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Russian rock group Bi-2. Богатов А.


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Russian rock group Bi-2. Богатов А.

  1. 1. B-2 not turn(spirit)
  2. 2. B-2 splinter(spirit)        Members Pre-history Modern history Discography(Studio albums and internetreleases) Videos Bi-2 in cinema Honors and awards
  3. 3. B-2 splinter(spirit) Lyova Bi-2 (Igor Bortnik)  Shura Bi-2 (Alexandr Uman)  Andrey (Zvon) Zvonkov  Boris (Mr. Hipster ) Lifshitz  Yanik Nikolenko  Maxim (Lakmys) Andrusschenko 
  4. 4. B-2 1000miles(spirit)   The band was formed in 1985 in Minsk, Belarus by two teenagers, Aleksandr "Shura" Uman and Yegor "Lyova" Bortnik, who were amateur actors. Initially the band's name was (Brothers in Arms), which was formed in 1988, then (Shore of Truth), which resulted in abbreviation BI-2. This word Lyova and Shura begun to use as their scenic names, and Shura eventually changed his passport surname to Bi-II. In the beginning of the 90s the two moved to Israel and as Jews received citizenship, but in 1993 Shura moved to Australia while Lyova remained and served in the Israel Defense Forces. During this time, Lyova and Shura continued to compose music together, exchanging their records and tabs via Internet and phone. In Australia Shura, together with Dino Molinaro of Ikon, and Michael Aliani, former member of Ikon, formed the darkwave band Chiron. In 1998 Leva moved to Australia and joined Chiron as well, but the two left the project in less than two years to continue with their own band. B-2 in Australia(1998)
  5. 5. B-2 prayer(spirit)   In 1999 Bi-2 moved to Russia, where they previously tried to release their already recorded album (Genderless and Sad Love, 1998), but their plans were ruined by Russian financial crysis of 1998, which affected the record business. As of 1999, the band consisted only of two men, but the lineup soon was increased by sessional musicians. The band went up to popularity only in 2000, recording the score for popular Brother 2 movie by Aleksei Balabanov. Several score songs, included in Bi-2 eponymous debut album, shook rock radio charts, including the influential Nashe Radio chart. Bi-2 continued with "Meow Kiss Me" (2001) and “Cars of foreign make" (2004), both sold gold in Russia. Each of their albums included duet records with other rock musicians from such bands as Splean, ChayF, Nochniye Snaiperi, Zemfira, and others. Videos for Bi-2 songs often appear at MTV Russia. In 2005 the double CD “Odd warior" was released, which consisted completely of duets and collaborations. B-2 in Germany(2009)
  6. 6. B-2 silver                   Traitors of Motherland(1988) Genderless and sad love(1998) Bi-2(2000) Meow kiss me(2002) Cars of foreign make(2004) Odd warrior(2005) Milk(2006) Odd warrior-2(2007) Muse(2008) Amusement park(2009) Christmas(2009) It is what men are talking about(2010,soundtrack) Bi-2 feat. Symphony Orchestra of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia(2010) Odd warrior-2,5(2011) Optimist(2011) Airless anxiety(2011) Coast(2011) Spirit(2011)
  7. 7.                       Barbarian(1999) No one comes(1999) Nobody writes to the colonel(2000) Silver(2000) Fellini(2001) My love(2001) Meow kiss me(2002) Light(2002) My rock-n-roll(2002) Odd warrior(2002) Sand(2003) Revolution(2004) Idiot(2005) Muse(2008) The globe(2009) Bowie(2009) Fenugreek(2009) Rivers of love(2010) Eternal ghost counter(2010) Snow falls(2010) Optimist(2011) Airless anxiety(2011) Eternal ghost counter(2010)
  8. 8.        Brother-2(song Nobody writes to the colonel) Attendant angel(song Her eyes) I remain(song for me) It is what men are talking about(soundtrack) Vicissitudes of life(soundtrack) Election day(song Nightstand) the Seventh day(soundtrack)
  9. 9. B-2 daft punk playing in my house       album "B-2» - World Music Awards (2001) Award FUZZ (2001) "My rock 'n' Roll" - Best Song of the Year Muz-TV (2003) MTV World Music Award for Best Rock Group (2007) in 2010, received the award Muz-TV, in the "Rock Band of the Year“ Award winners "Chart a dozen top-13“(2010)
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention)))