Geqoo Boxes - Container Management / Lademittelmanagement


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Geqoo Boxes - Container Management / Lademittelmanagement

  1. 1. Keep an overview at all times!Intelligent Container Tracking
  2. 2. Core question in Container ManagementMain goals for using a Container Management System Reduce loss  Lower procurement costs Increase planning reliability  Reduce capital lockup Improve disposition  Avoid production stand stills „How many containers of type X are at location Y in state Z?“Why is it so difficult to create transparency in container circulation? Company-wide circulations complicate traceability Loan durations of containers remain at customer sites vary ( who organizes return of empties?) Manual capture and analysis of all container movements requires high effort Consideration of reparation, cleaning, inspection (partly done at external service providers) In some cases different owners of containersContainer tracking with Geqoo Boxes 2
  3. 3. Collection of Container MovementsGoal Record current location and state of containers efficiently Immediate visibility of recorded container movements in the systemChallenge Different quantities and values of containers Throughput and relevance of containers for the process variesTypical situation today Pen & paper  filing  manual input into the computer ExcelContainer tracking with Geqoo Boxes 3
  4. 4. Techniques to capture Container MovementsValue  Rare containers GPS  Very high value AutoID  Rare containers (RFID / Barcode)  High throughput  Short IDs Manual ID-Entry  Low throughput  Uncritical containers  Low value Choice type + quantity  Open cycles Quantity Lower administrative cost through appropriate capture technique Container tracking with Geqoo Boxes 4
  5. 5. Central Data Management and Processing in the Cloud  Central data analysis  Usage-based pricing  Simple access for third partiesContainer tracking with Geqoo Boxes 5
  6. 6. User Concept Input User – Work on site  Warehouse workers, forklift drivers, truck drivers  Stationary, mobile and virtual terminals with or without AutoID support (Barcode, RFID)  Terminals are configurable via web application Standard User – Web Application Access  Logistics manager, dispatcher, IT administrators  Analysis, reporting, disposition  Interface to existing applications  Functional extensions available External User – Access for suppliers and customers  View and print reports / account statements Three different user roles with appropriate permissions.Container tracking with Geqoo Boxes 6
  7. 7. Features of Container Management SoftwareBasic Features1. Record container movements efficiently and realtime(!) (Touchscreen or AutoID)2. Capture of container statuses (filling, damage, dirt….)3. Discover violations of rules automatically and notify responsible persons  Exceeding of loan durations  Underrunning of minimum inventories  Inproper bookings4. Reference to ERP-objects (order number, …)5. Simple information access for customers and business partnersAdvanced features1. Integration with ERP systems (master data import, transaction data export)2. Disposition to maintain inventory balance3. Support for choosing and locating suitable containers, e.g. for delivery4. Manage maintenance and safety check cyclesContainer tracking with Geqoo Boxes 7
  8. 8. Advantages of Geqoo Boxes Container Management Software Standard product instead of IT-project risk • Quickly ready for use • Auto-ID-support • Can be run stand-alone or integrated with ERP-system • Flexible configuration (container type, locations, states, …) Rental solution instead of high investment • Economic benefit from day one • ubigrate takes over IT-system responsibility incl. maintenance, support, operationContainer tracking with Geqoo Boxes 8
  9. 9. Who we are and what we do Standardized Turn-Key Solutions Device Integration Software for End-users for OEM-Partner z.B. C-Connector ubigrate‘s software captures and analyses process information in real- time, and creates for its customers highest transparency in logistics and production. This results in sustainable cost reduction as well as lower energy consumptions and emissions.Container tracking with Geqoo Boxes 9
  10. 10. ContactFor further information, feel free to contact us at any timeDr. Jürgen AnkeManaging Director ubigrate GmbHTel.: +49 (351) 21187-25 Schnorrstr. 76Mobile: +49 (1761) 21187-25 01069 DresdenFax: +49 (351) 21187-28 GermanyEmail: Web: Container tracking with Geqoo Boxes 10