Career Fair Networking


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Tips from UBC Career Services on networking at career fairs.

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Career Fair Networking

  1. 1. Career Fair Networking
  2. 2. Career Fair NetworkingSeptember 27, 2011John HornAssociate Director, Career DevelopmentUBC Career Services
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda• Learning Outcomes + Three Things• Networking | The Big Picture• Career Days | Preparation & Execution• Case Studies• Next steps
  4. 4. Learning ObjectivesBy the end of this workshop, you will beable to…• Describe networking best practices – in general and for Career Days• Identify and evaluate the components of a professional introduction or “pitch”• Create a target list for Career Days 2011
  5. 5. Three Things1. Know Your Purpose2. Research Your Targets3. Have a Great Pitch
  6. 6. What is thepurpose of aCareer Fair?
  7. 7. 1. Networking | The Big Picture
  8. 8. Networking Ideas(with pictures)
  9. 9. Courtesy of HighlandBlade and Flickr Creative Commons
  10. 10. Courtesy of AfghanistanMatters and Flickr Creative Commons
  11. 11. Courtesy of PA King and Flickr Creative Commons
  12. 12. Courtesy of rpongsaj and Flickr Creative Commons
  13. 13. Courtesy of sa_ku_ra and Flickr Creative Commons
  14. 14. Networking Ideas(with explanatory drawings)
  15. 15. Finding Work: Employers & Seekers Networking + Direct Calls Approach Networking Resumes (3-6) Target Job Seekers Companies The Internet HR / (Monster, Workopolis, Agencies Careers Online) Company Ads and Job Ads Postings
  16. 16. Re-Think Your Strategy Employee Notice Decision Human Ad or(Labour Market Information) Maker Resources Posting HJM Timeline Review No Cost No Cost $ 1000’s $100’s-$1000’s 1–2 3–6 100s 100s – 1000s weeks – months weeks – months weeks – months months
  17. 17. The Expectation Job Visit 10 companies Career Days UBC
  18. 18. The Reality Studying Abroad Volunteering Networking Academic Courses Service Learning Career Opportunities Career Days Mentorship Part-time Job(s)
  19. 19. Bill Clinton’s Black Book Your Networking List • Name | Title | Organization • Contact | email | phone • Touch points | “Fun Facts” • Ranking connectionsCourtesy of sharedferret and Flickr Creative Commons
  20. 20. Your Black BookFun Activity:1. What is your Career Days Top 10?2. How will you learn about them?3. How are you going to introduce yourself and have a conversation?
  21. 21. What is thepurpose of aCareer Fair?
  22. 22. 2. Preparation and Execution
  23. 23. A Career Fair Networking Brainstorm • What works well? • What needs improvement? • What are your questions? • What are your ideas?
  24. 24. “A Target Rich Environment” • Roles • Values • Mission • ProjectsCourtesy Bogdun_Sudhitu
  25. 25. Preparation Counts• Research• Questions• Targets and Roles• Fitting the Corporate CultureCourtesy of Andrew-Hyde and Flickr Creative Commons
  26. 26. Do Your Homework“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by spectacular preparation.” - Robert H. Schuller• Leverage “open source content” • The Internet | website, news, LinkedIn, Twitter • UBC Library | articles, reports, databases • The organization’s PR Department• One-page Summaries | Always
  27. 27. Okko_Pyykko from Flickr
  28. 28. The Preparation Funnel Google •Company Website UBC •Article or PR Library Report •Cases •Databases Primary Source •Information InterviewSYNTHESIZE “TOUCH POINTS” [YOUR QUESTIONS HERE]
  29. 29. Identify your network Employers FacultyFamily Mentors YOUFriends Community
  30. 30. Identify your network Employers FacultyFamily Mentors YOUFriends Community
  31. 31. ImpressionsCount• Dress for Success• Gone in 20 Seconds• Eye Contact and Body Language• Your Pitch• Business Cards Courtesy of Shawnisa and stock.exchng
  32. 32. The Professional Details • Smile • Dress for success (with a haircut) • Handshake | firm + double-pump • Toolkit | pen, cards, resume
  33. 33. The Professional Details • Learn the power of nonverbal cues • Be sincere • Conversational currency • Adjust your Johari Window • Invite a continuation of the relationship • Make a graceful exit
  34. 34. The Professional DetailsIntroduce yourself with your NAME: Name Academic Background Motivation for attending Enquire about them
  35. 35. The Professional DetailsFind a partner (someone don’t know) andintroduce yourself with the NAME formula. Name Academic Background Motivation for attending Enquire about them
  36. 36. “Hello, my name is _________. I amstudying __________ and have a strongbackground in ________. My ________skills nicely match your company’s need for___________. During my research for thisevent, I became interested in yourorganization’s ________(project/program).Would I be able to ask you a few questionsabout it at this time?”
  37. 37. Courtesy of Schoko-Riegel and Flickr Creative Commons
  38. 38. 3. Case Studies
  39. 39. Career Days ScenariosThe Process: • Get into teams of three, four or five. • Five different Career Days scenarios. • Brainstorm two or three solutions. • Present your team’s best answer. • Be fun and professional.
  40. 40. Career Days Scenario One“We don’t typically hire students with yourbackground.”The Scenario: • A UBC Arts student introduces herself to an employer and hears the above statement. The company typically hires students with expertise in computer science or engineering.How can she make herself relevant?
  41. 41. Career Days Scenario Two“Nice to meet you! My name is StephanieJohnson, Director of Recruitment forAppnovation.”The Scenario: • This is your chance to impress a top recruiter with your pitch. Show how you know your stuff.How do you introduce yourself?
  42. 42. Career Days Scenario Three“Hey. Wait your turn, man!”The Scenario: • Career Days is coming to an end and there are long line-ups for the PepsiCo and Devon Canada booths (you really want to talk to them both).How will you get some face-time with PepsiCoand Devon Canada?
  43. 43. Career Days Scenario Four“…and then we hired Peter, who is working out reallywell – where did you say you were from? – wait, nevermind, Peter is from Toronto, but Jane is from Regina –wow, these snacks are really good – and there are noreal opportunities for you in our firm, but Vancouver issuch a great place and I…”The Scenario: • You need to escape. Now.How do you make a graceful exit from this conversation?
  44. 44. Career Days Scenario Five“Why are you interested in our company?"The Scenario: • After a very good introduction, you’re engaged in a conversation with a company of interest. They are looking for someone who stands out from the crowd.How do you demonstrate knowledge of theorganization?
  45. 45. 4. Next Steps
  46. 46. Following up with a contact • After connecting | ASAP • The write stuff • Don’t forget the go-between • Reaffirm what was discussed • Be brief and to the point
  47. 47. Ask. Questions. Frequently.
  48. 48. 5. Coming Soon
  49. 49. From the Expert Accenture: Leverage Your Online Brand Date: Monday Oct 17, 2011 Time: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm Location: Career Services Lounge Stuart Olson: Dress For Success Date: Wednesday Nov 16, 2011 Time: 5: 00 to 6:00 pm Location: Career Services Lounge
  50. 50. • Like Facebook for professionals/job seekers• Build a searchable professional project• Meet new people in discussion groups• Learn more about a company
  51. 51. From spettacolopuro on Flickr
  52. 52. 6. Wrap It Up!
  53. 53. Learning ObjectivesBy the end of this workshop, you will beable to…• Describe networking best practices – in general and for Career Days• Identify and evaluate the components of a professional introduction or “pitch”• Create a target list for Career Days 2011
  54. 54. Three Things1. __________________2. __________________3. __________________
  55. 55. For more