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10 UbiTips to motivate your elearners

Today, learning methods and students’ expectations have changed. Here 10 tips to make the best out of your eLearning videos!

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10 UbiTips to motivate your elearners

  1. 1. How  to  successfully  digitalize  your  lectures   #10  Tips  to  mo9vate  your  eLearners  
  2. 2. Today, learning methods and students’ expectations have changed. Here 10 tips to make the best out of your eLearning videos! Why  do  you  need  to   digitalize  your  lectures?
  3. 3. Divide your lectures into chapters or topics, so your eLearners can easily get organized. #1-­‐Get  organized
  4. 4. Specify the goals of your lecture. It will allow your students to focus on the important information and give them concrete expectations. #2  -­‐  Outline  the  goals
 of  your  video
  5. 5. Give daily life examples,
 so it speaks to your students. For instance, you can either add testimonials of people working on the topic or refer to a colleague’s experience. #3  -­‐Make  it  real
  6. 6. #4-­‐  Use  gamifica9on Add gaming elements to motivate your audience. Most people love to collect points and medals, don’t be afraid to use it.
  7. 7. #5-­‐  Be  enthusias9c Remember that passion is a contagious thing : if you talk with enthusiasm, your audience will be captivated. Your tone of voice shows how passionate you are about the topic. Make sure to keep it sincere and in line with your content.
  8. 8. #6-­‐  Personalize Give your eLearners the feeling that your module was designed specifically for them by addressing them directly. When possible call them by their name, so it seems like a face-to- face exchange.
  9. 9. #7-­‐  Make  the  experts  talk Apply realistic scenarios to your lessons to make them more meaningful to your students. Consulting an expert can be a good way to share relevant examples. You can also include quotes from managers or colleagues from the related field.
  10. 10. #8-­‐  Use  mul9ple   teaching  strategies Put yourself in your students’ shoes. Imagine how you would feel hearing and watching your eLessons. Are they all similar? Nobody likes repetition; so try developing new approaches for each module. Use a mix of learning methods to keep your students’ attention (interactions, demos, examples, quizzes).
  11. 11. #9-­‐  Give  an  immediate   feedback If there is something they didn’t understand , your eLearners may lose interest in pursuing your module. Be sure to provide a comprehensive and relevant feedback to maintain their involvement.
  12. 12. Test it before you share it. Be sure it has the expected impact and outcome by asking some targeted people in your audience. Their comments will help you improve your module. #10-­‐  Get  tested
  13. 13. Now  it’s  your  turn!     Use UbiCast to create your most captivating
 & motivating eLearning videos. Click  here  to  learn  more