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Under 13 on Facebook


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There are risks to kids using the Internet… period. Having said that, the Internet is not going away, and Facebook seems to be working very hard to figure out how to keep kids safe online. That is great news, but at the end of the day, there are natural limitations to what Facebook can do given that almost everyone on the planet uses the social network. uKnowKids ( has created this infographic to provide parents with more information about young children on Facebook.

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Under 13 on Facebook

  1. 1. UNDER 13 on Face bo ok THE STATS: PARENTS & EXPERTS WEIGH IN... WHAT PARENTS THINK 38% 86% 7.5 36PERCENT MILLION OF PARENTS ARE FRIENDS WITH THEIR CHILD ON FACEBOOK. OF CHILDREN UNDER 12 YEARS OLD ARE ALREADY ON FACEBOOK THAT’S KIDS CURRENTLY, Facebook deletes THOUSANDS OF UNDER 13 ACCOUNTS EVERY DAY 55% of of parents knew their child had a Facebook account before the child was 13 years old. (the majority of those parents helped set up the account.) Many parents agree that children UNDER 13 should have access to Facebook to learn how to use it responsibly. MONITOR THEIR CHILD ONLINE. References: The Online Mom Forbes Threat Post Net Family News Designer: Brigit Gilbert of parents are still concerned about his or her child’s online presence. EXPERTS SAY LAWMAKERS hope that Facebook does not exploit children and their personal information as a source of revenue. HAVE GIVEN OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION, INCLUDING PHOTOS AND PERSONAL DESCRIPTIONS TO SOMEONE THEY DON’T KNOW ONLINE. TO LINK ALL UNDER 13 ACCOUNTS TO HIS OR HER PARENT’S ACCOUNT IN ORDER TO ALLOW PARENTS TO 74% WHAT TEENS Facebook intends BUT EXPERTS BELIEVE SOCIAL MEDIA RESEARCHERS claim that allowing children under 13 on FB may make it easier for child predators to find new targets. that Facebook can be a valuable resource for children to learn: social skills educational development self expression digital savvy TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MONITORING YOUR CHILD’S SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS VISIT: