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MAP Parent Presentation - Universal American School


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MAP Parent Presentation

Published in: Education
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MAP Parent Presentation - Universal American School

  1. 1. Universal American School Dubai MAP Presentation September 2016 Presenter: Amanda DeCardy
  2. 2. MAP Measures of Academic Progress™ Administer three times a year to measure growth Adaptive test Reading (KG2 - Grade 10) Mathematics (KG2 - Grade 10) Language Usage (Grade 2 - Grade 10) Science (Grade 3 - Grade 10) Places students on an equal interval scale to help teachers and administrators target student learning Results available immediately to teachers
  3. 3. IOWA Most students are in the 50th percentile Average
  4. 4. The RIT Score Measures of Academic Progress™ Results are given in a Rasch UnIT (RIT) Score which relates directly to the curriculum scale in each subject area. RIT scores range from about 100 - 300. Third graders typically start at the 180 - 200 level Students typically progress to the 220 - 260 scale in high school
  5. 5. UAS Dubai RIT Scores Against Normative Data As a school we compare ourselves overall to US schools, international schools and schools in our geographical region.
  6. 6. The MAP Progress Report After testing, parents will receive a MAP Student Progress Report for their child.
  7. 7. The MAP Progress Report The middle number is the RIT score your child received. The numbers on either side of the RIT score define the score range. If retested, your child would score within this range most of the time. The average score for all students at UAS in the grade who were tested at the same time as your child. The average score observed for students in the most recent NWEA RIT Scale Norms study, who were in the same grade and tested in the same portion of the instructional year (e.g., fall or spring). Presents the growth in RITs your child made from the previous fall to the spring of the year in which growth is reported. The number in the middle is your child's percentile rank - the percentage of students in the most recent NWEA RIT Scale Norms study that had a RIT score less than or equal to your child's score. The numbers on either side of the percentile rank define the percentile range. If retested, your child's percentile rank would be within this range most of the time. Each goal area included in the test is listed along with a descriptive adjective of your child's score. The possible descriptors are Low (<21 percentile), LoAvg (21-40 percentile), Avg (41-60 percentile), HiAvg (61-80 percentile) High (>80 percentile).
  8. 8. The MAP Progress Report Negative Growth in a Snapshot... Source: Students took too little time 25 seconds on a question is not enough time... Students were not engaged during the test... Effort fluctuates When we retest... 10 RIT points or greater
  9. 9. UAS MAP Parent Resource­‐resource-­‐page/