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Visible Past

  1. The past in 3D Visible Past creates rich information environments that enhance 3 D models of historical events, places or buildings. Dr. Matei and a group of undergraduates have created several virtual models, including for Omaha Beach (Vierville Sur Mer), Normandy, France, as it appeared on the morning of June 6, 1944 . The model recreates all the major German fortifications, annotates them with historical information and video clips. The clips reflect either fictional accounts of the battle, such as Saving Private Ryan , or historical reels. The Visible Past Project also uses a model of the Roman Forum , created by a team of scholars from UCLA and University of Virginia . The Rome Model is used to showcase novel methods of information delivery. The model is enhanced with tools that allow retrieving and writing information into a georeferenced database. Information can be added to the model from a FLEX theatre, or from any computer on the Internet. It is used in classrooms and in various research projects. The Visible Past’s ultimate vision is to make the models available on mobile devices and to create a seamless web of information, which follows the user wherever he or she is. Gone are the days of search for information. Now information searches for you ! ;-) Visible Past: A Location Aware Environment June 6, 1944 Omaha Beach Basilica Aemilia Tabularium Basilica Julia Caesar’s Temple Senate house The Forum Square Triumphal Arch Temple of Vesta