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The Confucius Institute at UADY offered the Feast of the Peking Opera


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Report of the the Feast of the Peking Opera offered by the Confucius Institute at UADY

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The Confucius Institute at UADY offered the Feast of the Peking Opera

  1. 1. The Confucius Institute at UADY offered the Feast of the Peking Opera The Confucius Institute of the Autonomous University of Yucatán, CI-UADY, was visited by the Lingnan Chinese Opera Association, which is part of the Sun Yat- Sen University, located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong. For the first time in the city of Mérida the event attendees had the opportunity to admire elegant characters, lush makeup, and the exquisite singing, postures and technical characteristics of Chinese opera. The Peking Opera is one of the most famous. It is also one of the most characteristic expressions of the traditional art of China. Peking Opera is an important part of the cultural heritage of the Chinese people. It originated from the local opera of Anhui province, and combined in its evolution the artistic expressions of other premises which gave life to new drama operas. Peking Opera integrates multiple art forms: singing, dialogue, monologue, choreography, acting, acrobatics and martial arts. The feast of the Peking Opera took place on March 17, 2014 in the theater Felipe Carrillo Puerto at the Autonomous University of Yucatan with an attendance of approximately 300 people who enjoyed the role and various numbers such as: spreading sky goddess flowers, which delighted the audience with the technique of using water hoses, legend of the White snake, a folk tale well known in China that tells the love story of a young man and a lady, White Snake. They meet on the shore of the beautiful West Lake and gradually fall in love. The dream of a young married woman is a fragment that showed the transformation of the feelings of a sore and troubled heart to a sweet moment when in her bedroom she sees her husband in his sleep, who was separated from her. The number presented by actor Wu Di Pickup ¨Picking up the Jade Bracelet¨ that without scenic elements and with only the use of hands, gestures and posture managed to unleash joy and laughter in the audience, was the most acclaimed. The Managing Director of the Confucius Institute at UADY, Dr. Andreas G. Aluja Schuneman, welcomed the public and the authorities present. For his part, Dr. Kang Baocheng, director of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Sun Yat -sen University, spoke a few words of thanks to the public of Merida for their great interest in Chinese culture. Technical Director of CI- UADY, Pamela Crystals
  2. 2. Ancona opened the event with a brief introduction of Chinese opera. The event was led by local teachers of the Institute, Miguel Contreras Carrillo and Nubia Cano Magaña. The presentation of the feast of the Peking Opera was part of the artistic group tour Lingnan whose next presentation was on March 19 in Mexico City, event that was organized in cooperation with the Confucius Institute at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (CI- UNAM). The event in images: