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Sla poster rdm_draft_20140529_v04


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Visual and interactive discovery of research data management needs in a large multi-disciplinary research centre

Poster for SLA 2014 conference

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Sla poster rdm_draft_20140529_v04

  1. 1. Visual and interactive discovery of research data management needs in a large multi-disciplinary research centre Kristof Kessler, Eugene Barsky and Lindsay Nettlefold SLA Conference, June 2014 How can we enhance the efficacy of discovering and addressing research data management needs? Template of Visual and Interactive Approach Overview Who: The Centre for Hip Health and Mobility (CHHM), University of British Columbia (UBC) Library and UBC IT. What: Instrument to assess data management needs for a large research centre with multi-disciplinary research projects. Why: Researchers need to understand their data and funders in Canada (TC3+) will start requiring data management plans soon. How: Worked with 25 researchers and 11 projects for this pilot to understand data needs across projects. *For example: Data Curation Profiles, DAF, CARDIO Group data streams with similar characteristics: •Medical imaging •Questionnaires and physical measures •Accelerometer, GPS, and other processed data •Qualitative data, audio files, and video files •Data consolidation and statistical analysis Visualization of project data life cycles facilitates standards and processes across multiple projects Data Collection Instruments Processing Steps Outcomes Methods Scope • Understand data needs across CHHM research projects • Consulted 25 researchers and 11 projects • Involved other stakeholders: UBC IT, Library, Ethics and Privacy • Want to leverage findings for other UBC research groups. Existing Needs Assessment Tools: • None of available tools* worked in given context • For example, Purdue’s questionnaire takes 10-15 hrs per project! However, they provide a comprehensive set of questions to consider in data assessment Objective Assess data management needs and facilitate data management planning within a multi- disciplinary research environment. Our New Approach Data Curation Profiling Pilots Need for Visual and Interactive Approach (see figures 1 & 2) Three Types of Objects Required to Capture Data Flow