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  • All inter-related
  • There are specialized tools and services for each one of these features and a growing array of dashboards.
  • Multiple platfroms means multiple citations. There are some people not on facebook!
  • PO Box issues
  • For corporations and professional SEOs
  • For SMBs
  • Great for companies with a strong brand or many product brands to protect
  • Brand opportunities on the increase – who owns the content in these listings? Who is to say publishers will not add brands to listings without the business knowing and with links to transactions?
  • A common misconception – understandable given the name. Location-based, geo-targeted, directional?
  • Here every result is from another directory
  • Businesses should not be afraid of comments and reviews – sometimes they can be helpful – the reviews were the only place that told me this was a bank with tellers not just an ATM-only facility.
  • Details to help visibiliy in bulk uploads
  • Ubl location services smx west 11

    1. 1. Location ServicesSMX PanelChris Travers,President & Co-Foundercptravers@ubl.org | 203.293.8848
    2. 2. Local Search Has Gone FromSticking Pins In Maps…
    3. 3. …To Sticking Pins Into PeopleAnd Places
    4. 4. Address & MapWhat’s NearbyHow Good Is That PlaceWho’s NearbyHow “Worthy” Is That Person & Their Opinion From Identification to Reputation
    5. 5. Profiles – Can be a Vulnerability•You should only createor claim profiles youare prepared tomanage long term.•Or populate with datanot likely to change.
    6. 6. Profiles – Can be a Vulnerability•Use specializedservices that managelistings centrally.• Now social profiles &postings too –increasingly complex tomanage.•PingFM, PixelPipe, Postling etc
    7. 7. Businesses are ChallengedKey elements of concern – fragmented over multiple platforms Listings and Profiles – Search and Social Monitor Reviews, Mentions, Ratings, C ompetitors Posting Updates Everywhere Advertising, Coupons & Related Analytics
    8. 8. Is Facebook the only content management system SMBs need? Check-in Facebook LinkedIn Sites Twitter Blogs WebsitesSocialCMS >>
    9. 9. Integrated Dashboards
    10. 10. Businesses First NeedSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation BrandingSyndicate Listings Across the Digital Search Landscape Search Engines Directories Mobile, 411 & GPS Social Networks
    11. 11. Businesses First NeedSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation BrandingClaimed Business Listings Protect Identity Google Yahoo Bing Yellow Pages Sites
    12. 12. Businesses First NeedSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation BrandingAdded Credibility with Verification Acknowledge Verification calls Verify claimed listings Add links to Verification badges BBB, Chamber of Commerce
    13. 13. Businesses First NeedSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation BrandingBroad Distribution of Video Profiles Videos can be simple It’s about the narrative text Post broadly Google wants video site maps
    14. 14. Businesses First NeedSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation BrandingVisibility Analysis and Presence Reports Free Search Tools GetListed, AmIVisible, UBL – APIs and data extraction Citations Where the listings appear or are omitted Data Errors Which fields are inaccurate
    15. 15. Listing AuditSyndication Claiming Verification Video Reputation Branding Visibility
    16. 16. Some better for the EnterpriseSyndication Claiming Verification Video Reputation Branding Visibility
    17. 17. SMBs – Simplicity & Easy Linksto Corrections
    18. 18. Reputation MonitoringSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation BrandingMonitor Listings, Reviews, and Social Mentions See reviews, comments, blog posts, photos, and videos about your business React quickly to any negative reviews View useful snapshots of consumer sentiment Compare yourself with competitors in your region and category Manage your social presence in one integrated dashboard
    19. 19. Some Leaders in the FieldSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Branding Reputation
    20. 20. Monitor DashboardsSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Branding Reputation
    21. 21. Competition TrackingSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Branding Reputation
    22. 22. Alerts for the “buzzed-about”Syndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation Branding
    23. 23. Social Profiles = BrandingSyndication Claiming Verification Video Visibility Reputation BrandingClaim Your Brand on Social Networks Search tools show where your brand is available as a user name across social sites – Knowem Claiming services reserve brand user name on hundreds of sites Ensure brand consistency, gain broad exposure for your business, and protect trademarks
    24. 24. Listings Evolution & Opportunity •Definition of what is a business listing is evolving. •Now seeing “installation” listings for services inside venues or other businesses. •Opportunities for Brands to not be subordinated.
    25. 25. Inconsistent PublicationNot everypublisherrecognizes thisor has accessto the data viaits dataaggregator.
    26. 26. Local Search is not Local A query from a Long Beach, CA user
    27. 27. UBL at SMX Booth Number 206 Chris Travers President and Co-Founder cptravers@UBL.org 203-293-8848 http://twitter.com/UBLorg http://www.facebook.com/UniversalBusinessListing
    28. 28. The importance ofexternal citationsfrom national &local directoriesand social networkslike Yelp and evenTwitter-based sites.
    29. 29. Additional Data Points• Every data field accepted by a publisher represents traffic and revenue opportunities.• Businesses overlook simple ones that are vital – like Hours Of Operation.• Video is the future – even if it is a simple slideshow hosted on YouTube.• Small businesses find it easy to use a Facebook page if they do not have a Website.
    30. 30. Enhanced Data Fields In AnchorData Sets • Products • Department Store Information • Services Information • Landmark Information • Brands • Complex Information • Recreational Information • Keywords • Electronic Store • Bar Information • Parking Options Information • Convenience Store • Professional Services • Car Dealer Information Information • Languages • Bike Dealer Information • Golf Course Information • Alternative Name • Concert Place • Semi-Private HOO for Information Public • Anchor/Host Business • Restaurant Information • Unofficial Landmark • Airport Information • Price Range • Hotel Information • Restaurant/Bar Types • Shopping Center • Dress Code Information • Smoking Preference • Casino Information • Zagat Rating • Amusement Park
    31. 31. Enhanced Content (All Businesses)•Additional General Content • Storefront Photos • Business Descriptions • Products (Pizza, Stromboli / Party Supplies, Balloons) • Services (Hair Coloring, Manicures, etc.) • Brands (Nikon, Minolta, Canon, Sony, etc.) • Keywords (Accounting, Auditing, Bookkeeping, Taxes, etc.) • Languages Spoken • Alternative Business Names (AKA names – e.g. “KFC”, “Kentucky Fried”) • Anchor / Host Business (Walmart, Target, Safeway, etc.) • Unofficial Landmarks (e.g. "Next to the YMCA")•Additional URLs / Links • Facebook • Twitter • YouTube • Alternative Social URL (Foursquare, Gowalla, etc.) • Coupon Links • Logo Links
    32. 32. Enhanced Content (Category Specific) Restaurant Information Hotel Information • Reservations • Internet Access • Banquet Rooms • Indoor/Outdoor Pool/Hot Tub • Bar • Exercise Facility • Valet Parking • Restaurant/Lounge • • Pet Friendly Airport Information • Room Service • Shuttle Service • Cable TV • Types of Restaurants/Lounges • Continental Breakfast • Long/Short Term Parking • Shuttle Service • Internet Connections • Kitchens • Check-In Kiosks • Meeting Rooms • Guest Laundry Casino Information • Valet Parking • Valet Parking • On-Site Restaurant/Lounge Amusement Park Information • Check Cashing Service • Adult or Kid Rides • Keno • Water Park • Bingo • Live Entertainment • Lodging/Campground Shopping Center Information • Seasonal Hours • Anchor Stores • Price Range • Food Court • ATMs
    33. 33. Enhanced Content (Category Specific) Bar Information Landmark Information • Type • Admission Cost • Live Entertainment • Park Permit Required • Smoking Preference • Lodging/Campground • Food • Gift Shop • Museum Recreational Information • Visitor Center • Park Permit Required • Restaurant • Number of Tent/RV Sites • Emergency Shelter Golf Course Information • Sheltered Picnic Areas • Golf Equipment Rental • Reservations • Caddy Service • Swimming/Fishing/Boating Areas • Championship Course • Fire Pits • Semi-Private Hours of Operation for Public • Equipment Rentals • Dress Code • Valet Parking Convenience Store Information • Public Restrooms • 24 Hr Convenience Store • Handicap Service Attendant • Food/Restaurant
    34. 34. Google CustomAttributes in BulkUpload Cuisine, Dress Code, Hotel Rating, Ambien ce…
    35. 35. How To Make BusinessDisappear1. Messing with names – stuffing keywords2. Call tracking numbers3. Address social climbing4. Category lapses5. Missing data elements6. Insufficient distribution!