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Layar @ SDForum 28 Feb 2011


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AR overview talk for the SDForum Digital Media SIG, 2/28/11 in Palo Alto.

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Layar @ SDForum 28 Feb 2011

  1. 1. The Emerging Mass Mediumof Augmented RealityGene BeckerAR Strategist
  2. 2. About Layar Mobile augmented reality leader Founded in June 2009 Based in Amsterdam VC funded 50+ people worldwide
  3. 3. Augmented reality is a new medium ofcreative expression that expands humanexperience
  4. 4. inspirations:AR past & future
  5. 5.      AR  research:  first  HMD  -­‐  Ivan  Sutherland  (1966) The  “Sword  of  Damocles”
  6. 6.      AR  research:  Caudell  &  Mizell  (Boeing,  1992) Caudell, T., Mizell, D.: Augmented reality: an application of heads-up display technology to manual manufacturing processesOverlaying graphics to support assembly of complex wiring harnesses in aircraft manufacturing at Boeing. Coined the term “augmented reality”.
  7. 7.      AR  research:  wearable  compuNng  -­‐  Steve  Mann
  8. 8.      AR  research:  first  mobile  AR  systemFeiner et al, Touring Machine (1997), Columbia University
  9. 9. AR: a vision of future personal computing
  10. 10. visual search on the physical world concept design by mac funamizu source:
  11. 11. querying the natural world concept design by mac funamizu source:
  12. 12. computational print media concept design by mac funamizu source:
  13. 13. seeing through space and time concept design by mac funamizu source:
  14. 14.      is  AR  the  end  of  personal  privacy?  concept  by  TAT
  15. 15. and just wait ‘til the glasses get here concept design by mac funamizu source:
  16. 16. AR in the present tense
  17. 17. present  day  mobile  AR:  Layar Layar  demo  video:  hRp://
  18. 18. AR Basics – How does it workGPS Compass Accelerometer CameraWhere am I? What direction am I How is my phone Background image looking at? oriented in the world Future: enable computer Optional: Gyroscope vision projects smoother experience
  19. 19. Layar Platform Browser Player Publishing Platform AR view SDK for your iphone app1.000.000 active users Thousands of developers Launch January 2011 & companies 1.500 layers
  20. 20. a few Layar factsLAYAR is the worldwide leader in mobile AR:* Over 1.3 million active users* 1600+ published AR layers* Thousands of registered developers* 50+ premier development partners worldwide* Supported on iPhone, Android, Bada, more coming soon* Preloaded on Samsung, Sprint 4G devices* Potential reach in the tens of millions, growing
  21. 21. room to grow Smartphone Market Size (millions) Layar addressable market12001000800600400200 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 source: Gartner
  22. 22. The Layar ecosystem inspirational applications Brands & Media artists enthusiasts historians scientists creative producers Agencies game designers curators technical developers Layar developers 1000’s of content layersLayar’s open & free platform cross-platform support 1,000,000+ users
  23. 23. Augmented reality is a new medium ofcreative expression that expands humanexperience
  24. 24. AR is expressive
  25. 25. Uninvited Art exhibition, MoMA
  26. 26. Stedelijk Museum
  27. 27. AR is informative
  28. 28. Quake information
  29. 29. AR is playful
  30. 30. GRAPH 22 3
  31. 31. by C2K © 2010, Layar B.V.
  32. 32. AR is social
  33. 33. Foursquare by TAB
  34. 34. Tweeps around by TAB
  35. 35. AR is commercial
  36. 36. Prince of Persia by TAB © 2010, Layar B.V.
  37. 37. Quiznos
  38. 38. Rolling Stones by Mobilistar © 2010, Layar B.V.
  39. 39. AR reveals the past...
  40. 40. Historic Market St. in SF
  41. 41. Berlin wall by Hoppala
  42. 42. ...and the future
  43. 43. Markethall by NAI/in10
  44. 44. let’s make layers!
  45. 45. Creating layers – Terminology Layar: The browser application Layer: A content layer in our browser POI: Point of Interest, element of data in the AR view (sometimes called hotspot, or object) AR View: The augmented reality view, with the POIs superimposed on the camera view. List View: A list of all POIs Map View: POIs shown on a map
  46. 46. RadarLayar terminology BIW
  47. 47. Creating layers Layers are built using simple web technology  HTTP, JSON, HTML 2 step process:  Create a layer definition in the Layar publishing environment  Create a layer server for delivering the POI content to the phones
  48. 48. Layar ecosystem
  49. 49. Creating layers – Publishing site Add all the static content of a layer  Listing details  Look & feel  Service URL
  50. 50. Creating layers – Layer service RESTful API with a single HTTP GET call GetPOIs Request: HTTP request with the following parameters: Latitude, Longitude, filter settings... GetPOIs Response: JSON data containing POI information (hotspots) API documentation:
  51. 51. &lon=4.887339&timestamp=1249226148713 &userId=ed48067cda8e1b985dbb8ff3653a2da4fd490a37 &developerId=896&developerHash=1ee6d294aa6b639b365899f844257523c5bf9702 &RADIOLIST=a&radius=6245&CUSTOM_SLIDER=23987.0 &lat=52.377544&layerName=snowy4 &SEARCHBOX=asdfdhcgg&accuracy=100 {"morePages": false,Response "layer": "jsource02", "errorCode": 0, "hotspots": [ { "object": { "baseURL": "", "full": "ghost.l3d", "reduced": "ghost_reduced.l3d", "icon": "icon1.png", "size": 2 }, "transform": { "rel": true, "angle": 45, "scale": 5 }, "actions": [ { "label": "Visit webpage", "uri": "" } ], "distance": 0, "lat": 52000000, "lon": 4350000, "attribution": "", "line2": "", "imageURL": null, "line3": "", "dimension": 3, "line4": "", "type": 0, "id": "asda4494", "title": "Test object" } ], "errorString": "OK", "nextPageKey": null }
  52. 52. Creating layers – 3rd party services Instead of creating your own layer service, you can use one of the community created tools, e.g.:  Porpoise Open source server software created by Jens  Hoppala Augmentation Hosted solution, easy to use.
  53. 53. Discuss.Gene Beckertw: @genebeckerskype: gene.beckerweb: www.layar.commail: