Evaluation 2


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Evaluation 2

  1. 1.  The main purpose for our coursework was to produce a five minute short film  Also we had to create an ancillary task individually involving a film poster and a film review. The reason behind dong the ancillary task allowed us to promote our short film.
  2. 2. How did my poster meet the comedy genre? For the title I used a simple font called Book Antiqua which is clear and easy to read. To make it stand out I increased the size and by setting a gradient around the title allowing the title to be separated from the background. I used white for the title allowing it to stand out and it is different to the background. The audience are able to identify the genre as a comedy due to the multicultural individuals and cultures coming together in a humorous way linking in with the title ‘MIX UP’. The tagline which was created and decided by all 3 group members. The tag line connotes the plot in the story line allowing it to have more meaning also allowing the picture to link in with the tag line. I used this picture showing the characters expressions emphasising the tagline. To make sure the film doesn't connote a bad ending, the image I have used shows innocence and sly expressions however the mother expression shows frustration connoting to the tagline.
  3. 3. How did my poster meet the comedy genre? Each character has a different facial expression to one another. The facial expressions will show how different each character is. Saira is shown to be smirking as she knows her mischievous plan will work. The mothers facial expression shows that she is irritated and frustrated however through all 3 facial expressions an enigma is created showing two characters smiling and a mother who is frustrated. Trevor facial expression shows that he is bold, cunning , smiling as he is apart of Sairas mischievous plan. However even though the film focuses on the Trevor and the mother I still feel that it is important to involve Saira too . I wanted to do this because I wanted to show the audience who is behind this whole concept.
  4. 4. Fonts used for my poster For my credits I used a font called steel tongs which allowed me to do my credits to a professional standard. I decided to put the actors name in the middle with different colours connoting the colours of the Jamaican flag also allowing the names to become eye catching to the audience.
  5. 5. Fonts used for my film review Similar to my poster I have used similar fonts allowing it to be clear and easy to read. It is important to have a neat layout and font as it will allow the presentation layout to be professional. I have used the colour white coloured font following the conventions of other film reviews. The tagline is exactly the same as I have used for my poster however I just changed the colour of desire and nightmare into red emphasising the comedy behind the tag line. For the title of my review I again used a simple font however I increased the size, boldness and colour making it more eye catching. The conventions of a film review are always to make sure the title is bold and big in size which is what I have done on my film review.
  6. 6. How did my film review explore the final film As a group we wanted our film to be simple and for the audience to follow straight forward. For my film review I used the same film concept and then developing it further which was neatly written and organised making it easy to read. The tagline foreshadows the narrative ‘ A daughters desire, a mothers worst nightmare’ this tagline puts an emphasis on the plot and the characters outcomes which will allow the audience to question themselves of what happens such things going well and then becoming better in the end or the complete opposite. The review will attract the audience to read it as they would want to know what the film is about such as wanting to know if young Saira achieves her aim. I followed conventions from empire magazine by adding in a verdict box which concludes the film in a few sentences also within the verdict box I have implemented four star rating which rates the film allowing the audience to know how good it is coming from a film critic.
  7. 7. Logo and Website When researching and looking at other film posters I noticed that under the billing there was social networking sites. When designing my poster this allowed me to implement this convention into my own film poster. Most people use the internet much more which is positive because for a film there’s groups which will allow the film to be spoken about and be passed on ‘word of mouth’. Lastly I also noticed that the BBFC certification is also present on a poster allowing the audience to know the certification of the film.
  8. 8. To Summarise Overall I believe that both my film poster and film review work well alongside each other even though they have similarities to other reviews and posters. However most importantly both of my ancillary tasks match with my final production through the use of images, colour, layout which all link in with the film. All images connoted expression through the three characters allowing the audience have an idea of what the personalities are like.