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  1. 1. Task 1BannerWell known web site will use banners and they will have many different ones too. The use of an adbanner is to advertise a product or campaign you will get website like YouTube. Therefore differentcompanies to put their banner on the YouTube website and then people will see it and if they areinterested in the ad banner they will click on the banner they will be sent to a different website sothey can interact with them. Also YouTube will get paid from other companies to do this and the wayit works is how many people click on the link will determine how much they will get for having the adbanner on the website.Animated interface elements and interactive animationsAnimated interface is what you will interact with like the controls around the screen so with the Nikestore online is a good example so you can make your own shoe so it’s an animation you changeyourself so it’s not an animation which you control. For example you can move the shoe on screen inthe position you want like see it from the sides or from the top and bottom also the back of it sothere for its not linear movement so the animation doesn’t loop doing the same thing over and over.Also you got other options like zoom, rotate, view both shoes or take an image of the shoes so youcan take the image and show your friends and get their opinion before you make the purchase. Sothe official Nike store has an animated feature of theirs called Nike ID. What Nike ID does is that youcan pick 1 of the many different type of shoe type and make and personalise a shoe so you canselect different part of the shoe its selfa change the type of material you likee.g. suede smooth leather or mesh soyou pick the material you like the best.Also you can get to change the colourof the shoe so it could be a plain whiteshoe or you can make multi-colouredlike a rainbow so you can choose howyou like. On the heel of the shoe its selfyou can put your own ID on it so onyour left shoe you can put your nameor nickname on it and on the right youcan have your birth year so there for itsyour very own personal customisedshoe.
  2. 2. Linear animation is an animation you have no control over it at all so it could be an image ofsomeone dancing but the dancer will be dancing over and over and you won’t be able to stop theanimation you will see this if a website is loading up so you hopefully not get bored and leave thewebsite so therefore the linear animation Is for entertainment purposes. The Simpsons websiteuses a linear animation while the webpage loads up.Promotion, instruction, entertainment and informationThe CBBC website uses animated games to promote their shows on television. So the game will bethemed on a show they have on their television channel for example ‘Dik and Dom’ is a childrenprogramme which is CBBC aired on their channel so therefore they make a little game on theirwebsite to promote that show also thisgame will remind the child that theprogramme is still on their channel alsoit’s a free advertisement because it’s ontheir website. On the web site the games can be educational because they have a game were yougot to match the right colour balls to get points and get rid of them to advance to the next level sothat game will help teach children to add up which will be used in life time situation. So the website has a lot of entertainment purposes for example the amount of games they have on there also these page after page of them. Also they have videos on there to watch and they have music you can listen to. Some of the games on the CBBC website can help children learn new things like one I seen is an interactive clock which you can learn from if you wanted to earn how to tell the time from analogue.
  3. 3. Task 2Flick booksA flick book consists of many pages with images on them. Each image looks the same but have aminor difference. The reason for this is that when you flick though the pages quickly, the images looklike its moving. A flick book can use a series of drawings or you can use photographs instead so thenit’s a motion picture. A flick book is really an illusion which makes it look like the images are moving.But really for a split second when the pages are being flick you still see the image from before sotherefore the movement looks smooth and the for you see a motion.Gif file formatA gif file is short for graphic interchange format. So this file is useful for storing graphical images of256 colours. Its compression method is LZW this means that when you go to decompress it theinformation is saved so therefore the image is lossless. There are two types of gif files first gif 78awhich is when you save one image, the second is gif 78a so this is to have multiple image storedtogether to create an animation (moving image).Task 3The Process of AnimationSo the animation process starts off with the team deciding on the storyline of the animation so thenon the storyline is made in to a story board of the whole animation its self. The next step is therecording of the voices of so the animators know how the characters mouth should move whenspeech is included. The next part is the rough sketches of just the characters and there no colour inthe images still also there can be up 50,000 or more drawings. Now when all the drawings a madethe get sent off to the inker department so the images are then put on to clear celluloid acetate sonow you got the image on clear plastic material so you put the images on to a background andbecause the material clear you can see straight though it to the background and then its putting theimages together and in order to make the animation.Persistence of VisionPersistence of vision is a phenomenon which an image will stay with you for one twenty-fifth of asecond. The myth of persistence of vision is a mistaken belief by humans persistence of motion(brain centred) is the cause of persistence of vision (eye centred). The myth was discovered in 1912and it still used in the modern day films e.g. Wallace and Gromit. There is also a possible theory toexplain motion perception. There are two perceptual illusions, Phi phenomenon and Betamovement. Phi Phenomenon it is an optical illusion defined by Max Wertheimer in Gestaltpsychology in 1912, in which that persistence of vision formed part of the theory of the cinema usedby Hugo Munsterberg in 1916. This optical illusion is based on the human eye so this illusion is by agroup of frozen images being flick though to make it look like the image is moving. Beta movement isthe other optical illusion, first recorded by Max Wertheimer in 1912. It’s an illusion that uses still
  4. 4. images that seem to move. All it is a group of image that move ever so slightly. So this is very similarto an animation.Stop Frame/Stop MotionStop frame if a technique use in the animation business. Which is to take a picture of an object inone position, then take and picture of the same object but the slightly move the object into adifferent position and the repeat this many times so then you have a series of images. So if you wereto use these images into an animation software like premier elements the images will be puttogether and they will be flicked though so the image is an illusion which looks like the image ismoving.Frame RatesFrame rate is also known as frame frequency. So this is the rate of how many images are beingshown in a second so a normal animation would use about 24 images per second. This method isused by animators in the film and animating industry. So if you put more frames in an animation theanimation whatever it is it will then be the smoother the movement outcome you will get.The software called flash you can make animations from scratch so you can literally draw them fromthe software or you could use already made images. So if you wanted to make an image move fromone image to another and wanted it to be smooth you would first make two key frames what thisdoes is activate the start of a movement so in between the key frame you will the use a tween tomake the movement.Task 4Vector animationVector animation is an image which is made up of a formula rather than pixels so the image can becopied without losing any detail also it can be resized without any detail loss. So the image issmoother and clearer so this is the benefit the down side is that there is the lack of detail andshading.Raster animationA raster animation is using photo images to make an animation so if you wanted to edit an image forexample you wanted to change the size zoom init will loss detail so the image I lossy so therefore theimage could look distort so the image ruined. The benefit of raster images is that it uses pixels so theimage could be taken with a good camera with a good pixel lens so there more detail in the image.Also the image uses up more memory because there more detail and bigger in size.Task 5Flash is animation software where you can make your very own animations. So using the softwareyou can draw imagesfrom scratch by using many different tools also you can animate every detail toyour standards. You can make animations another way by using a camera to take images and thenimport the image however you like so it can be a stop motion animation.
  5. 5. Flash playerFlash player is a plugin which allows you to watch flash animation. This is a very useful tool becausebefore showing the world the animation, you can watch the animation to see if there needs to beedits sound corrections. Also you will need this plugin to play flash games or flash websites also ifyou try to watch play or enter and you don’t have flash player it will prompt you to download it soyou can access flash ware products..