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This June for National Internet Safety Month, uKnowKids ( interviewed some of the leaders and experts in the Internet safety and security industry and asked them what was one important tip that they could share with parent's to help keep their children safe online. Find out what they have to say; it might be the best thing you do all day!

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Internet Safety Infographic

  1. 1. SafetyNet A PARENT’S GUIDE TO INTERNET AND MOBILE SAFETY FOR KIDS FROM THE INDUSTRY’S LEADERS AND EXPERTS Parents need to participate in their children's digital world. Rules are not enough. Parental control software is not enough. We need to teach our kids how to use and enjoy technology responsibly and that is best achieved by engaging early and often. ? 72% Tim Woda, Internet and mobile safety expert, co-founder of OF PARENTS OF ONLINE TEENS ARE CONCERNED ABOUT HOW THEIR CHILD INTERACTS ONLINE WITH PEOPLE THEY DO NOT KNOW We live in an age where messages can live forever. Never send anything you'd be embarrassed for the world to learn about you. Stefano Sassu, General Manager, Mobile Product Development at Mindspark Help make the Internet a family activity and ask your child to help plan family events using the Internet. 69% Jayne A. Hitchcock, President, Working to Halt Online Abuse OF PARENTS OF ONLINE TEENS ARE CONCERNED ABOUT HOW THEIR CHILD MANAGES HIS OR HER REPUTATION ONLINE Just because you have internet safety software, it doesn't mean that your job is done. Parents need to talk to their children about the potential pitfalls of the internet. Russ Warner, CEO ContentWatch 68% OF PARENTS OF ONLINE TEENS ARE CONCERNED ABOUT HOW THEIR CHILD’S ONLINE ACTIVITY MIGHT AFFECT THEIR FUTURE ACADEMIC OR EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Even if you have your kids internet locked down, please be aware that many of their friends have open access to the internet. Keep in mind, that If they go over to a friends house you have no control on what they view. 3IN4 Patrick Coombe, CEO Elite Strategies TEENS AGES 12-17 SAY THEY ACCESS THE INTERNET ON CELL PHONES, TABLETS, & MOBILE DEVICES AT LEAST OCCASIONALLY One simple and low-tech step parents can follow to help ensure their children stay safe online is to keep the family computer in a shared room and not in the child's bedroom. This can work wonders for preventing inappropriate content from being viewed. Ann Biddlecom, Senior Product Manager, Kaspersky Lab Parents should set up "house rules" for their kids, which should include proper guidelines for using smartphones - items like when they're allowed to use the phones, if they need permission to download apps or purchase items, and how you plan to monitor their activity. 87% OF PARENTS SAY THEY HAVE ESTABLISHED RULES FOR THEIR KIDS’ USE OF THE INTERNET SAY THEY FEEL THEY ABOUT 69% KNOWKIDS DO WHAT THEIR ONLINE YET 41% OF KIDS SAY THEY DON’T SHARE KNOWLEDGE OF THEIR INTERNET ACTIVITIES WITH THEIR PARENTS Marian Merritt, Internet Safety Advocate for Norton by Symantec 29% SAY THEIR PARENT OR GUARDIAN WOULD DISAPPROVE IF THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE UP TO ON THE WEB! 9IN10 TEENS HAVE A COMPUTER OR HAVE ACCESS AT HOME. Parents can change security setting on the phones of their children and use apps that allow parental control on content access on mobile devices. To foster a keen interest in technology, parents can consider enrolling their kids to tech camps to learn about programming on these devices. Dr. Ziqian Dong, assistant professor in NYIT's School of Engineering and Computing Sciences 7IN10 TEENS WITH HOME COMPUTER ACCESS SAY THE COMPUTER THEY USE MOST IS SHARED WITH OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS. Parents or guardians should be monitoring and have access to the online accounts their children have. Amanda Brace, counselor for children and adolescents References: Pew Internet & American Life Project – iSAFE – FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HOW TO PROTECT YOUR KIDS, VISIT: HTTP://WWW.UKNOWKIDS.COM/ Graphic Designer Brigit Gilbert