Online Service                                       Price1     Military OneSource                                   FreeM...
Online Service                                             Price2      Speaksake                                          ...
Online Service                                          Price3     OpLove                                                 ...
Online Service                                          Price 4      Welcome Them Home                                    ...
Online Service                                               Price 5      TroopSwap                                       ...
Online Service                                             Price 6                                                        ...
Software and Application                                 Price 7                                                          ...
Application                                                 Price 8      Voxer                                            ...
Application                                               Price 9      US Army News and Information                       ...
Social Network                                             Price10      Facebook                                          ...
Social Network                                           Price11      RallyPoint                                          ...
For much more content and a full list of references, resources, and contributors,                   download our original ...
11 Digital Services Every Military Family Needs
11 Digital Services Every Military Family Needs
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11 Digital Services Every Military Family Needs


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For Military Appreciation Month in December, uKnowKids has created a SlideShare presentation from our eBook, "11 Digital Services Every Military Family Needs." You can find the original eBook here:

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11 Digital Services Every Military Family Needs

  1. Online Service Price1 Military OneSource FreeMilitary OneSource provides resources to servicemembersand their families from anywhere in the world.24-hour Call Center, counseling help, health coaching,database of military bases and much more available.
  2. Online Service Price2 Speaksake $39.99Speaksake is an online service that allows you to collectrecordings from family, friends and loved ones, then burnsthem onto a CD and mails them to the recipient.No limit on the amount of recordings you can collect, or thelocation of the recipient.Makes for a great Christmas, Birthday or Just Because presentfor loved ones overseas.
  3. Online Service Price3 OpLove FreeOperation: Love ReUnited is a fully volunteer organizationthat offers local, professional photographers to militaryfamilies for free pre-deployment or deployment homecomingsessions.
  4. Online Service Price 4 Welcome Them Home FreeSimilar to OpLove, Welcome Them Home is a network ofphotographers who donate their time and skills to soldiersand their families.At mimimum, every photographer provides at least 30minutes of photography time and one 8x10 print free ofcharge.
  5. Online Service Price 5 TroopSwap Free to JoinThink of TroopSwap as the Groupon for the military andveteran community.Daily deals offered on this site are strictly for those who haveserved and their family members.You must be verified by TroopSwap to start claiming deals.If you are a member: Check out our uKnowKids deal!
  6. Online Service Price 6 Depends on subscription uKnowKids service, free plans availableIt is tough enough to raise children - especially when oneparent is deployed--and it is nearly impossible to keep an eyeon them at all times to make sure they are safe.uKnowKids knows how important the internet is for familiesthat are separated, but it is also can be a dangerousplace, especially for young children. uKnowKids offers socialnetwork monitoring - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram andMySpace - text message monitoring, location monitoring, anotification system that will inform you if your child ispotentially in a dangerous or risky situation online and muchmore.
  7. Software and Application Price 7 Free for calls to other Skype Skype users“Skype is for doing things together, whenever you’re apart.”This service allows users to communicate with loved ones byvoice using a microphone, by video using a webcam or byinstant messaging over the internet.Most immediate family members of people in the militaryknow about Skype, but it is also a great way to extendedfamily to keep in contact with servicemen who are deployedor overseas.
  8. Application Price 8 Voxer FreeVoxer is an application that turns your phone into a walkietalkie. Think of it as a voice text.You can record a message on your phone and then send it toanyone else who also has the app and they can listen to yourmessage like a voicemail, only it comes across instantly.This is great for when you want to hear your loved one’s voice,and it is as easy as sending a text!
  9. Application Price 9 US Army News and Information FreeThe official page of the US Army is now available in app formon your iPhone or iPod.You can test your skills with a challenging tile strategygame, browse the Army Live blog, download ArmyPodcasts, keep up to date with the latest tweets and Facebookposts from the Army’s social networks and much more.
  10. Social Network Price10 Facebook FreeThis might seem obvious, but Facebook is an awesome way tokeep in touch, whether your loved ones are a city away ormany, many countries away.We heard from military wives and moms about how greatFacebook was during deployments. One wife even kept herhusband updated through out her pregnancy overFacebook. With Facebook’s picture-sharing abilities, chatfeature and the “see friendship” option that allows you tolook at your Facebook history with one other person, it is theperfect way for families, spouses, and extended familymembers to keep in touch overseas.
  11. Social Network Price11 RallyPoint FreeRallyPoint is a brand new social network just for members ofthe military.This venture, created by veterans at Harvard Business Schooland launched in November 2012, connects servicemen withthe personnel, commanders, units, assignments, and militaryopportunities they need to advance their careers.Think of it as a LinkedIn for the military community.
  12. For much more content and a full list of references, resources, and contributors, download our original eBook entitled “11 Digital Services Every Military Family Needs.” For more information on our Military Appreciation Campaign, cyberbullying, sexting, or keeping children safe online visit our resources page.