdkj izfrc) gSA ekuuh; m|ksx vk;qDr dh v/;{krk esa gksus okyh cSBd esa m|ksxks ls tqM+s eqís j[kdj uhfr fu/kkZj.k lEcU/kh ifjorZu ykus dk ljdkj dk iz;kl gSA Jh vxzoky us Lohdkj fd;k fd jkT; ls fu;kZr dks c<+kok nsus ds lEcU/k esa fu;kZrdksa ds le{k dbZ fnDdrs gSaA ns”k dh thMhih dks c<+kus esa y?kq ,oa e/;e {ks= ds miØeksa dk egÙoiw.kZ ;ksxnku gS rFkk bl lsDVj ds fodkl ij ljdkj lcls T;knk /;ku ns jgh gSA Jh vxzoky us bl lsDVj ds fodkl ds fy;s m|fe;ksa ls lq>ko ekaxs ftl ij m|fe;ksa }kjk fuEukuqlkj lq>ko fn;s x;s % 2017 - 18 13
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