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UAE HOSTESSES Provides Top-Notch Event Management And Staffing Solutions

  1. 1. UAE HOSTESSES Provides Top-Notch Event Management And Staffing Solutions
  2. 2. UAE HOSTESSES aims to provide exceptional event management and staffing solutions for private and public events in the UAE. It is a Swiss owned and Dubai- based enterprise founded by Sacha Christe and Jeffrey Henseler. Sacha is a young Swiss entrepreneur and a rising star in the UAE’s business world. He is the founder and CEO of a leading web design and marketing agency, Emirates Graphic. He conceptualized UAE HOSTESSES mainly for satiating his penchant for helping young, ambitious people in Dubai. The company assists the clients to have fabulous events and helps the youth by providing them promotional jobs in the UAE. Providing an insight into UAE HOSTESSES, the company spokesperson stated, “We have a knack for providing amazing events, no matter what the size, with the quality staffing they deserve. We have a large and varying pool of talented and professional people who remain prepared to take on all types of events and to make them a roaring success. Our mission is to offer the highest quality services to our clients and we envision becoming one of the most reputable and successful staffing agencies in the UAE. Out of all our values, treating our staff in the best ways possible is one. The happier the staff, the better they work for achieving the ultimate in customer delight.” UAE HOSTESSES provides professional and experienced exhibition staff, hostesses, models and promoters for any type of corporate event in the UAE. Coordinating all the activities at an exhibition while engaging visitors is a daunting task but their warm and enthusiastic hostesses strive to make the same a seamless experience. They greet guests and provide them with the most memorable and informative experiences at any exhibition. The seasoned and well-trained staff members provided by UAE HOSTESSES also works wonders for making conferences relevant and well-run. They coordinate the ongoing activities at the conferences and ensure that they are both impactful and on schedule.
  3. 3. The spokesperson added, “Those counting on us can be rest assured that they are collaborating with a professional and experienced team that will make their events come alive and leave unforgettable impressions on their guests. Our staff is a good fit for any size or type of event, be it a concert, a house party, product promotion, exhibition, conference or more. We do not settle for anything short of amazing when it comes to providing our clients with the perfect solutions. Additionally, we are committed to being a green company, treating our staff fairly and with care and providing opportunities and opening doors for our partners.” Those looking for the top event management companies in Dubai providing event management services for a whole range of industry segments can consider UAE HOSTESSES to be a reliable choice. Capable of providing a professional team who knows ins and outs of making a plethora of events successful, the company has carved out a niche for itself.
  4. 4. About UAE HOSTESSES: Providing incredible event staffing solutions since its inception, UAE HOSTESSES has revolutionized the way successful events are achieved in the UAE. Whether one requires the best Russian model in Dubai to strut on the ramp or an Asian model to grace the cover of a corporate magazine, the company specializes in serving every demand with the most professionally trained Source- management-and-staffing-solutions-3073512/