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Introducing uImagine


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A quick introduction to uImagine. This presentation outlines the foundations for the initiative and outlines the areas of focus.

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Introducing uImagine

  2. 2. To be recognised as the national leader, and a significant international player, in distance education [online learning] - CSU Strategy 2013-2015
  3. 3. How uImagine might help to address this: »  Vision for online learning with student engagement at the core »  Capacity development and change agency »  Locating, incubating, progressing and showcasing innovation »  Scholarship and practice networks »  National and international scholarly partnerships »  Industry partnerships
  4. 4. Capacity Building »  Supporting academic and educational design staff across the institution »  Underpinned by the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework »  Harnessing learning affordances of institutional and external educational technologies »  Transforming online and blended learning pedagogies »  Appreciating the approaches that will enhance learning within specific content areas
  5. 5. Change Agency »  Smart Learning as a vehicle for large scale curriculum and pedagogy renewal »  Cooperation with Smart Learning team to ensure that course designs incorporate the vision, conceptual model and principles that underpin the CSU Online Learning Strategy »  E.g. Contributions to PD for design teams, new aspects to design process, new feedback items
  6. 6. Showcasing & Incubation Identifying and showcasing existing innovations: »  Online Printed posters Through social media Drawing on DSL network of EDs and MDCs Incubating and/or developing new innovations: »  Competitive grants Mentorship Innovation networks In house development for scalable innovations
  7. 7. Scholarship & Practice Networks »  In cooperation with existing groups such as EFPI, RIPPLE and the Technology and Teaching Practice Research group »  Membership or affiliate status for individuals »  Open forums, symposiums and think tanks, with visiting speakers »  Seminars, workshops, reading groups »  Mentorship and support for publications and grant applications
  8. 8. Scholarly Partnerships »  Local, national and international »  Ensuring that existing ideas, theories, and innovative practices are built upon rather than reinvented at CSU »  Promoting the ideas and innovations emerging from CSU on the national and international stage »  Building on existing networks »  Emerging from symposiums and think tanks
  9. 9. Industry Partnerships »  National and international »  Adapting technologies and innovative online practices from commercial settings to the CSU context »  Identifying opportunities for commercialisation of CSU innovations »  Exploring synergies leading to future funding streams.
  10. 10. Initial Team Makeup »  Co-Director Institutional Engagement »  Co-Director Partnerships and Outreach »  Online Learning Design Leader »  Online Learning Technology Leader »  Administrator (P/T) »  Research assistant (P/T)
  11. 11. Major Activities for 2014 »  Learning design workshops and presentation with Diana Laurillard »  Senior think tank on DE/Online strategy with Diana Laurillard »  Learning analytics symposium »  Simulations and role play symposium »  Identification of innovations for initial support towards showcase (e.g. OER, simulation, role play) »  Innovation grant scheme