Parking & Transportation: WOW Showcase


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Parking & Transportation: WOW Showcase

  1. 1. Greening Our Fleet: With Vehicle emissions a significant cause of climate change and smog, we researched the best “Green” fit for the replacement of the Parking & Transportation Enforcement and Maintenance vehicle fleet. In fall of 2012 Parking & Transportation replaced the Enforcement and Maintenance fleet with green vehicles to include: (5) Toyota Prius Hybrids • Received the government 5-star safety ratings • 50 MPG (2.0 gallons per 100 miles), expected to save $7,100.00 per vehicle in fuel costs over 5 years compared to the average new vehicles • Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gas Rating (1 out of 10) is 10 (2) Ford Transit Connects (1) Ford F-150 Pick-up Truck • Alternative (Ethanol) fueled vehicle
  2. 2. Implemented Sustainable Program:UC Berkeley, through a partnership with rideshare network providerZimride, has created an innovative solution to green one of thecampuses most tolling carbon footprints, driving personal vehicles.Whether students/faculty/staff are driving to campus or out of town onthe weekends, single occupant vehicles creates a massive amount ofgreenhouse gases and create congestion on the state’s overcrowdedroads. Cal Zimride, launched in 2010, has gained over 4,455 users, andprovided carpool options for people coming to campus or going out oftown. Zimride conducts surveys of users to determine how many carpools are formed. In 2012, confirmed carpools on private systems increased to an average of over 33% of ride posts becoming successful carpools. To be more conservative, below Zimride assumed a 25% success for the 2012 stats. Using this figure, along with current IRS vehicle costs and EPA mileage, fuel and CO2 averages, Zimride estimated that UC Berkeley has saved the following:
  3. 3. Transit Upgrade:Worked through the transition to the new Campus Shuttle vendorincluding an unexpected period of time when we were without shuttlebuses and had to use passenger vans. Bear Transit provides 500,000daytime rides and 60,000 night safety rides annually.• Partnership with Bauers Shuttles• Purchase 5 new “Green” buses and 4 “Green” Night Safety Shuttle Vans.• GPS tracking will be added shortly to see where buses are travelling in real time.• Added Shuttle to campus Shared Service Center• Extended Night Safety Shuttle during the summer, May 2012 - August 2012 and provided 23,936 rides.THE LOOP:A new golf-cart service now available to everyone with mobilitydifficulties• The Loop provides intra-campus rides for eligible faculty, staff, and students with disabilities. The Loop cart is a small golf cart which provides rides on a first come first served basis, with priority given to rides needed for an academic purpose.• The Loop operates Monday through Friday, 8:45am to 5:30pm only on the core campus.
  4. 4. New Technology: • Handheld devices for Enforcement Unit • Allows Enforcement to scan license plates for illegally parked vehicles • Gives up to date information on permit holders. For example, if permit holder does not properly display their permit, the handheld will alert the citing officer that a permit is registered to that vehicle and a warning can be written, rather than a citation. • Less time to download a citation into database • Ability to sell and print Special Event permits in the field during events (i.e., concerts, sporting events, conferences, etc.) • New Parking Management database to replace aging and obsolete database that was no longer supported by vendor. • Implementation of new Parking Dispensing Machines that accepts credit and debit cardsLooking Towards the Future: • Add gated systems at parking structures with card access • GPS tracking of buses • Replace maps on campus • Implement street signs on campus • Replace signs at all lot locations • Google Trike - Which will give visitors the ability to explore and plan visits to the UC Berkeley campus in a 360-degree street- level imagery.
  5. 5. Community Outreach: Our Mission One of Parking & Transportation’s goals is to disseminate accurate and timely information and updates to the UC Berkeley community and To improve the quality of life for the UC Berkeley community by general public. As times have changed, we had to evolve how we providing safe, convenient and well maintained parking and communicate. Through the use of Social Media and our Website, which transportation options, while promoting and facilitating alternative is currently going through a new overhaul, we have been able to modes of transportation. continue to communicate to the masses in a timely and accurate manner and promote continuous improvement of systems, processes As part of our mission, we participate in community outreach programs and procedures at P&T. to educate and disseminate information about our parking and alternative transportation programs, such as, New Employee Orientation, Play Green Festival, Cal Day, Staff Appreciation Day, Bike to Work Day, etc.
  6. 6. Department Accomplishments: Continuity PlanningDirector Seamus Wilmot was the recipient of the2012 Chancellors Outstanding Staff Award. In his Parking & Transportation completed a Continuity Planthree years as the Parking and Transportation and has been recognized for becoming a 2012 PartnerDirector, Seamus has demonstrated outstanding in Readiness and demonstrating an ongoingleadership by dramatically transforming the culture commitment in improving Berkeley’s ability to respondof the department and gaining the respect and trust and recover from any disruption – large or small.of all the staff.He has gone to great lengths to improve unitcommunication and provide staff developmentopportunities for staff at every level. In addition, hismany innovative projects, such as, retrofittinggarage lighting, and the Operational Excellence CarShare Initiative, have saved money significantlycontributed to campus sustainability efforts. Event Services Responsible for organizing the guest parking and traffic movement on campus for special events. • We help support 1,500 events per year. - Athletic Events - Cal Day - Conferences - Cal-Move-In Day - Greek Theatre Events - Commencements - Zellerbach Events - And many more!!!
  7. 7. Our Trusted Partners: