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Supporting Our Family


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Our project for the international CSR Competition "Citizen Act"

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Supporting Our Family

  1. 1. Supporting our family Les Clementines Theme – supporting SG’s young employees who want to establish a family and then offering all the conditions to reach a balance between career and family life Link with the banking industry – in such a competitive and demanding industry, an organisation should provide all the conditions for a sustainable employee development
  2. 2. Framework Objectives -------------------------------------------------------- – The growth of employees’ trust in SG as a reliable partner concerning their future family plans – Improved feeling of safety as SG’s employees – Higher number of career plans on medium and long term – Awareness and feeling of responsibility towards the issue of family and children Mission -------------------------------------------------------- – Creating the image of SG as a supporting institution towards employees’ plans related to family Target audience -------------------------------------------------------- – Primary target: SG’s employees aged 20-35 years old, – Collateral target: current and future professionals in the banking industry Supporting our family Framework
  3. 3. Methodology We have chosen the following tactics in order to reach our target audiences with the message that SG, as an employer, is a long term partner in family growth. • Yearly “Family day” event • Kindergarten and afterschool facilities for SG employees • Possibility to have part-time jobs for important family related events (such as pregnancy, marriage, etc.) • Career planning and family counseling – an important step in every employee’s path in SG • In-house monthly magazine for SG employees, focused on family topics • Organize regular activities for employees and their family • Preferential financial packages given to SG employees for family development • Events sponsorship and actions with professional institutions that deal with the issue of family education/growth and children (UN Millenium Goals) • Press releases, articles and interviews on the involvement of SG on family related issues Methodology Supporting our family
  4. 4. Benefits  Confidence at the workplace results in higher work efficiency for employees  Higher level of employee retention  SG is known for being actively involved in global natality growth  SG employer branding – known as a supporter of family growth among its employees ------------------------------------------------------- 1 year July 2009 – July 2010 with the possibility of long term extension after analysing the campaign evaluation report Execution period Supporting our family Execution periodBenefits