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UADY's Confucius Institute 2010 Activities Report


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UADY's Confucius Institute 2010 Activities Report

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UADY's Confucius Institute 2010 Activities Report

  1. 1. Content Requirement for the Submission of the Fifth Confucius Institute Conference Reference Materials, Information Cards and Activity Highlights 关于第五届孔子学院大会交流材料内容 Please kindly provide texts in Chinese and English, photographs as well as audio-visual clips. 1. General information about your Confucius Institute (Date of the Agreement signed, Date of formal launch, Chinese partner institution, etc.) 孔子学院概况(如协议签署时间、正式启动时间、合作方) Confucius Institute at Autonomous University of Yucatan, Mexico 墨西哥,尤卡坦自治大学孔子学院 The Confucius Institute of UADY began operations in October 2007 after signing the agreement with HANBAN in November 2006. Located in the library building of theCampus of Social Sciences of the University in Merida, Yucatan, CI-UADY has the following facilities to ensure its major functions of Chinese language teaching: offices, classrooms, library and a multimedia self-study centre. 尤卡坦自治大学孔子学院 2006 年 11 月和国家汉办签署合作协议,并于 2007 年 10 月开始正 式招生。尤大孔院位于尤卡坦州梅里达市尤卡坦自治大学社会科学校区的图书馆大楼,设有孔 院办公室、教室、图书馆以及多媒体自学中心。 MISSION: CI-UADY aims to promote the learning of Chinese Mandarin, to promote Chinese culture in Mexico and meanwhile organize various cultural exchange activities between China and Mexico. 使命:尤大孔院旨在通过鼓励学生学习普通话,举办文化交流活动增进中国与墨西哥两国人民 间的了解与友谊。 1
  2. 2. AGREEMENTS: The Autonomous University of Yucatan has signed agreements with the China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (HANBAN) and Sun Yat-sen University. This joint effort has provided the Confucius Institute with strong support and strength in offering Chinese courses, such as defining the curriculum, sending Chinese teachers andteaching materials, etc.,and organizing cultural activities in the city of Merida. 合作协议:尤卡坦自治大学已与中国国家汉语国际推广领导小组(国家汉办)以及中山大 学签订协议成立尤大孔子学院。尤大孔院在课程的设置、师资安排、教材以及文化活动开展上 都得到了上述机构的大力支持与帮助。 2. Organization and management structure (Members of the Board of Directors, current Director, registration and management structure, etc) 组织和管理结构(如理事会成员、院长、注册和管理形式等) ORGANIGRAMA Board of Directors 孔院理事会 UADY 墨方 SYSU 中方 M.V.Z. MPhil. Alfredo F.J. Dájer Abimerhi Dr. Xu Ningsheng 许宁生副校长 Co-president 墨方理事长 M.I. José Antonio González Fajardo Co-president 中方理事长 Member 理事 Prof. Wang Bin 王宾教授 Dr. Carlos Echazarreta González Member 理事 Member 理事 Dr. Andrés Aluja Schunemann CI-UADY General Director 外方院长 Prof. Zhou Xiaobing 周小兵教授 Member 理事 Mr. Xu Jin 徐劲副处长 2 CI-Coordinator of SYSU 中大孔院负责人
  3. 3. Accountant PamelaPPamela Cristales ( Pamela Cristales Wu, Xiaoyan 吴小燕 Executive Director 行政副院长 Chinese Director 中方院长 Chinese Teachers 汉语教师 3. Contribution from the host University/Organization, including Staff (teachers and management), direct financial input (including cash and space rental fees) and the square meters of the space dedicated to the use of your Institute. 外方投入,包括人员数(含外方自聘教师和管理人员) 、投入资 金(含现金和场地租用折合费用)及投入场地面积 Chinese Director Housing, Volunteers Housing, Medical Insurance of 5 volunteers and Chinese Director, administration, office materials, travels, scholarships to students, equipment, web site developing, etc. The total amount for 2010 until October 31st is: 43,383.08 USD. The office area of CI-UADY is 31.54m2 y the total area sharing with other offices is 255.38m2. 中方院长及汉语志愿者教师的住房补贴及医疗保险、管理费用、办公用品、差 旅费、学生奖学金、设备费、孔院网页研发等等。2010 年截止至 10 月 31 日的 总支出为 USD43,383.08。 尤大孔院的办公面积为 31.54m2, 共用面积为 255.38m2. 4. Teaching activities (Courses, content, type/level, hours of instruction, teaching materials, and number of students) 常规教学活动(课程名称、内容、种类、课时、教材、学员人 数) Chinese Courses 汉语教师 Courses Content Hours per No. Materials 3
  4. 4. course Introductory course 入门级汉语课程 1. 24 Learn pronunciation Students 135 学好汉语的声母、韵母和声调 2. Learn how characters to write 30 Chinese for Beginners (CI-UADY) 孔院自编汉语教材 学认、学写 30 个常用的汉字. 3. Being able to speak basic dialogues 掌握简单的口语会话 4. Learn and experience Chinese cultura 了解和体验中国文化 Level 1 一级 1. Study Chinese pinyin 学好汉语的声母、韵母、四声及 变调,熟悉汉语拼音方案,掌握 54 32 New Practical Chinese 1 《新实用汉语1》 词语的拼读规则 2. Master the daily communication skills and the classroom phrases in Chinese. 掌握日常基本生活会话和课堂 用语 3. Learn the basic composition rules of Chinese characters. 学习汉字. 掌握汉字的结构规 律,学习汉字的基本笔画和笔 顺,重点掌握最常用的基本汉字 和非成字部件,并根据这些部件 4
  5. 5. 的组合规律能认、写部分生词的 汉字。 4. Learn how to write 80 basic Chinese characters. 掌握 80 个基本的汉字 Level 2 二级 1. Strengthen the correct pronunciation of students. 巩固语音 54 25 New Practical Chinese 1 《新实用汉语1》 2. Master the basic structures of Chinese sentences and the correct use of Chinese characters. 正确、熟练地掌握汉语基本句型 和词语的用法 3. Able to conduct basic daily conversations in Chinese using the four basic language skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. 能熟练进行简单的口语会话,能 进行初步的听说读写的交际 4. Increase Chinese vocabulary after learning the rules of composing Chinese characters. 按汉字结构规律认写汉字,扩大 汉字量 5. Master the usage of 120 common characters and phrases. 5
  6. 6. 掌握 120 个常用词语 Level 3 三级 1. Keep practicing and improving the Chinese pinyin 54 30 继续巩固语音 New Practical Chinese 2 《新实用汉语2》 2. Study more Chinese grammatical structures. 能正确、熟练地掌握每课重点练 习的汉语基本句型和词语的用 法. 3. Being able to develop more complicated and improve students’ ability to understand oral and written communication. 能说汉语者进行初步的听说读 写的交际 4. Master the usage of 200 characters. 掌握 200 个词语 Level 4 四级 1. Keep practicing and improving the Chinese pinyin. 继续巩固语音 54 7 New Practical Chinese 2 《新实用汉语2》 2. Study more Chinese gramar. 学习系统的汉语语法 3. Being able to understand and speak about topics related to culture, customs and traditions. 能掌握用汉语进行交际所必需 6
  7. 7. 的文化知识,特别是习俗文化知 识。 4. Master the usage of 350 characters 掌握 350 个常用词语 Level 5 五级 1. Keep practicing and improving the Chinese 54 7 New Practical Chinese 3 《新实用汉语3》 pinyin.继续巩固语音 2. Study systematic Chinese gramar and practice their usage. 更系统地学习汉 语语法并加强相关训练 3. Understand well the cultural points essential for effective communication in daily life and specific occasions.能掌握在日常 及特定场合进行有效交 际所需的汉语知识及文 化要点。 4. Master the usage of 600 characters 掌握 600 个常用词语 Faculty of Economics 1. Learn the Chinese pinyin. 78 42 Vivir en China 学习语音. 学好汉语的声母、韵 《体验汉语》 (生活 母、四声及变调,熟悉汉语拼音 篇) ChinoContemporáneo 7
  8. 8. 方案,掌握词语的拼读规则 《当代中文》 2. Learn the basic conversation skills in Chinese. 掌握简单 Introduction to standard Chinese pinyin system 的口语会话 《汉语拼音入门》 掌握日常基本生活会话和交 际能力 3. Learn basic characters and the rules of composing characters. 学习汉字. 掌握汉字的结构规 律,学习汉字的基本笔画和笔 顺,重点掌握最常用的基本汉字 和非成字部件,并根据这些部件 的组合规律能认、写部分生词的 汉字。 4. Learn and experience Chinese culture 了解和体验中国文化. 通过多 样化的课堂教学,亲自体验中国 文化的奥妙.所讲授的文化内容 将包括中国概况、十二生肖、中 华民族民俗、中华美食、商务宴 请餐桌礼仪、中国传统节日等 8
  9. 9. 等。 5. Learn the basic vocabulary of business Chinese 学习基本的商务用语、了解中国 的商务礼仪,增加对中国经济的 认识 6. Learn 100 Chinesecharacters. basic 熟练掌握 100 个基本汉字。 Summer Course for kids 幼儿汉语暑期班 1. Learn basic Chinese pinyin. 60 30 学习汉语拼音。 Chinese Paradise 《汉语牙园》 2. Learn basic conversations in Chinese. 学习基本的汉语会话。 3. Learn and experience Chinese culture. 了解和体验中国文化 Introductory Course for kids 幼儿入门级汉语 课程 1. Learn pinyin. basic Chinese 24 9 学习汉语拼音。 Monkey King Chinese 1A 《美猴王汉语》 2. Learn basic conversations in Chinese. 学习基本的汉语会话。 3. Learn and experience Chinese culture. 了解和体验中国文化 HSK TrainingCourse 汉语水平考试 Help students prepare well for the exams of HSK Level 1 and 2. 帮 6 35 Teaching materials developed by CI teachers. 9
  10. 10. (HSK) 考前辅导 助学生熟悉 HSK 一级和二级的 班 孔院教师自编教材 考题及做好考前准备。 Total 5. 462 352 Cultural and other activities (Themes, number of participants and impact) 汉语和文化交流推广活动(活动主题、参加人数、效果) “China Day” “中国日”大型文化推广活动 On 7 February and 26 September, 2010 respectively, CI-UADY organized its third and fourth “China Day” cultural activities in Merida aiming to promote the Chinese culture in the local communities. Over one thousand people participated in the activities including taiqi and kungfu shows, tasting Chinese tea and food, paper-cutting, painting Beijing Opera masks, learning to make Chinese knobs and use chopsticks, etc. Due to the long distance between Mexico and China, not many people have a good knowledge of the Chinese culture and traditions, therefore they are very interested in not only the cultural activities but also the courses offered in the Confucius Institute. In fact, a number of people registered in the Chinese courses on the exact day. 2010 年 2 月 7 日和 9 月 26 日,尤大孔院于大学校本部分别举行了第三届和第四届“中 国日”大型文化推广活动,共有近千人参加了各项趣味盎然的活动,如太极、功夫表演、中 国茶艺、地理、书法、剪纸、京剧脸谱、学做中国结、学用筷子、品尝中国美食等。大家 对中国的传统文化非常好奇,因此非常积极参加各项活动。此次活动也对孔院汉语课程起 到了很好的推广效果,很多人当天就填写了课程报名表格。 Date 7 February No。Activities No。 Participants 志愿者学生 活动日期 Volunteer students 活动项目 参加人数 30 11 400 10
  11. 11. 2 月 7 日第三届 “中国日”文化 活动 26 September 39 14 600 69 25 1000 9 月 26 日第四 届“中国日”文 化活动 Total 参加人数 Visit of Beijing Language and Culture University Artistic Troup 接待北语学生艺术团赴梅里达进行文艺演出 On 10 March 2010, the Artistic Troup of Beijing Language and Culture University, sponsored by HANBAN, arrived in Merida to offer an artistic show in the university theater of UADY. This special show successfully introduced to the local people the essence of the Chinese folk and modern arts and received a big applause and admiration. The local media and the university website all published news report of this excellent show. 北京语言大学学生艺术团 3 月 10 日抵达梅里达市进行了非常成功的文艺演出, 这是对尤大 孔院一次非常好的宣传推广,同时使梅里达的市民对中国传统文化了更深的了解。当地的 媒体和尤大的网页都进行了相关报道。 Date No。 Participants 活动日期 参加人数 10 March 200 11
  12. 12. 3 月 10 日 Chinese Culture Conferences and Cultural Activities 中国文化讲座和文化活动 During this year CI-UADY has organized different activities to promote Chinese culturenot only to the UADY students but also to the Accountants Association and the local community in Merida, such as the Taijiquan and Chinese cooking classes, conferences on language, culture, business and the “China Day” Cultural Exhibition and the visit of the artistic group of Beijing Language and Culture University, respectively. Over 1,500 people in Merida had the direct access to know more about the language and culture of China as well as the Chinese courses of CI-UADY. 2010 年尤大孔院举行了非常丰富多彩的中国文化推广活动,不仅在孔院的汉语课程当中安 排了太极文化课和中华美食课,并且还在梅里达社区和会计协会举办了有关语言、文化及 经济方面的讲座。此外,今年还在 2 月和 9 月分别举办了“中国日”大型文化推广活动,在 3 月成功接待汉办资助的北京语言文化大学艺术团赴梅里达的文艺演出,让大量的梅里达市 民有良好的机会接触和了解中国的语言和文化,同时也很好地推广了尤大孔院及其汉语课 程。 Activity Date 活动名称 日期 No。 Participants 参加人数 Taiji Class March 太极文化课 三月 Chinese Food Class April 四月 中华美食课 99 99 93 12
  13. 13. October 十月 Conference 1 19 April 讲座一 四月 19 日 Conference 2 6 September 讲座二 9月6日 Conference 3 23 September 讲座三 9 月 23 日 Conference 4 28 September 讲座四 9 月 28 日 Total 40 100 200 50 681 6. Local teacher training programs 本土师资培训项目 Local Teacher’s Training 本土教师的培训 Date Place Participants 日期 地点 培训人数 27 August –present CI-UADY 1 8 月 27 日——至今 尤大孔院 Total 总人数 7. 1 Lectures featuring distinguished scholars 知名学者讲演活动 Not applicable/ 没有 13
  14. 14. 8. In China programs (including summer camps, educator delegation and teacher training, etc) 来华项目(包括夏令营、校长团、师资培训等) Not applicable/ 9. 没有 Development of teaching and reading materials 教材和读物编写情况 Number 序号 Title of the Materials 教材/读物名称 1 Chinese for Beginners 汉语入门级课程用书 10. Teaching Teaching /Reading For Publication? (Yes/No) 是否出版 No 暂不打算出版 material Exhibition (number of Exhibition, total number of attendance, impact etc…) 教材展情况(包括举办次数、参加人数、效果等) Not applicable/没有 11. Building and usage of China Exhibition equipment 中华文化体验中心建设和使用情况 Not applicable/没有 12. Usage of Great Wall Chinese (number of classes, number of people, impact etc...) 长城汉语使用情况(包括班次、人数、效果等) Not applicable/没有 14
  15. 15. 13. Development goals and plan 发展目标和计划 Improve the teaching quality by developing a program for training local Chinese teachers 通过培训本土教师更好地提升孔院汉语教师的质量; Develop programs for teaching Chinese to kids from 7 to 10 years 开发和推广 7 至 10 岁幼儿汉语课程; Develop a course of Chinese History and Culture 开发中国历史和文化课程; Increase the number of students in levels, motivate students to continue studying Chinese 激励更多的学生继续学习汉语,增长各级别的学生人数; Open Chinese courses in other schools and faculties 在其他学校或尤大其他院系开办汉语课程; Assist CI students to obtain the scholarship from CI Headquarters to study Chinese in China. 帮助孔院学生获取孔院总部的奖学金到中国留学; Promote Chinese language culture to more Mexican people by organizing more effective cultural activities. 通过举办成功有效的文化推广活动向墨西哥市民更好地推广中国的语言和文 化; Train more qualified local Chinese teachers. The aiming number is 3. 培养更多合格的本土汉语教师,培养目标是三名。 15
  16. 16. 14. Feedback and media coverage on your Confucius Institute 相关评价及媒体对孔子学院的报道 Please kindly refer to the attachment entitled Prensa. 详见名为《媒体报道》的附件。 15. Features, best practice, existing problems, and suggestions 孔子学院的特色、建设经验、存在问题及有关建议 Suggestions: 建议: 1. Volunteer teachers’ arrival time • CI-UADY sincerely hopes thatthe new volunteer teachers can be guaranteed to arrive in Merida according to the scheduled plan so that we can conduct all the teaching plans on an effective schedule. 尤大孔院希望明年的新志愿者教师能按照已定的计划按时抵达梅里达, 以 便能正常开展教学工作。 • As SYSU is the partner institution of CI-UADY, it is desired that the new volunteer teachers can be preferably selected from there. 我院希望能从尤大孔院的合作院校中山大学选送新的志愿者教师。 2. Approval of CI-UADY 2010 Budget 2010 年的预算审批 The delay in the approval of the budget has had a negative impact in the coming activities organized by CI-UADY. This year the summer course which was collaborated with Sun Yat-sen University had to be cancelled due to the delayed approval of the budget. This was something we were so reluctant to see and sincerely hope that it would not happen again. 16
  17. 17. 尤大孔院 2010 年的预算迟迟没能通过审批,导致很多计划流产。比如由于还没 有通过预算审批,今年的夏令营经费未能及时到位,以致于尤大孔院不得不取消了 今年和中山大学合作的夏令营计划。 16. Contact information of your Confucius Institute (Confucius Institute websites, address, contact person(s), telephone number(s), fax number(s) and email address (es). 孔子学院联系方式(孔子学院网址、地址、联系人姓名、电话、 传真、邮箱) Confucius Institute of UADY 尤卡坦自治大学孔子学院 Website 网址: Tel.总机: +52 999 9282711 Fax 传真: +52 999 9282711 Ext. 1349 General Director 外方院长: Dr. Andres Aluja Email 电子邮件 Tel: +52 999 9282711 ext. 1351 Chinese Director 中方院长: 吴小燕博士(Dr. Wu Xiaoyan) Email 电子邮件 Tel: +52 999 9282711 ext. 1366 Executive Director 行政副院长: Ms. Pamela Cristales Email 电子邮件 Tel: +52 999 9282711 ext 1360 17. For Items 4-12, please provide a text of brief description, and also fill out the enclosed form on 2010 Confucius Institute Programs and Activities4-12 项除 17
  18. 18. 提交简要文字说明外,请填写附表“孔子学院 2010 年课程及活 动情况表” 18. Please fill out the enclosed form for 2010 Confucius Institute Information Cards(In Chinese only) 请另外填写附表“孔子学院信息卡”(中文填写即可) 19. Please provide photographs and audio-visual clips for 2010 activity highlights, including programs, activities, interviews and media coverage. 请提交 2010 年活动精选图片及视频材料,含课程和活动、参加 人员访谈,以及媒体报道等。 Please kindly refer to the attachment entitled PICTURES. 详见名为《图片》的附件。 孔子学院 2010 年课程及活动情况表 2010 Confucius Institute Programs and Activities 填表说明:请用中英文填写本表;尚未开展的活动也请列出,可预估参加人数 务求反映出孔子学院 2010 年的全部工作。Please fill out the form in both Chinese and English. Please also provide information, including projected number of participants, for activities that are forthcoming before the end of 2010. 汉语教学 Chinese Language Teaching: 序 号 Number 课程名称 Name of Program 教学对象 Target Group 课 时 Instruction Hour 数 学 员 人 数 Enrollment 18
  19. 19. Introductory Course (8)入门 Adults 成人 24 135 Adults 成人 54 57 Adults 成人 1 54 37 Adults 成人 54 7 24 9 级汉语课程 Beginners Classes (6)初级汉 2 语 Intermediate Classes (5)中级 3 汉语 4 Advanced Class (1)高级汉语 Kids (7-10 years) 5 Kids Class (1)幼儿汉语 幼儿(7-10 岁) 小计 Total 245 汉语和文化交流与推介 Chinese Language and Culture Promotion Activities: 序 号 活动名称及简要说明 Name Number of Activity and Brief Description 1 China Day, cultural exhibition and activities “中国日”文化推广活动 2 Chinese culture conferences 中国文化讲座 3 Beijing Language and Culture University, Artist Group Performance 北京语言文化大 学艺术团 小计 Total 面向人群 Target Group All ages 各年龄段 参加人次 Number of Participants 900 Adults 成人 350 Adults 成人 250 1500 本土汉语师资培训 Local Chinese Teacher Training Program 序 号 培训班名称及期限 Name and Duration Number 1 Local teacher training at CI-UADY, Merida 本土教师培养 参加人次 Number of Participants 1 19
  20. 20. 小计 Total 1 中外知名学者讲座 Lectures Featuring Distinguished Scholars: 序 号 学者姓名 Name of Scholar Number 讲座主题 Theme 参加人次 Number of Participants 小计 Total 教材和读物编写 Development of Teaching and Reading Materials: 序 号 教材/读物名称 Title of the Teaching /Reading Materials Number 1 Chinese for Beginners《入门级汉语课程》 是否出版 For Publication? (Yes/No) No 暂不出版 教材展情况 Chinese Teaching Materials Exhibition : 序 号 展览名称及效果简述 Name of Exhibition and Brief Description Number 参加人次 Number of Participants 小计 Total 来华项目 In China Programs(包括夏令营、校长团、师资培训等 including summer camps, educator delegation and teacher training, etc) 序 号 活动名称 Number Name of the Program 中小学校长人数 Number of Primary and 教 师 人 数 Enrollment of Teachers 学生人数 Enrollment of Students 20
  21. 21. Secondary School Heads/Educators 小计 Total 体验中心建设和使用情况 Contribution and Development of Experiencing Center: 序 号 举办活动名称及简要情况 Number Name of Activity and Brief Description 参加人次 Number of Participants 小计 Total 长城汉语使用情况 Development of Great Wall Chinese: 序 号 开班情况及效果简介 Number Brief Description 学生人数 Enrollment of Students 小计 Total 21