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Affiliate Jump Review And Bonus

Mike extended the Fast Action Bonus to ALL Charter Members (due to launch server issues holding some people out) which includes: The7FigureCode Digital DVD Access, Butterfly Marketing, HyperJava & TrafficFusion, PLUS I5Gold. These trainings (many not even available to the public) have a real world value of over $5,000. People paid $5,000-7,500 for I5Gold alone when it was live.

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Affiliate Jump Review And Bonus

  1. 1. Affiliate Jump Will Change CPA Marketing Forever! Over the past few years the use of Cost Per Action Networks (CPA) has sky rocketed due to their ability to produce massive profits online for people who are not Internet gurus or seasoned sales professionals. As a matter of fact, with CPA networks, you don? t even need your own website site or list to begin making money!! Sounds good, right? It gets even better. This site was created to define what CPA networks are, their benefits and drawbacks and describe how a revolutionary product can take you from novice online marketer to an advanced affiliate marketing machine.?? So lets get started. So What Exactly Is a CPA Network and How Can it Make Me Money? CPA or a Cost per Action network provides a directory of products and services. Companies promote their offers through the CPA networks and CPA Advertisers direct targeted traffic to the offers using email marketing, video marketing, pay per click, etc. Companies within the network are willing to pay CPA affiliate marketers to generate traffic or sales leads for their products and/or services. The great thing about CPA networks is a sale is not required in order for a CPA affiliate marketer to receive compensation. CPA affiliate marketers using CPA networks do not have to worry about charge backs or refunds because leads do not have to pay anything in order for you to receive compensation. There are a variety of CPA offers available including offers for ring-tones, health related products, credit cards and government grants; just to name a few. The company will either pay per unique visitor or pay per lead. If a company is paying per action, the lead may be asked to provide contact information like their email address and/or zip code, in some cases. The completion of the form is the action. CPA networks hire affiliate managers to supervise the process. CPA managers are typically responsible for reviewing CPA affiliate applications, sourcing for company products or services to offer through the network as well as communicating with the affiliates within the network on how to optimize their revenue. It is important to maintain contact with your CPA manager as he or she can inform you of high converting offers within the network. High converting offers can result in more money for you.
  2. 2. It is not uncommon to see offers with a CPA network paying $25-$35 per lead and . 15-.30 or more per unique website visitor. You do the math: generate 500 leads for an offer pay $25 per lead and your commission is $12,500. Written by Theresa Johnson Why Isn?t Everyone Promoting CPA Offers? Good question!? There are two huge reasons why not everyone is pushing CPA offers to make massive profits.? First and foremost, it?s tough to get into the networks without an existing site that relates to the offer you want to promote. You need to apply to these networks and most require a phone interview before you are accepted. If you are lucky enough to be accepted to the network chances are you will need to then apply to the individual offers you would like to promote. At this point the promoter will view your website and if they don?t think your site is congruent with their offer you will not be granted permission to promote their offer. Second, although you can promote these CPA offers without a website through direct linking (see CPA Jargon page) your quantity score (again, see CPA Jargon page) will suffer and you will pay out the you know what for keywords.? This will lead to an unprofitable campaign, much frustration and ultimate defeat.? The way around this is to create your own landing page to drive traffic to which will greatly increase quality score and lead to very profitable campaigns. Don?t know how to create web pages and graphics?? Don?t worry, there is a solution? on. There Has to Be an Easier Way! Welcome to Affiliate Jump! With Affiliate Jump you can have a fully functioning website up and running in less than five minutes. Simply register your account ? select your website template ? select the offer you would like to promote ? choose your domain name of choice and then customize your landing page. The best part is that your website will look different from all others because you can customize everything form font type to background color. Affiliate Jump literally does all the website design for you,? all you need to do is drive traffic to your offer. Another extremely cool feature of Affiliate Jump is the capability to create a widget on the fly so you can promote your offer on your blogs or website.? Simply select the Create Widget button in the members area and a Java code is automatically generated.?
  3. 3. Insert this code in your blog or website and Voila a widget is helping you earn more income. The Return on Investment (ROI) for this product is insane.? Many offers are paying over $30 per lead generated.? Think about it, if you make just two conversions per month you will cover the cost of membership to Affiliate Jump.?? This is a revolutionary product which will change the face of CPA marketing as we know it. Over the next coming weeks we will be sending emails to the members of this site teaching the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website.? In order to take advantage of this NO CHARGE micro continuity program simply enter your name and email above.? Remember, membership is no charge and you can cancel at any time (although this may greatly decrease your potential profits). For now, go and download your free beginners tutorial on how to start making money online through affiliate marketing. Good luck in your business ventures! Affiliate Jump Bonus
  4. 4. Simply Follow this link and signup for Affiliate Jump & receive free Beating Adwords for free ! ($67 Value) Clickbank by Wealthy Affiliates. This is a must have, if you are serious about succeeding as an Affiliate. Be sure to clear your cookies before you click on the link below. Good luck, on your way to becoming a super affiliate. Affiliate Jump Bonus (after you sign up, simply email me at sdebbad [at] google mail .com & I will confirm and send you the bonus)

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Mike extended the Fast Action Bonus to ALL Charter Members (due to launch server issues holding some people out) which includes: The7FigureCode Digital DVD Access, Butterfly Marketing, HyperJava & TrafficFusion, PLUS I5Gold. These trainings (many not even available to the public) have a real world value of over $5,000. People paid $5,000-7,500 for I5Gold alone when it was live.


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