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Ubl theater presentation smx west 11


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Ubl theater presentation smx west 11

  1. 1. Company andServices OverviewChris Travers,President & | 203.293.8848
  2. 2. Overview Suite of Flexible of UBL Services Pricing Partnering Ease of Open with UBL Integration Discussion
  3. 3. We ProvideSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation Branding Production Insight of of High-Priority Claiming Social Branding and Actionable Syndication The and Online Bank-Level Business Verification Enhanced Listing Syndication Reputation Management TrademarkReporting Visibility Protection of Video Profiles Business ListingsUBL Offers Complete Online Identity Management
  4. 4. We ProvideSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation BrandingSyndicate Listings Across the Digital Search Landscape List once and be found on 350+ web, mobile, and GPS search platforms Partnership with data providers ensures distribution to 95% of digital search Claiming service establishes owner-verified presence on crucial search destinations Showcase products, services, coupon campaigns, video links, social links, logos, photos, and more
  5. 5. We ProvideSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation BrandingClaimed Business Listings Stand Out from the Crowd We claim listings on the business owner’s behalf at top sites like Google Maps and Yelp Business listings marked as “owner verified” Claimed business listings take priority over other sources of data, ensuring long-term accuracy Claimed business listings are more prominent in search results and preferred by consumers
  6. 6. We ProvideSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation BrandingAdd Credibility with Bank-Level Verification Extensive public record check verifies identity of business and accuracy of reported information Business receives “UBL Verified” seal of legitimacy for use on website, email correspondence, listings Increased publisher confidence leads to priority in publication Increased consumer confidence leads to trust in the marketplace
  7. 7. We ProvideSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation BrandingBroad Distribution of Engaging Video Profiles We create a 30-second video profile based on website content No website? We use your business profile & our extensive media library We syndicate to the top 10 video sites, providing multiple contact points for your message Effective visual advertisement contributes to visibility and prominence in search rankings
  8. 8. We ProvideSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation BrandingVisibility and Presence Analysis Free Search Tool shows listing presence and accuracy on top search portals Audit Tool offers extensive analysis of listing health for multiple business locations Presence Analysis Report demonstrates value of UBL syndication after 120 days
  9. 9. We ProvideSyndication Claiming Verification Video Reputation Branding Visibility
  10. 10. We ProvideSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation BrandingMonitor Listings, Reviews, and Social Mentions See reviews, comments, blog posts, photos, and videos about your business React quickly to any negative reviews View useful snapshots of consumer sentiment Compare yourself with competitors in your region and category Manage your social presence in one integrated dashboard
  11. 11. We ProvideSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Branding Reputation
  12. 12. We ProvideSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation BrandingClaim Your Brand on 490 Social Networks with Search tool shows where your brand is available as a user name across social sites Claiming service reserves user name on hundreds of sites Ensure brand consistency, gain broad exposure for your business, and protect trademarks
  13. 13. We ProvideSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation BrandingSeamless Integration with Your Current Offerings Local Sales and White Label Hosted API Capture API Marketing Support Turnkey solution Place a signup Gain additional Marketing for UBL hosted form on your control with flexible library, support dashboard with site in a matter access to services resources, click to your choice of of moments chat, live help, and branding ongoing support for your campaign
  14. 14. Working TogetherGain a Valued Partner and Expand Your Services Technical and support resources to establish and grow your identity management offering Strong value proposition of UBL services increases customer retention and creates new revenue opportunities UBL offers fully managed white label solutions, flexible APIs, and custom integration Strong U.S. presence and international support
  15. 15. Working TogetherGain a Valued Partner and Expand Your Services Deeply discounted wholesale rates with volume commitment Reasonable pricing lets you preserve profit margin Options for monthly, quarterly, and annual billing Free Search Widget offers incentive to customers UBL marketing resources and end-user customer service mean lower costs, reduced infrastructure requirements, low barrier to startup
  16. 16. Listings – An Opportunity and aVulnerability
  17. 17. Local Searchdiffers from thestandardOrganic results
  18. 18. Local Search is not CompletelyDominated By Google TMP
  19. 19. SEO IYPs in rank order along withtheir scores – Andrew Shotland1. Superpages 13.Yellowbot2. Citysearch 14.Yellowpages.Lycos.com3. Yelp 15.Kudzu4. Yahoo Local 16.Discoverourtown5. InsiderPages 17.Loqal.com6. 18.Local.Ingenio.com7. BizJournals 19.YellowUSA.com8. AreaConnect 20.IAF.net9. MagicYellow report-2009/10.Switchboard11.MerchantCircle12.GetFave
  20. 20. The importance ofexternal citationsfrom national &local directoriesand social networkslike Yelp and evenTwitter-based sites.
  21. 21. It’s Like Free Advertising• The first step in promoting a business today is to be able to be found on the Web, Mobile Phone, 411 Directory Assistance and GPS Devices.• This is where 75% of searches occur (versus print) and the numbers are growing.
  22. 22. Beyond the Yellow Pages 5.4 Billion Calls 250 Million Mobile phones 66% from vehicles in the U.S. 62 Million 15.7 Billion Navigation Devices online local searches in 2008 4 M+ On-Star Telematics Users Source: InfoGroup Online 23
  23. 23. Listings = Calls, Visits, RealSales• When users are looking for a business locally – and most are – these results mostly come from listings, not Website information.• UBL offers a simple, inexpensive service that manages these listings in one place.
  24. 24. A Problem If Left Unmanaged• Businesses do not even need to have a Website to be found in these listings.• Many small businesses are under-represented – especially if they work from home or from cell or VOIP phones.• Even large businesses need to manage this process – audits show 20% of listings are inaccurate, leading to loss of business.
  25. 25. UBL Value Proposition1. Enter detailed data about a company in one place.2. It gets distributed uniformly to all major Internet Business Listings Directories, including Online Yellow Pages, Search Engines, GPS Navigation devices and 411 Directory Assistance services.3. Hundreds of locations are professionally managed for $39 a year.
  26. 26. How To Make BusinessDisappear1. Messing with names – stuffing keywords2. Call tracking numbers3. Address social climbing4. Category lapses5. Missing data elements6. Insufficient distribution!
  27. 27. You Got Your Name Wrong?
  28. 28. We’re In BeverlyHills (south)
  29. 29. Address Location Issues • You can attempt to manually change the town or city, but it will lead to confusion and duplication when the data aggregators reject or change it to its real postal location. • Post Office Boxes may be rejected by major sites when claiming, but are likely to be accepted if included in data aggregators’ databases. • Ensure your address is where you need to do business – change marker location on Google maps.
  30. 30. Areas Served remainsan issue – you willonly appear in yourphysical addresslocation, not whereyou might serve.You MAY move themap marker location ofa claimed listing.Geo-targeting yourlisting and site iscritical for the newgeneration of Geosites and Mobile.
  31. 31. I Got YourNumber…
  32. 32. Phone Issues• Agencies crave phone tracking numbers as much as sites resent them.• Data aggregators are following their client’s interests when they swap them out for the established lines.• Some call tracking numbers do not respond to the verification auto-dialers.• 800-numbers are a separate file, but will work, even across multiple locations.
  33. 33. What Is MyCategory?
  34. 34. Categories Are Not Keywords• Categories are the single most important factor in discoverability after location.• Different publishers use different systems, NAICS, SIC, SYPH, Google and more.• UBL translates these on the fly.
  35. 35. Too MuchInformation?
  36. 36. Additional Data Points• Every data field accepted by a publisher represents traffic and revenue opportunities.• Businesses overlook simple ones that are vital – like Hours Of Operation.• Video is the future – even if it is a simple slideshow hosted on YouTube.• Small businesses can use a Facebook page if they do not have a Website.
  37. 37. Comprehensive EnhancedListings• To be discoverable by searchers today, Businesses need to list more than name, phone number and address.• UBL provides multiple descriptions and Industry Classifications, including Products, Services, Brands, Specialties, Certifications, Awards, Logos & Photos, Website, Social Network & Video links, review links, hours, payment methods, and much more…
  38. 38. Google BasicsStorecode, name, address, phone, altphone, fax, mobile, TTY, email, hours, paymenttypes, categories anddescription (200 charactersonly).
  39. 39. Google Custom Attributes inBulk Upload Cuisine, Dress Code, Hotel Rating, Ambie nce…
  40. 40. Are YouVisible?
  41. 41. The single aggregatorapproach – failure.
  42. 42. Testingrevealeddetails ofthe issue.
  43. 43. Claiming Is Easy
  44. 44. Claim your listings• This is an identity protection basic – Google, Yahoo and Bing etc• Be specific with the category – Comic Book Store, not just Book Store• If hijacked: reclaim, switch phone numbers for re-verification, switch back• If duplicate, claim both, match the data exactly• Avoid duplicate addresses for multiple businesses• Create fan pages and company pages on Facebook and LinkedIn• Caveat – claiming is a relationship that must be maintained. Many small businesses forget and fail.
  45. 45. Make It Easy For Customers To Write Reviews– A few Bad Ones Are Actually Good For theCredibility
  46. 46. Encourage ReviewsEncourage reviews – add a computer at thecheckout desk, provide a form.
  47. 47. Hyper-Local And VerticalDirectories• Look for hyper-local publications and directories – not all of them are going to be taking fresh listings from national sources
  48. 48. UBL Agency Opportunity • UBL is an ideal service to offer as part of a bundle or as an add-on feature for online media and marketing companies. • It is a time-saver for those businesses that understand the value. It would take 40 hours to submit data to a fraction of the sites that UBL reaches. • It is a single-service entity aiming to do one thing well, and not competing with partner offerings. • The service provides accurate online reporting with feedback and trouble-shooting capabilities for troubled listings.
  49. 49. Process1. Partners sign a simple Agency agreement which allows them to send bulk files or upload them to our site on an invoice basis.2. Partners can promote the UBL service in a branded or non- branded “white label” manner to their clients.3. Agencies can deliver data via standard spreadsheets, with templates and tools provided to assist in filling out data fields such as categories.4. Agencies may also use APIs to capture data and to deliver it to UBL.5. UBL handles the delivery in the appropriate formats, and provides reporting back from data aggregators on status and issues..6. Approved Directories receive the data electronically and publish it. This method does NOT interfere with claimed listings – it supports the citation value with additional links.
  50. 50. Agency bulk feed and client listing 60
  51. 51. Affiliate Partners1. Partners sign a simple Affiliate agreement and receive a custom tracking link that can be used on Websites, in email or other online media.2. Partners promote UBL on their sites using promotional material provided.3. Businesses are sent to UniversalBusinessListing.Org to enter the data.4. They pay a $30 fee by credit card per listing (users may enter more than one at a time). Updates and corrections are free via online access.5. Partner gets $10 referral fee per listing entered.6. Approved Directories receive the data electronically and publish it.
  52. 52. Affiliate account and client listing 62
  53. 53. Chris TraversPresident & Co-Founder Direct:203.293.8848