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Reporte2012 ingles


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Reporte2012 ingles

  1. 1. 1 Seventh Confucius Institute Conference Reference Materials Part One: General Information 2012 Confucius Institute at Autonomous University of Yucatan Mexico The Confucius Institute of UADY began operations in October 2007 after signing the agreement with HANBAN in November 2006and later with its collaborative partner, Sun Yat-sen University, in January of 2007. Located in the library building of the Campus of Social Sciences of the University in Merida, Yucatan, CI-UADY has the following facilities to ensure its major functions of Chinese language teaching: offices, classrooms, library and a multimedia self-study centre. MISSION: CI-UADY aims to promote the learning of Chinese Mandarin, to promote Chinese culture in Mexico and meanwhile organize various cultural exchange activities between China and Mexico. AGREEMENTS: The Autonomous University of Yucatan has signed agreements with the China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (HANBAN) and Sun Yat-sen University. This joint effort has provided the Confucius Institute with strong support and strength in offering Chinese courses, such as defining the curriculum, sending Chinese teachers andteaching materials, etc.,and organizing cultural activities in the city of Merida. During 2012, Confucius Institute at the Autonomous University of Yucatan has increased the number of students of Chinese and for the first time, Chinese courses for teenagers were offered at a private school and at CI-UADY facilities. 1. Teaching activities (Courses, content, type/level, hours of instruction, teaching materials, and number of students) Chinese Courses Courses Number of groups Content Hours per course No. Students Materials Introductory course 10 1. Learn pronunciation 2. Learn how to write 30 characters 3. Being able to speak basic dialogues 4. Learn and experience Chinese cultura 26 (1st and 2nd trimester) 30 (3rd 131 Chinese for Beginners (CI-UADY)
  2. 2. 2 trimester) Level 1 7 1. StudyChinesepinyin 2. Master the daily communication skills and the classroom phrases in Chinese. 3. Learn the basic composition rules of Chinese characters. 4. Learn how to write 80 basic Chinese characters. 56 (1st and 2nd trimester) 60 (3rd trimester) 107 New Practical Chinese 1 Level 2 9 1. Strengthen the correct pronunciation of students. 2. Master the basic structures of Chinese sentences and the correct use of Chinese characters. 3. Able to conduct basic daily conversations in Chinese using the four basic language skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. 4. Increase Chinese vocabulary after learning the rules of composing Chinese characters. 5. Master the usage of 120 common characters and phrases. 掌握 120 个常用词语 56 (1st and 2nd trimester) 60 (3rd trimester) 107 New Practical Chinese 1 Level 3 6 1. Keep practicing and improving the Chinese pinyin 2. Study more Chinese grammatical structures. 3. Being able to develop more complicated and improve students’ ability to understand oral and written communication. 4. Master the usage of 200 characters. 56 (1st and 2nd trimester) 60 (3rd trimester) 69 New Practical Chinese 2 Level 4 2 1. Keep practicing and improving the Chinese pinyin. 2. Study more Chinese gramar. 3. Being able to understand and speak about topics related to culture, customs and traditions. 4. Master the usage of 350 characters 56 (1st and 2nd trimester) 60 (3rd trimester) 16 New Practical Chinese 2 Level 5 3 1. Keep practicing and improving the 56 (1st 26 New Practical
  3. 3. 3 Chinese pinyin. 2. Study systematic Chinese grammar and practice their usage. 3. Understand well the cultural points essential for effective communication in daily life and specific occasions. 4. Master the usage of 600 characters and 2nd trimester) 60 (3rd trimester) Chinese 3 Level 6 6 1. Keep practicing and improving the Chinese pinyin. 2. Study systematic Chinese grammar and practice their usage. 3. Understand well the cultural points essential for effective communication in daily life and specific occasions. 4. Master the usage of 800 characters。 56 (1st and 2nd trimester) 60 (3rd trimester) 6 New Practical Chinese 3 Summer Course for kids 1 1. Learn basic Chinese pinyin. 2. Learn basic conversations in Chinese. 3. Learn and experience Chinese culture. 60 26 Chinese Paradise 1 A and B Kids 2B 2 1. Occupations 2. Animals and Nature 3. Colors and clothing 26 (2nd trimester) 15 Chinese Paradise 2B Kids 3A 2 1. Spring arrived 2. How is the weather today? 3. Can you swim? 4. I like to sing 5. I want to buy chocolate 6. How much is it? 30 (3rd trimester) 15 Chinese Paradise 3A Total 48 groups 518 students 2. Cultural and other activities, training of local teachers of Chinese (number of trainings, number of participants and impact), developing of teaching materials, and applying of graphic teaching materials. During the year of 2012, CI-UADY, again, organized two China-Day Exhibitions to promote the Chinese culture in Merida Yucatan, received the visit of Sun Yat-sen University CI-UADY Administration Board members, received the visit of the Chinese Embassy Education Secretary and organized the presentation of the artistic group of Nanchang University. In addition to the
  4. 4. 4 regular Chinese classes, we also opened a few new cultural workshops including Chinese Calligraphy,Taijiquan, and Chinese Cooking class collaborated with a local Chinese restaurant. In March 2012, for the first timeCI-UADY organized a Chinese Weekend Camp. This year, for the first time too, two local teachers were sent to United States to participate in a three week Chinese Camp for kids, organized by Rutgers University, to be trained for working with kids. One local teacher participated in a training organized by the Confucius Institute at the Autonomous National University (CI-UNAM) to know more about how to use different materials in class and we have developed our own training sessions with all teachers to discuss materials and activities that can improve students’ learning of Chinese. Activities Date Activity Volunteer students No。 Activities No。 Participants Impact February 5th Seventh China Day 84 14 1500 Participants enjoy the culture exhibition and learnt about how Chinese people celebrate the new year September 9th Eight China Day 50 14 1000 Participants learn about Chinese History and National Day. Also, they had the opportunity to practice calligraphy, painting and enjoy Chinese minorities’ dances. March, May and October Chinese Cooking Class Teachers 10 131 Students learnt the importance of Chinese festivals and the traditional food for each celebration. September to December Chinese culture class:Chinese Tea Culture, Beijing Opera, Calligraphy and Taichi Teachers 1 50 Students had the opportunity to familiarize with important cultural facts of the actual life in China. March First Chinese Weekend Camp Teachers and 1 35 Students were able to practice Chinese and to
  5. 5. 5 directors experience two days of cultural and academic activities related to China. March Nanchang University Artistic Group Visit Teachers and two students 1 400 The event was included in the Program of the First International Book January and August Courses promotion at Faculties Executive Director 2 200 Promote between local, national and international students the courses at the Institute as well as the cultural activities organized by CI-UADY. Total 136 students 43 activities 3316 participants This year CI-UADY increased the number of participants at cultural activities and succeeded in organizing the first Chinese Weekend Camp Teachers Training Date Activity No。 Activities No。 Participants Impact February First National Chinese Teachers Meeting 1 3 directors It was established the National Association of Teachers of Chinese in Mexico July Chinese Summer Camp at Rutgers Universtity (Local teachers training) 1 2 local teachers Teachers designed new activities and materials for being used at the Summer Camp for kids that CI-UADY organizes. November Training of teaching materials at CI-UNAM 1 1 local teachers Teacher offered a training session to all CI-UADY teachers went he came back from the training in Mexico
  6. 6. 6 city. Teachers discussed new ways to teach pinyin to students. January to December Training at CI-UADY for new activities and techniques to teach Chines to Mexicans 21 8 teachers 2 directors During the whole year CI-UADY has established meetings every two weeks to discuss teaching materials, activities for practicing grammar, phonetics, reading and listening. 3. Implementation of Headquarters Key Projects Date Activity Place Participants Impact March and October HSK 1 HSK 2 HSK 3 HSK 4 CI-UADY 40/42 31/35 9/13 3/3 More than 90% of students approved the HSK 1 andHSK 2, 69% of students approved HSK 3, and 100% of HSK 4 candidates approved the exam. May CI-Scholarships CI-UADY 2 (one academic year) 6 (one semester) Eight students were awarded the Confucius scholarship to study at the University of Sun Yat-sen for one academic yearand one semester starting on September2012. May Chinese Bridge University Competition Chinese Bridge High School Competition CI-UNAM and CI- Mexico City 2 1 One student of University level won the first national prize and represented Mexico in the Competition hold in China. The student of High School level won the third prize and went to China to see the international competition. Total 104 students This year the number of HSK candidatesincreased significantly and for the first time CI-UADY offered HSK 4.
  7. 7. 7 4. Featured and innovative programs. To make part of Chinese Language Courses some classes to present Chinese Culture Topics, letting the student to experience Chinese culture in class as part of the course content. Designing activities according to the specific talents of teachers. If we receive a teacher who practices Chinese Opera, we offered classes for learning Chinese Opera. Kids had learnt a lot of Chinese using songs to learn vocabulary and practice their Chinese pronunciation. Chinese Weekend Camp is an activity that CI-UADY started this year and it will continue to be offered to students twice a year.
  8. 8. 8 This year CI-UADY decided to celebrate Chinese Dragon Boat Festival in a Chinese restaurant after offered to all groups a presentation of this traditional festival. Part Two: Overview of Confucius Institute’s Integration into the University and Local Community. 1. Area and space dedicated for the administration and teaching of the CI. Office Space: 97 square meters Teaching Space: 189 square meters Library and Self Access Center: 66 square meters 2. Whether or not the Chinese courses have been integrated into the host university’s credit course system. Only two faculties have included Chinese courses into their credit course system with the enrollment of 6 students.
  9. 9. 9 3. Events organized with university faculties and other organizations. Two conferences have been given at the Economics Faculty during 2012. 4. Services provided for the community; the building up of affiliated Classrooms and teaching sites. At this moment, four universities are requesting the Autonomous University of Yucatan its help to open four Chinese classrooms at their University facilities in the two neighbor States of Campeche and Quintana Roo. 5. The formulation of regulations (for personnel administration, management of financial matters and Board of Directors’ regulations). CI-UADY has a manual for the administrators and directors as well as for the teachers. Also it has developed regulations for students. All financial regulations are the same that the host University applies for making use of the money. Part Three: CI Development Plan, Self-Assessment, and suggestions on the work of CI. CI-UADY Development Plan 2012-2015 will guide the development of CI-UADY for the next three years and will help us to assess our performance according to the fulfillment of the goals included in the plan. During 2012, CI-UADY worked really hard to improve the teaching quality of its courses and to offer training to all teachers according to the comments of the students. Some students have already thanked teachers for changing their classes and took into account their comments about the classes. Suggestions on the work of CI: A new Chinese Director should be sent as soon as possible in order to continue improving our performance.
  10. 10. 10 Part Four: Upload No More Than 10 Featured Pictures with captions. February 二月: The Seventh China Day 第七届中国日
  11. 11. 11 March 三月: Yucatan International Fair Book, Presentation of Nanchang University Artistic Group。 2012 年南昌大学艺术团赴美巡演 May 五月:Chinese Bridge Competition 汉语桥比赛
  12. 12. 12 七月 July: Closing Ceremony 结业典礼
  13. 13. 13 August 八月: Summer Camp for Kids 幼儿汉语暑期班
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. 15 September 九月: The Eighth China Day Inauguration 第八届中国日 October 十月: HSK Application 汉语水平考试
  16. 16. 16