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BAS in action at Caltopia 2013!


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BAS in action at Caltopia 2013!

  1. 1. BAS in ActionCALTOPIA 2013
  2. 2. On August 25th and 26th BAS units from across campus came together to participate in the annual Caltopia festival. thank you The event kicked off the academic year with excitement and fun, and exemplified the UC Berkeley Operating Principles in action.
  3. 3. thank you UC BERKELEY OPERATING PRINCIPLES: We imagine & innovate We focus on service We simplify We are accountable to each other We include & excel – together
  4. 4. ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORTATION Parking & Transportation
  5. 5. Inform campus community about their commuting options and encourage use of alternative and subsidized transportation objective
  6. 6. highlights It was great for Parking & Transportation staff to directly interact with so many students, it helped us re-connect with why we offer the services we do and it was great to feel the student energy. - SEAMUS WILMOT Director, P & T “ #Connections Made: ~2,500 pieces of marketing collateral distributed
  7. 7. BREATHE A collaboration between UHS, EHS & Cal Rec Sports
  8. 8. Increase awareness of the tobacco-free campus initiative 3 1 2 objectives Promote existing smoking cessation resources Engage the campus community on these issues
  9. 9. 250 T-Shirts distributed 1,000 Tote Bags 1,500 Buttons 250 Cessation Resource Guides Connections Made: An estimated 4,000 - 5,000 community members signed a tobacco-free pledge.#
  10. 10. highlights It was great to have Oski come visit the booth, sign the tobacco-free pledge, and stick around for pictures with students. “We also had many positive interactions with smokers that were considering quitting. - STEVE MARANZANA Project Manager, Breathe Campaign
  11. 11. CALTOPIA Rec Sports in partnership with the Campus & Community
  12. 12. Bring the campus community together at the start of the new year and build connections with the Berkeley community objectives 1 2 3 Showcase the RSF, Recreational Sports programs and services available to enhance the student experience at UC Berkeley  Create an event that is full of excitement, memories and tons of Cal pride
  13. 13. highlights #Connections Made: An estimated 30,000 students, staff and community members in attendance 11,000+ Prizes, t-shirts and other marketing collateral distributed by departmental programs 2,500+ Emails collected by student sport clubs 1,600+ Cal Rec Club memberships sold on-site 1,200+ New Cal Rec Sports Facebook followers
  14. 14. highlights Caltopia brings people together to connect, discover, and celebrate.  The level of energy and positive vibe is contagious. This event reminds us why we enjoy our work at Rec Sports and working with students!  - BRIGETTE LOSSING Associate Director, Campus Recreation “
  15. 15. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT UC Police Department
  16. 16. objective Create an opportunity for students to connect with Community Service Officers in a fun & positive atmosphere
  17. 17. highlights “The opportunity for our CSO's to connect with the public and hear first hand from students and parents highlighted the value the CSO’s bring to the campus community. - AVA SNYDER Lieutenant, Community Outreach Unit # Connections Made: Passed out 900 pencils, pens, bike reflectors, stickers and chap stick to attendees
  18. 18. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT Office of Emergency Management
  19. 19. Introduce the Office of Emergency Management Facebook page as a student preparedness site objectives 1 2 3 Publicize WarnMe text alerts as the fastest way to get emergency messages Collaborate with the American Red Cross to teach basic preparedness to students
  20. 20. Connections Made: ~1,500 attendees changed their WarnMe preferences to text alerts or confirmed they were already signed up for text alerts. Handed out information pamphlets to ~1,500 attendees and received 1,025 impressions online through Facebook ‘likes’. It was really important for us to collaborate with the American Red Cross and bring them to Caltopia. We plan to partner with them every year to improve campus preparedness. - AMINA ASSEFA Director, OEM highlights “ #
  21. 21. LAB SAFETY AWARENESS Environment Health and Safety
  22. 22. objectives To promote the Lab Safety Awareness initiative by providing an engaging and fun opportunity for students and staff to learn about the fundamentals of lab safety 1 2 Inform the campus community about EH&S services
  23. 23. highlights Booth visitors seemed to really enjoy the lab safety inspector game. Brandy Saldana, in collaboration with her fellow colleagues, put a lot of time and effort into designing the game. As a result, the game itself was a highlight of our team experience. - MARK FREIBERG Director, EH&S “ Connections Made: Distributed ~3,000 shirts, tote bags, lanyards, pins and mugs to attendees #
  24. 24. NIGHT SAFETY SERVICES UCPD & Parking and Transportation
  25. 25. Inform the campus community about the Night Safety Services including BearWalk and shuttle services offered by Parking & Transportation and UCPD objective
  26. 26. highlights “ Connections Made: Handed out 900bags with Night Safety Services information to attendees# Caltopia was the perfect place to promote the Night Safety Services program and talk about our Bear Walk service with students and parents.  Seeing their positive reactions to services like these, fuels the work that we do at Berkeley.   - AVA SNYDER Lieutenant, Community Outreach Unit
  27. 27. ARMY ROTC ASUC Auxiliary Berkeley Hillel Berkeley Study Abroad Cal 1 Card Cal Dining  As well as over 120 local, Bay Area and national brands Thank you to all the other Campus Units who participated in Caltopia 2013: thank you Cal Performances Chabad Jewish Student Group Intercollegiate Athletics KALX 90.7 FM UC Berkeley Department of Music UC Berkeley Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies